Going to School – Google Impact Challenge | India
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Going to School – Google Impact Challenge | India

With over 42 percent of children dropping
out of secondary schools in India, and over ten million young people entering India’s
economy every year without the business skills they need, it’s clear our education system
is failing both our children and our economy. With a Global Impact Award, Going to School
will teach India’s poorest children entrepreneurial skills through open-source mobile games. These
games will teach the importance of being on time, identifying a problem, all at a very
low cost. Over the next 3 years, Going to School will reach over 320,000 children from
underprivileged backgrounds by building 21 entrepreneurial skills games, in 4 languages,
and ensuring we have an impact on India’s economy for years to come.

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25 thoughts on “Going to School – Google Impact Challenge | India

  1. I would care more about these problems if not every single person talking in the video wasn't reading a script. India isn't the only country that has shiit holes.

  2. I find it funny when they bring bloody google glasses (which looks like cheap 3d glasses) and yet tablets come in 4 languages.. Teachingkids to play games…. google shit the bed! stick to googmail(dont mean to hate) but its a bad idea going into 3rd world countries teaching em to play games. Give them a text book or something

  3. Its using games to teach skills (which need to be intuitive), not teaching kids to play games – that's an important difference. But yes, they should get textbooks too for their standard curriculum

  4. Lol the only reson they are doing this is so they can work for google in a secret sweatshop when they Lear there shit

  5. Google has aimed at India lol. They don't want that yahoo rules over India, like they are already ruling over China lol

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