Ground Reality of Delhi Govt Schools | Jumla or Truth? | By Dhruv Rathee
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Ground Reality of Delhi Govt Schools | Jumla or Truth? | By Dhruv Rathee

-Do you want to sit? What is your name? – Wali. -Wali? -Since when have you been studying at school? -I’ve been studying since many days -Since how many days? -Since 10 days -Which class are you in? -K.G -What? -K.G – In K.G? -How do you like studies? -Good. -You find them good? -Is it fun to study? The public schools of Delhi are widely publicised The Kejriwal Government claims they have been made par world class I’m standing behind one such model school of theirs I’m right in front. You can see this is Sarvodaya Baal Vidyalaya, one of New Delhi’s schools Let us find out the ground reality. Let us go in and find out how good this school actually is Doctor Devendra is the principal of this school -Sir I’d like to ask you how this school was earlier? It was renovated and inaugurated in 2017. So how was this school earlier? -Basically, the conditions of the school that you see right now did not exist earlier It was very… Some walls were broken, some fans were bent. The classrooms were not up-to date. The grounds were not up-to date -But the buildings were the same? -Yes, the structure was the same As soon as you enter the school, there is this hall. It is air conditioned with ACs installed all around. And there’s a stage that has been decked up -So, basically, the buildings have been upgraded. The inside infrastructure. -Basically, after 2017, ever since the government has been established, the entire school has been renovated Better classrooms have been constructed. Beautiful laboratories have been built Beautiful computer labs have also been created For example, chemistry and biology labs, classrooms, principal’s room -Are you satisfied by the work? -I’m definitely satisfied A beautiful garden has been created right in the front of the school as you can see Here is the gym. Let us look inside. I’ve never seen a school that has such a gym in which weightlifting can also be done The machine is working quite well Although, when looked at, there’s some rust on it. The machine has become old But gymming can be properly done -Easy, take it easy -You’re going to make me fall! -Did you feel there were some shortcomings? (Was there any instance where you felt) more work could be done? -No, 98% of the work is done well. There’s a little bit of a problem in the sports ground We want to make a track in the sports ground There’s soil lying out in the sports ground They have submitted a proposal. The work will begin soon. There is a ground for the kids to play here They’ve decorated the walls with beautiful paintings, as you can see Yoga poses have been drawn over there You can see a minimalist art here The corridors of the school are sparkling. There is a lot of cleanliness. But I feel that the cleanliness of the schools can be judged by looking inside the toilets Looking at this toilet, I’d say the cleanliness is average This toilet isn’t flushed and I don’t think this flush works Water has accumulated there This is the library There are a variety of books here There are proper chairs and tables, just like a library should be So, there is nothing to complain about -You all tell me, what are your favorite subjects? -Maths! English! -So many of you like English? -Maths! -What do you like in English? -A B C D -Why do you like English? Hmm? -There are question and answers in English -There are no question and answers in English? -There are! -But they are there in every subject! -Are you able to watch english movies after studying English? hmm? -And we’re able to talk in english. So speak some English -May I? -Yes -My name is Rashmi. I am 8 years old. My father’s name is Deepak. My mother’s name is Suneeta. My big brother… -Yes. What about your big brother? -How old is he? The classrooms here are no doubt, well maintained You can see that the desks are sturdy and high quality They’re made of metal There’s a good amount of cleanliness in the classsroom Today, the new budget of the Delhi government has been announced. The Delhi government has set aside 26% of the budget for education This is the highest ever share percentage in the budget for education uptil now all across the country -How do you find the school to be? -Which one? -This one. -Wonderful, Excellent. -Where did you study before this? -We are the students of the Jain School. This is our boards center -Oh, so this is your boards center? You don’t study in this school? -No, we do study. Not here though. -Right, you don’t study in this school. -We study in Jain’s senior secondary school, Daryaganj. -You don’t study in this school -So is your school a private one? -No! Edit. edit. -Edit? -Oh, half government, half private! So you found this school to be better? -Yes! -In what respect is it better? -It is a Model school -Yes, it is a model school. The government says so. Do you think the government is right in saying so? -This school has been modified -Regarding all of these developments in the schools, one thing you did was to increase the budget Hence your’e able to buy standard desks and construct quality buildings The playgrounds were made better amongst other things But what else have you changed? All these are the superficial changes. You have made it look good on the outside But any one could have done this by pooling in more money! -Yes of course! Any one could have done it. But maybe no one wanted to do it before us… If you liked this video, please share it And once again, I’d like to openly invite all the political parties If you’ve done any good work that you want to publicize, If you want me to come over and show the grand reality to the public Then you can write and contact me on this email id. I’d come over and work for free. Because the purpose behind this video series is that all the good works being done across the country by any politician, That should be publicized so that the other politicians can learn from it and adopt it. So that the entire country benefits Thank you.

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100 thoughts on “Ground Reality of Delhi Govt Schools | Jumla or Truth? | By Dhruv Rathee

  1. I've noticed Mr. Arvind kejriwal's intelligence a long ago when he was elected CM for the very first time.
    And this is what he has proved of being an educated leader. After the freedom of india, today the most important issue is striked this way-" EDUCATION"
    So hats off

  2. Tbh I was studying in amity international school … Which is one of the most expensive schools in Delhi … I want those benches 😂😂

  3. मैंने ऐसा सरकारी स्कूल कहीं नहीं देखा…
    सरकारी तो दूर की बात है मैने प्राइवेट स्कूल तक ऐसा नहीं देखा जिसमें इतनी अच्छी सुविधाएं हो….

