Growing Up in Violence: Youths in Chicago
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Growing Up in Violence: Youths in Chicago

– [Voiceover] My name is Tielise. – [Voiceover] I’m Alex.
– [Voiceover] I’m Robyn. – Kevin.
– Cameron. – I’m 14. – I’m 14 years old. – I’m 14. – I’m going to the eighth grade. – I’ve been in Chicago my entire life. – Born and raised in Chicago. – Sometimes I walk around Chicago worried whether I would die or not. – I have three younger siblings and I have to worry about them. When they walk to the
stoop with their friends thought that I was worried about somebody trying to shoot at them. Especially my little brother and my mom always said to us my little brother he get
three things against him. He’s young, black and he’s a male. – I heard a couple of shots in the alley which wasn’t that far from my house. I was a little scared. – I just stay in the
house just to stay safe but I won’t have to get my life cut down or cut you know. – It’s a lot of gang stuff around us. So sometimes you just can’t walk somewhere without looking around and making sure nobody coming up behind you or trying to rob you or rape you. – I lost people I love. – When these youths come
in and they have traumas you have to process it in
order to reach the next level. So that’s the beauty of
the heartbeat of the work. – I need help with my feelings how to express my feelings cause I don’t say much to people. I just hold it in and
when it builds up I cry. – I’ve always been an angered child. All my life I’ve just been angry. – It’s just hard to be something
that you’ve never seen. It just feels like a
hope, a wish, a dream. – [Voiceover] To become
someone better in life. Become the man you’re supposed to be. – When I grow up I wanna be a police officer to stop the violence. – I wanna be a counselor. – A lawyer. – I wanna help people. I wanna make the world a better place.

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2 thoughts on “Growing Up in Violence: Youths in Chicago

  1. Thank you guys for sharing your experiences with the world! I am the parent of one of the children featured. It breaks my heart to see our youth struggle with issues they should not have to address. Thank you youth guidance for supporting our children!!

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