GOOD vs BAD STUDENTS in School Life #Funny | Types of Students in Class room | Aayu and Pihu Show
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GOOD vs BAD STUDENTS in School Life #Funny | Types of Students in Class room | Aayu and Pihu Show

Good morning Ma’am Good morning students sit down Thank you Ma’am Ma’am I’ve brought this for you Thank you child Welcome Ma’am Good Morning (students talking) Leave my hand Ma’am is here Yeaahh I won I won What is this happening? Ma’am nothing Is this a class or a fish market Ma’am fish market (Laughing) Keep quiet What is this misbehaviour I’ll go and complain to the principal right now Ma’am principal sir is on leave today Are you going to tell me that? Yes Ma’am I will not tolerate this behaviour. Okay Ma’am Oh hello Hello ma’am (Laughing) Why are you so late? Ma’am a cat crossed my path so I went to drop him at his house and came back (Laughing) and you Is this a farm ? Why are you wearing this turban? Ma’am it’s really hot so to soak up the sweat And there is no air conditioning in the school Now should we air condition the school for you? Yes Ma’am There isn’t an AC in the staff room yet You want an AC for yourself (Laughing) Did you see? They were such bad students You don’t do something like this right? And yes click the subscribe button Come on let us see the next part Students during Prayer / Assembly Come on students stand up Let us start the prayer Our fathers Who art in heaven hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. Students stand up and start the prayer Our fathers Who art in heaven hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is our daily bread and forgive us Our trespasses as we forgive Those who trespass against us but deliver us from evil It was a fake one Woww.. your mother has made awesome breakfast What is all this happening? Prayer is going on Sorry ma’am sorry Students during attendance Come on i’ll take your attendance Aryan present Ma’am Krish present Ma’am Vansh present Ma’am Prachi, present Ma’am Tanisha – Present Madam Pihu Present Madam Garvit Present Madam Ishan Present Madam very good Everybody is present today Come on i’ll take your attendance Aryan present Ma’am Krish, absent Ma’am Prachi Ma’am I am present You have been marked absent Prachi, prachi What are you doing? Ma’am I slept late last night Why are you playing chopstick ? It’s okay I’ll mark absent for you two too No Ma’am absent Ma’am Ishaan wake up you are present Yes Ma’am You have been marked absent But I am here I know But I was picking up this pencil How would I know? Why didn’t you say when I called your name You are absent now Vansh present Ma’am Garvit, present Ma’am Hello Yes Ma’am Vansh You have been marked present Yes Ma’am my friends said my name (Laughing) The whole class thinks, ma’am is a fool You are the naughtiest class this floor Thank you Ma’am Oh….. Did you see they are such bad students They go late to the school I am a good student I always go to school on time You also go on time right? So like this video Uniform & Cleanliness Come on now i’ll check everyone’s uniform and cleanliness Pihu come here nails shoes nice Thank you ma’am Tanisha come here nails, shoes nice Prachi come here show your nails what is this? so big nails get out Tanisha come here shoes, okay nail paint, get out Ishaan, come here shoes Where are your school shoes? Ma’am I was coming from a party so I forgot to change get out Pihu Show your nails Show your other hand Bracelet, in class? get out Vansh what is this? why are your shirt buttons open? Are you a big guy of the school? get out Aryan come here Yes Ma’am What has happened to you? Have you come dressed for school? What are you doing? Shirt tucked out, look at your hair This is a new style style get out Garvit come here woww.. What party are you going to? Why did you wear jeans to school? Ma’am the pant was in washing You could have worn the 2nd one get out Krish, yes Ma’am uniform? Ma’am I’ve worn everything perfectly Good boy Come on Take out the science book and then chapter 4 But all of them are outside Can I go too? No you will study Ma’am my uniform also got ruined Get out Thank you Ma’am Oh This class will never be scincere Reading Chapter So what do we have to study today? science very good Who all have read the chapter 5? Ma’am me very good Come on take out your books I’ll ask you some questions. Aryan, Yes ma’am Take out your science book, and read chapter 5 I didn’t bring the science book Okay Take out your maths book Ma’am I dindn’t bring the maths book okay Take out your english book Ma’am I didn’t bring that Take out your sanskrit copy Ma’am I didn’t bring that Take out your social studies book (SS) Ma’am I didn’t bring that Then take out your genral knowledge book Ma’am I didn’t bring that So take out computer book Ma’am I didn’t bring that So take out hindi Ma’am I didn’t bring that So what did you bring in your bag? Lunch box Ma’am can we eat (Laughing) Eat Thank you Ma’am Students during lunch break Thank you Lord for the food we eat Mom has sent in vegetable and flat bread Who’s going to eat it now? It’s okay I brought a sandwich you share with me Okay Mom has added so much red chilli today It’s okay eat my