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Graphic Design at ArtCenter College of Design

So when people say, “Oh you’re a graphic
designer, you make posters and logos and you have a lot of cool fonts.” And those things
are great, but graphic design is about a lot more than that. It’s really a functional creativity. It’s
something that uses real content and real information. Graphic Design is probably one of the broadest
design disciplines you can imagine. It really spans a wide spectrum from 2D to 3D to 4D
which is a very, very broad range I’m not really interested in sitting down with someone and saying, “Here’s
how you use Photoshop,” what we do want to focus on is importantly meaning and then
how to make form, how to take scale and composition and images and combine them with typography
to create something that’s resonant and pretty spectacular. Typography is the spine that runs through
all these different design disciplines that you have in graphic design It’s really about teaching students how to
communicate and develop narrative using type as form to do that and I think students when
they look at typography after they take a type class, you can see that switch go on
in their head, where they don’t look at typography the same way until they take a type class. Graphic Design has liberated itself from the
small confines of your laptop when you go to any kind of space, there is a layer of
media that activates the space to deliver content, storytelling, visual impressions
on a human scale on an architectural scale. That’s what we call Mediatecture Things aren’t static anymore you don’t
just make a logo and then it’s on a business card. It has to move now, it has to be in
motion, it needs to be in other ways that people experience. The bridging between different media types,
through an identity or through a certain concept. It uses different mediums both old and new.
You take a piece of print or a book and something new and you can create interactive screen-based
media and merge them together and as a user experiences both things. It comes together
and it has a story and I think that’s what’s really important in Transmedia right now. You actually have to learn the rules and then
you have to learn how to break the rules. If you very elegantly know what is done and what
is not done. You’ve elegantly entered the realm of being an excellent designer. I love the faculty that I’ve had here at ArtCenter
just because they’re so passionate and most of them you know they’re running their own
design practices outside of ArtCenter, so they can bring that experience into the classroom
and you can actually see, you know, both the good and the bad things about working in this
industry with real clients. I had this great teacher who told me that,
“the only difference between you and me is that I’ve made more mistakes than
you have.” Their knowledge, their advice, their expertise
on all of their subject matters is by far what has made me grow so much
as a designer in such a short period of time. Our students get more and more recruited by
the most exciting emerging or recently established brands out there in the world. They are really
looking for young designers who actually understand how to create a creative language that
then lives in all these different media categories. Business has finally figured out that design
is integral to the way that they can succeed so I’m jealous, I hear when they talk
to me a year out of school. And I’m like, “what are you doing? That sounds so fun!
I wanna go somewhere and come up with giant ideas and then they get implemented!” I think your attitude needs to be in the right
place it’s really about how much effort and work you’re willing to put into it. Students should find meaning in the work they
do. And the content that you give shape to should be transformative not only for the
outside world but also for you as an individual on the inside. People who enter this field and thrive in
this field, they not only make a living but they make a difference, a profound difference
on the visual world we have out there.

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