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100 thoughts on “Google Logo Challenge – Merrell Twins

  1. I’m in second grade and at my school second grade is doing a maze game it’s easy for me and it has a lot of coding

  2. We wish you a merrel Christmas we wish you a merrel Christmas We wish you a merrel Christmas and a Twinner new year!

  3. Which one are you???
    Look at the last digit of the likes and that number is who your are

  4. Scratch? Barely anyone I know uses it much anymore. As in having an account. I do. I love to code, animate, etc. I miss 2.0.

  5. What device do we go on and do we have to go on google to do this love u guys p.s I am a twin but we fight a lot I also have a friend named Vanessa and I am the youngest twin can I have a spirituals when I watch you guys I think of my friend and my twin my twin actually responded your channel and is matched and I loved it love u guys will look much

  6. When you said “the eye” I though you were going to make a little YouTube “i”. Like the one in the corner to get to another video.

  7. i made one of those in fourth grade but we had draw it mine had A LOT of detail even the back ground had so much detail and your google logo was really good and i also hope that they put it as their logo one day

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