biscuits Thank you sharing is caring Very good students Lunch break, take out your lunch box Let us see, what Mom has sent us Woww.. maggi Maggi Tanisha, let me taste some Yes Attack!!!! My maggi got finished Tomorrow bring 2 boxes, 1 wasn’t enough But it was tasty Where are you all going? Wait What will I eat now? Tanisha 1 bite is left, eat it Home Work Did everyone completed their science homework? Yes Ma’am All of you submit your copies here. Okay ma’am Very good Thank you Ma’am Everyone take out your science homework copy Ma’am did you give us home work? (Laughing) You don’t even know, that you got homeowrk. You take out your copy Ma’am I was feeling very hot yesterday I got some cold drink and it got spilled on the copy (Laughing) Cold drink? Who makes their copy drink cold drink? You take out your homework We have loads of rats at our house so they ate my copy (Laughing) Rats ate your copy You take out your home work Ma’am my copy is with Prachi Hhuh? So rats ate my copy too You shouldn’t have given your notebook to her (Laughing) You take out your home work Ma’am there was no electricity at my house yesterday so I wasn’t able to do my home work (Laughing) Don’t pay your electricty bill (Laughing) You take out your home work Ma’am I fell yesterday I got something Where did you fell? where did you ge hurt? I can’t see anything Ma’am I fell on the bed and fell asleep (Laughing) You sleep for 24 hours You show me your home work Ma’am I gave it to my brother But he didn’t do it very good And you, asking you is of no use But I’ve done my work ma’am Huh? cheater When did you do it? without telling us haww.. cheater What home work have you done? Maths one (Laughing) Science homework I am asking for science home work sorry Pihu you have’t submitted your home work yet Ma’am please forgive me I always complete it Ma’am I’ll do it 2 times No, this won’t work Ma’am I’ll do it 3 times Ma’am please Ma’am give me last chance, please okay Thank you Ma’am Ishaan where is your home work? Ma’am I didn’t do it stand up You never complete your home work on time Ma’am what happened? even Pihu didn’t do it Pihu didn’t do it for the first time today but you never do it Get out of the class Ma’am I’ll do it the next time I said get out Ma’am but I am saying I’ll do it next time no Ma’am even Aryan didn’t do it Aryan didn’t do it yesterday he did it today Ma’am Aryan didn’t do it, ask him Aryan did you do your home work? Yes Ma’am Ma’am when he didn’t do it yesterday you didn’t asked him to leave… get out from my class But this isn’t fair I’ll go and complain to the principal Ill-mannered Any one else is there? Madam send Aryan, he wants to come out. No ma’am I don’t want to go Ma’am go and check if he really went to principal’s office Yes, right I’ll go and check Ishaan, yes Ma’am What are you doing? Ma’am you only said get out of my class yes but I didn’t said sleep out of my class Ma’am I was a little tiered so I slept Haww.. such bad students Now let us see what will they do next. Students during class test Okay class Today is your science test you have 30 minutes time starts now wow.. this is such an easy test I can do it in 20 minutes only come on do it fast Ma’am done good girl Ma’am ours is completed too Ma’am mine too, mine too Ma’am mine too, mine too wow.. Test is about to start everyone start writing, time starts now Ma’am I don’t know anything why? Ma’am I didn’t study give me the paper Pihu I am sure you must know all the answers Ma’am I know the answers but maths meaning? Ma’am I studied maths, not sceince Ma’am give the maths test Ma’am please, ma’am ma’am yes Prachi, you must know everything Ma’am I know everything, but I forgot everything Sorry, now forget your marks too Krish Krish yes don’t you want to give the test? Ma’am I don’t know anything so I thought I would rather sleep okay, your numbers are sleeping to then Aryan, ma’am just about done, 2 minutes very good Garvit, will you start? ma’am I forgot to bring the pen What could you have done with pen? you don’t know anyhthing give it forget your numbers too Oh God, help me pass, help me pass Vansh what is this? Is your test done? yes ma’am what have you written? Oh God, help me pass Oh God, help me pass Oh God, help me pass very nice Ma’am I am done too very good Thank you Ma’am cow is our mother, we don’t know anything what is this? poems very bad sit down Ishaan What have you written? A B C D Are you a nursery student? You are in 8th standard Ma’am I wrote what I knew You have written A B C D in your science test Ma’am you will get all the science answers in this Where? Ma’am look there is everything from A to Z (Laughing) All you have failed today’s test Thank you Ma’am The school is over Let’s go Krish? What are you doing here? Ma’am I was giving exam where is my paper? I took it Ma’am will you give answers for me No All of you have failed I said everyone to get out Okay Ma’am Thank you Ma’am bye Oh, what will be the future of all these students? So did you see? They were such bad students You don’t do all of this right? I am a good student So are you right? So please share this video Okay tata, bye bye Love you all bye bye

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