Google Classroom Beta updates July 2018
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Google Classroom Beta updates July 2018

Hi everyone this is Brad. It isJuly 17 2018 and we’re
looking at the beta version of Google classroom they made some changes if
you’d like to sign up I’ll have this link in the blog post as
well a couple things to show you here here is the stream very similar to
before and you can create an announcement and reuse a post if you’d
like to what’s a little different is the class work as you can see over here here
are some items that I just added and then you can see here there are topics
if you’d like to add a topic and this is nice you can go ahead and and let’s just
call it science you select to add anything that you ad you can place
directly under a topic which is a nice way to keep organized so let’s go ahead
and do that let’s go in and create an assignment and let’s just call it just
call it science for right now we’ll have the due date as xx and I’m just gonna
put simple in here again now to place it underneath the science just come over to
topic you could also add a template from there if you’d like to and you can
select assigned now you can see that it has been placed right in here something
to show you made some more previous or some others previously if you’d like to
move some things up you can certainly move them up or down so that’s a nice
feature to have in the future you’ll be able to make quizzes directly from
here’s well it’s not available yet there’s the people section where you can
go ahead in and add students by typing in a name or email over here is the
settings here where you can change the name of your classroom you can go in
here’s a class code so you can show it to students Oh share the stream what
students can do and if only teachers can post or comment Guardian summaries you
can select right in here and there’s a nice little classroom help about darting
email summaries as well as showing deleted items and the default only
teachers can view deleted items so there you go those are some of the updates to
Google classroom if you’d like to go head in and see these sign up for it
it’ll be in the blog post also to note you can change there are some updates to
the themed pictures as well if you have any
questions let me know thanks for watching take care

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