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Great White Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

It’s the animal we know as JAWS, and has quite
a reputation for attacking people. I’m Jonathan Bird and this is shark academy! This is the Great White Shark. The Great White
Shark! Not to be confused with the wimpy White Shark, or the Mediocre White Shark, which
are two distinct sub-species of the Great White Shark! Actually, they’re all White Sharks and we
have no idea why they put the “great” on there… The Great White Shark! The White Shark grows to be more than 20 feet
long and 7,000 pounds, making it, well, let’s face it, a pretty big shark. It weighs more
than two cars. I don’t want to be a downer, but it actually
is a fact that the White Shark has been involved in more than 275 documented cases of attacks
on people. However, to be fair, most of those are believed to be a case of mistaken identity.
Here’s the basic problem. White Sharks like to hang out in coastal waters where people
love to do things like surf. So, if you’re a shark, and you’re looking up at the surface
for a yummy seal–which would be a delicious dinner–you look up, you see some dude on
a surfboard, they look kinda seal-like and the visibility is not really that good–it’s
like 15 feet of viz–so you go up there and you eat the seal, only to find out it’s some
guy on a styrofoam surfboard and it doesn’t taste right. And what happens is, typically,
the shark lets go, does not eat the surfer–because it doesn’t taste like a seal. That’s how most
White Shark attacks end. The fact is, they generally don’t actually eat people. Just
a little test bite…you know…they taste a little, spit them back out. Biologists used to think that White Sharks
only hung out in these shallow, coastal areas with cool water, like off the coast of California,
off the coast of Massachusetts, South Africa, places like that. But, recent tagging studies
have shown that White Sharks actually migrate huge long distances. In fact one animal that
was tagged off California went all the way to Hawaii! Juvenile White Sharks eat little things like
fish and stingrays. But once they get to be mature, big adult White Sharks like to eat
marine mammals like seals, porpoises, dolphins. A few years ago, a large female White Shark
was caught off of Massachusetts with a complete Harbor Porpoise in its stomach. You might think of a Great White Shark as
being so big and so mean that nothing can eat it. Well, that’s not actually true because
Orcas–killer whales–have been seen eating White Sharks. Well, that’s the Great White Shark! The Great
White Shark! And if you think Great White Sharks are cool, check out the link below
to see my adventure with White Sharks at Guadalupe Island in Mexico. I’m Jonathan Bird and this
is Shark Academy.

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100 thoughts on “Great White Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. Why do you do some kind of Scottish accent when yelling 'The Great White Shaaaaark'?

    Also, fancy filming the Loch Ness Monster? Haha only kidding.

  2. "They generally don't actually eat people".
    True. However they SOMETIMES do, particular off Australia and South Africa. There is a growing number of total consumption cases. Shirley Durdin, Tyna Webb, Lloyd Skinner, Brian Guest, Nicke Peterson, Teresa Cartwright, Jarrod Stebhens, Cameron Bayes, Jevan Wright, Michael Docherty etc etc.

  3. I Love How You Say "The Great White Shark"
    "The Great White Shaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrkeeeee"

  4. About shark attack, don't shark continues to attack if a person start to bleed and try to eat that person even if it's not taste like a seal

  5. a long time ago malta were getting shark atacks from the white shark
    but now in our days but still in malta in our very very very deep part of
    the sea they stay there they do not come to us anymore also our beach
    is so shallow that the white shark does not fit in the beach

  6. This Is What I Call Art.

    You Want A Cookie Or Something
    Or You Want To Resurrect The Megalodon Or What.


  7. 0:41 the top of the caudal fin is gone…………………….

  8. Hey Johnathan, people tell you to do a Goblin Shark episode, don't!
    Because goblin sharks live down where there is 110 times more pressure! That's dangerous for humans you can get crushed!

  9. I wasn't aware there was a particular connection between Great White Sharks and cross-eyed Scottsmen 'till you pointed it out, Johnathan. Thanks for that!👍

  10. They are vulnerable due to some human impacts and activities. Sharks have died in the polluted oceans. Plastics on ocean can kill you and contain toxic things.

  11. Some Great White Sharks have eaten people whole over the years. On March 3, 1985, Shirley Ann Durdin, a mother of 4 children was freediving for scallops off of Peake Bay, South Australia. Despite being in just about 6 feet of water, Shirley Ann Durdin was attacked by a 19-foot Great White Shark. The shark tore her body in half. When rescuers arrived, all that remained was her headless torso floating in the water, but it wasn't long when the shark returned and devoured that as well.

  12. I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.

  13. The great white shark (Jonathan voice) – The GRRREAT WHITE SHAAAARRRRK (Billy Connolly voice) – cannot pass Gandalf the Orca & his pod!!! In fact, I've heard when orcas do kill a great white, all the other great whites skedaddle & NEVER COME BACK!!!

  14. Biting a human thinking it's a seal might be the shark equivalent of taking a bite of what seemed to be a chocolate chip cookie and discovering it's actually raisin.

  15. this is great white shark, I don't eat shark fin soup anymore because I think protect the environment is very important, and Hong Kong observatory don't eat shark fin soup because Hong Kong observatory concert about the climate change,they serve with heart, Hong Kong observatory don't want global warming to become more serious, and they don't want shark to be extinct someday, we have to protect them, so I am finished with fin

  16. National geographic: our doumentaries need to be informative, there's no need to put puns inside one! It's a great white shark documentary, not a joke documentary

    Jonathan Bird's blue world: proceeds to make an imitation of a pirate while introducing the great white shark

    Just to be clear, i don't hate national geographic, it's just that… come on! tHe GrEaT wHiTe ShArK doesn't deserve a documentary where it only looks bad!

  17. You missed one thing Jonathan, the male Great White Sharks have things called claspers right behind their pelvic fins

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