Green Lane Umbrella Classroom – Promotion for the crowdfunding site for Green Lane School KT4
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Green Lane Umbrella Classroom – Promotion for the crowdfunding site for Green Lane School KT4

Welcome to Green Lane. In our school we do lots of
learning in rooms like this. But we’d love for our children
to do more learning out here! Over the past few years we’ve
really increased the amount of outdoor learning at Green Lane. And we’ve seen huge benefits from this, in terms of the children’s
engagement with their learning, their appreciation and
understanding of our environment, and their eagerness to come to school. We would love to expand this even further and give more opportunities
to be outdoors. But we just don’t have the funds. The problem is it’s just not
practical for the children to wear umbrella hats so they
can learn outside in the rain. So we want to build an umbrella classroom so our children have scheduled
learning time outside each week. It’s widely recognized, through research papers and publications, that outdoor learning is beneficial for students and teachers. But the kids will explain the
benefits much better than me. So over to you. This is the science part. Test scores and behavior improve. Stress goes down. It will be great for
our community feeling. What would this mean for us? Well I’m glad you asked. More learning outside means more learning our fantastic curriculum in this beautiful environment
rather than within four walls. Lots of opportunities like… Maths. Science. Literacy. Times tables. This lot are really keen. But we’ve got a big problem. It’s gonna cost us £8000 to build a basic, outdoor classroom. And up to £25,000 to have enough resources to make the most of this
amazing outdoor area. That is a lot of money. Which we just don’t have. Please help us to get the funding we need. Outdoor learning is brilliant. And check out our exclusive rewards for everyone on our crowdfunding page.

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