  4. Please make video on education system on dist. latur Maharashtra..
    Which mostly popular for 11 and 12 science college… And government school they worst that then ever…
    And here education system is like business…please make video on it…

    Faisal Hashmi.

  5. Iska 2nd part jarur banaye sir taki hamare desh ke other states ko bhi samjh me aaye ki sarkari school bhi achchhe ho skte hai

  6. Is mamle Mein Haryana ke School ekdum ghatiya Hain Peene Ka Pani Nahi Milta Humko Mera Ladka Khud 11th class mein padta hai

  7. Yes sir Manish ji super good education minister Delhi educational system is bst system india kyoki Delhi mai structur par hile nhi caricullum par bi kam kar rhe hai thanks again

  8. Very nice video…Ye Godi media Nahi dikhayegi…Or na hi ANDHBHAKT ye dekhna chahege😁😂… GOOD JOB DHRUV BRO..

  9. Dhruv Sir please make a video on students basic things to be known by the school students before going to college.

  10. Bhai hamne to up ke sarakari school me padhai ki jaha teacher logo KO batana padata tha sir aap ke class hai sir kahate hai beta rahane do aaj pet dard kar raha hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  12. Different reality than what I have been listening about Delhi and CM Kejrival sir. Though they are government schools, looking at infrastructure question comes in my mind is about fees? Have you not covered it because they are negligible? If fees are low worth to mention about it.

  13. Educated ppl made schools and uneducated ppl made statues of educated one's and UP is in worst condition because here Ascetic is building and fighting for Ram mandir which we neither need nor want because Ram Ji is present in everyone's homes and he is not homeless because ppl have kept him in their hearts and thats exactly where his home is "hearts of ppl"
    So plz everyone(bhakts) come out from bjp's false agenda and religion trap because goons can only harm not help

  14. I too from a Government school but that type of infrastructure and specially the tables chair I never had the opportunity to see in my school. Government should should some changes in teaching, like from kg to high class extra English communication class must provide for them as that they can learn better and can speak effectively as those comes from English medium. Also they can compete with others whenever in Exam , Job or others. I didn't get the opportunity but future generation shouldn't be deprived from that. And yes 1 thing i wanna add ,all these things happened due to of choosing a good educated Engineer leader (IIT belong). All these possible by a good educated leader. I appreciate him and his works.

  15. An educational institution is not just about infrastructure but the quality of human resources which this guy has hidden very cleverly. Without good teachers a very good looking school is just nothing and in the same way every government thing like banks. Public banks have not so bad infrastructure but when it comes to its employees we all know how good many of them are. This guy will surely join politics one day and most probably AAP

  16. This is really a very commendable work done by the AAP government. But all big media houses are owned by the Big political parties, hence no coverage for the good work…

  17. Bro they are not like bjp who just want to build those statues or mandir they are the real men who wants to do the real development for our upcoming future.

  18. Wow this our delhi, the reality is I have only seen these type of schools only in cartoons or karan johar movies.

  19. Godi Media will not show this Improvement in Education which Kejriwal government has brought..
    Good work dhruv sir

  20. अब उम्मीद जगी है कि रवीश सर और राठी जी देश को बदल कर ही चैन की सांस लेंगे।
    बहोत अच्छा काम कर रहे हैं आप ऐसे ही करते रहें।
    अगला मैग्सेसे आपका👍

  21. AAP is great but he has done one stupid thing. Make metro free for women, if u did the same thing but for poor people. Delhi would be great.(I dont live in delhi correct me if it's already demolished)

  22. i m agree with u dhruv maine this same year kaam kiya tha 3 mnths govt n aided n minority schools par in delhi through DCPCR..Delhi Commission for protection of child Rights..same we observed also condition of govt schools nowadys kafi behtar h..aisa phle kisi sarkat ne nhi kia..mai ye kahungi sabhi ko delhi govt schools visit krne chaiye.

  23. Kejriwal zindabad agla pm janab kejriwal sahab mohtaram ko hi hona chahiye aur puri dunya ke logo ko apni sarkar chalane ke liye janab kejriwal sahab se sikhna chahiye kiyonki unke sine me insan ka dil hai unki puri party me devi devta ke awtar hain

  24. Bahut acha step hai iss channel pe iss tarah ke video ke liye
    Iss tarah ka gov. School har jagah ho jaye
    Mai yahi expect krunga

  25. I guess My ass can fit in those benches bcz last time when I attended to write a UPSC exam there i can't fit in 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 . Thanks to kejriwal ji for those good benches

  26. Really great work both by Kejriwal sir and you also. May be thanx is a small world. But as a nation, i say thanku to your beautiful actions.

  27. Sab banaya he Lekin class me 70 , 80 aur kabhi kabhi 90 students hote hain
    Ye change nahi karte
    Clerk k kaam bhi teachers se karate hain
    Padhane nahi dete

  28. Such a wonderful reality… this coverage ….i m from u.p and always underestimated myself coz the ground reality of our Govt college was like hell … was a mockery of right to education ..but I never lose hope coz I knew if i would only curse the situation but not try to come out this situation then it will never be replenished …. it's my ultimate goal of life to change Indian education system for good …….

  29. Still opposition (esp.Manoj Tiwarii)may find fault in Delhi's overall development like education, health system, free water, electricity etc.

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