Google Classroom Quiz Assignments and Locked Mode
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Google Classroom Quiz Assignments and Locked Mode

In addition to posting resource material & collecting
assignments on the Classwork page, Teachers can also create quizzes. Click the Classwork tab to get started. Click the create button and choose Quiz Assignment. When you elect to add a Quiz Assignment, Classroom
creates a blank quiz using a Google Form that you can edit and add questions to, and attaches
it to the assignment (browse to. If you already have a quiz created in Google
Forms, click the x here and browse to your selected quiz. Title the quiz add a category, points, due
dates, and a topic if applicable. Toggle on Locked mode to prevent students
from opening additional tabs or tools during the assessment. Locked mode only works on Chromebooks so do
not enable this feature if your students will be testing on laptops or desktops. Grade importing can also be toggled on or
off. It limits each response to one per user, collects
email addresses, and restricts responses to users in your domain, It will also auto-import
scores from the form spreadsheet to your Classroom Gradebook. To use and edit the blank quiz or any quiz
you attach, simply click on the title to open it in a new window.. Add/edit your questions and then click the
Answer Key option to select the correct answer and add optional answer feedback. Choose the settings button and then the Quizzes
tab to adjust additional settings. I don’t want students to see their scores
immediately, so I will select this option (later after manual review) , and adjust what
students will see once I release grades (missed questions). Save your changes Once you are done adding or editing questions,
close the quiz tab. You can add the quiz to multiple classes using
the For drop down menu and even assign it only to specific students. Like any assignment in Classroom, you can
click Assign to post the quiz right away, or use the drop down menu to save it as a
draft for manual posting right when you need it, or you can schedule the quiz to auto-release
at a certain time. Let’s view the quiz from a student’s view. Locked mode disables all navtive screen recording
and capturing, so I’m using Google cast to transmit the Chromebook screen to my computer
for recording. In locked mode,…. When quizzes are in locked mode, students
get a message about being unable to open tabs or other applications and that all tabs will
reload after the quiz is submitted. Sure enough, when I click star quiz, my tabs
disappear and all extensions and screen capturing is disable. If I try to close the quiz, I get this warning
message about my teacher being notified. That email looks like this. After the student completes the quiz, a confirmation
message is received but not the score, b/c I elected to manually release those. If the student tries to access the quiz again,
they are reminded that only 1 attempt is allowed. If I switch back to teacher view, and click
on the quiz title I can see that the student has submitted the quiz. I can click view responses if there are questions
I wish to view and score. My assessment is fully auto-scored, so I can
simply choose Import Grades to pull in those scores into my gradebook. When I’m ready, I can click return to release
scores to individual students or all of my students. If I visit the grades tab, I can see that
the quiz score has flowed into my gradebook. I can override or adjust any scores I choose
to if students submitted work offline. And I can always reimport scores again to
capture scores from students who were absent and took the quiz later. The Quiz Assignment feature allows you to
leverage the power of Google forms within your Classroom environment.

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