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Google Apps for Education News Update

Hi you have Mike Reading from the Google Apps
for Education Community with this week’s Google Apps for Education News Update.
Well today we’ve just got four really short updates for you. The first update is that
the Google Apps for Education Community is now open for registrations, which is fantastic.
The only way to get a registration is to fill out a form and that form is just displayed
on the screen for you right now. If you’re just listening to an audio version of this
news update then just head over to and you’ll also find a form there to fill
out. The second update that we have for you is
just inside Google docs. You might have noticed if you have typed some text and then gone
onto change the color of that text that the text color and the text highlight color are
now combined into one button. If you’re using Gmail you’ll also notice that that’s the case
when you are formatting your text. The other update inside Google docs is when we’re inserting
a hyperlink now Google will give us a suggestion based on the highlighted text. So you can
see here we have some search results. We can also see that there is a couple of drive results
and if you click on the little arrow just here this will open up that document in a
new window for you. If you click on the find more button just here you’ll see that what
will happen is that you’ll have a research bar just open here and you can use that as
you would normally use Google Research. The third update that we have for you is in
Google Sites. Now just put up a demonstration site that I used a while back for a school.
If I click on the edit button now just say I wanted to insert a slideshow or a photo
from Picasso usually what you would do is you would click on insert and then you could
click on these gadgets and so just here you’ll notice that Picasso has now gone. To get your
photos and web albums into a Google Site now what you need to do is click on the Google
+ logo just here and that will open up your photos and your photo albums for you and you
can insert them that way. Now some people are saying that this is going to be the end
of Picasso. I’m not so sure but maybe the writing is on the wall. I guess we’ll find
out in due course. The last update that I want to show you is
around Google Search. This last update is only available in America at the moment and
only for English searches but a little trick that not a lot of people know is that if you
type into your web address that will force Google to go to
and not divert back to your countries homepage. What Google has done is they’ve given us an
update that now includes in-depth articles. So, one of the search suggestions that they
have given us is on the word censorship. So if we just type censorship in here and let
it search for it, if you go right to the bottom of the page you’ll notice that there is a
section here now called in-depth articles. Now there’s two ways that I can see this working
in education. The first way, obviously is, sometimes students want more in-depth information,
and that is just an easy place to go and fins it. But also from a teaching and learning
point of view we could start to use these in-depth articles to just talk to the students
about how they write the content that they write and so on. If you go over to the Google
Search Blog you’ll find a link there that explains how they decide what is an in-depth
article and what needs to be in place for that to be considered as part of this extra
search feature. So that’s all the news we have for you this
week. We’d love you to head over to, which is a blog where we share all our ideas,
tips, and tricks. If you have any questions about any of the news updates or if you’ve
found something that we might have missed then we’d love you to just drop us a comment
in the comment section below this video or this audio. Thanks for watching and thanks
for listening.

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