Google Classroom Integration Overview
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Google Classroom Integration Overview

teachers have many systems to navigate
in order to deliver and manage digital content for their students these systems
often require educators and students to manage multiple logins and navigate
different often confusing platforms in order for students to get the best
instructional materials because of the confusion student access to digital content can be spotty and instructional equity can be compromised however since’s digital literacy curriculum can be seamlessly
delivered in Google classroom and other learning platforms delivering and
managing digital literacy instruction is simpler promoting wider access and
greater equity among students its simple the teacher previews a lesson
from the digital catalog the lesson provides an overview
of the curriculum item appropriate grade level estimated time to complete and alignments to national and state technology and core content standards clickable details teacher notes and
extension ideas tabs provide instructional objectives and suggestions to deepen student understanding of digital literacy concepts and skills after selecting the digital content the
teacher clicks the share to Google Classroom button next the teacher shares
a digital content to the selected Google classroom class the item will be posted
to the class students click the title or link to the
lesson to experience it in Google classroom’s integration
with Google classroom and other learning platforms minimizes barriers to digital
literacy instruction by making it easier to integrate digital literacy content to
what is taught in core subjects helping districts operate more efficiently and access material that align to initiatives and removing unnecessary
steps to manage assign and grade course content and at the same time it
maximizes instructional time and equity

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