Going to High School with the Kardashians
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Going to High School with the Kardashians

– [Kim Voiceover] Let me tell you about my last year of high school. That’s me, Kim. And that is my crush Kanye. I’ve been in love with him since my first day at Watermelon High. – Bro, we brainwashed out here bro. – [Kim Voiceover] I know
he’ll never notice me, but I’m gonna make it my
mission to go to the Dance Dance Dance End of the School
Year Dance with him. – [Khloe] Earth to New Girl! – I’ve been going here for like two years. – So, New Girl, why do
you keep staring at Kanye? – [Kim Voiceover] This is
Khloe, she’s my friend. I was thinking of going
to Dance Dance Dance with him this year. – Yeah right. He’s way out of your hockey league. He’ll never notice you. – [Kim Voiceover] She’s also a bitch. You don’t know that. Maybe he’ll say, “Yes.” – Kim, you and I both know he’ll probably just go
with Kendall and Kylie. They’re the most popular. – No. I’m the most popular at this school. – [Kim Voiceover] This is
my other friend, Kourtney. She’s bitter that she’s no longer the most popular at school. – Things haven’t been the same since those two arrived. – [Kylie] Out of the way, losers! – [Kendall] We’re trying
to make an entrance! – [Kim Voiceover] Kendall and Kylie. The two most popular second
year freshman at the school. – We have an announcement. – We’re signing yearbooks
after school for one hour only near the girls’ locker room. – Yeah, maybe we’ll show up. If you’re lucky. – They are so rude. – We’re way nicer than them. – Hey, guys, I– – No.
– Go away. – Okay. – Can’t believe how rude
Kendall and Kylie are. – They’re the worst. – I think Kanye might
go to the dance with me. – Oh we’re still talking about this? – I’m being serious. I feel like Kanye will
accept me for who I am. – Not with your personality. – There’s no way. – [Kim Voiceover] I
don’t care what they say. I will go to the dance with Kanye. (bell rings) – I’m just saying the
school needs to make seats that can accommodate all asses. – Did you break another desk? – Third one this week. – Oh my God. – That’s why I’m running
for class president. We need a change. – The election ended months ago. – Exactly. – What? (light music) – It’s your ex, Kourtney. – Hey, ladies. – What do you want? – I didn’t scare you did I? – No. – Because I know since I’m a vampire, I can come off scary. – Not really. – And mysterious. – Not even close. – And cool. – I’m two seconds from staking you. – So Kendall and Kylie are throwing a house party tonight at 11. You three coming? – Kendall and Kylie are our sworn enemies. – They’re trash. – Of course we’re going. – Duh. – See you there. – There’s no way my mom’s gonna let me go to a party that late. – Just sneak out like us, stupid. – We are teens after all, Kim. It’s what we do. – You’re right. Besides, Kanye might be there. – You have to impress him and there’s only one way to do that. – I think Kim needs a… – Makeover!
– Macaroni, makeover. – Wait what?
– What? – Did you say macaroni? – No I said makeover. – I heard macaroni. – Nope. (upbeat music) ♪ I’ve got a rebel soul ♪ ♪ I’ve got a rebel soul ♪ ♪ Just get down with it, down with it ♪ ♪ Down with it, down with it, down ♪ ♪ I’ve got a rebel soul ♪ – [Kim] How do I look? – We’ve outdone ourselves. – Our best work yet. – Do you think it’s
enough to win over Kanye? I said, do you think it’s enough to win– – We’re not miracle workers, Kim. – [Kim Voiceover] It’s party time. I just have to sneak
out without mom knowing. (phone beeps) It’s time show. (sneaky music) – Make sure to stay quiet. – Okay. (footsteps clomping) – Kim! – I’m sorry! Ah! (car alarm screams) – Kim, you stupid bitch! – She can get an Uber. – Drive! Drive! – Oh my god, seriously! – Hello! Kimmy is that you? – No. – Okay! Good night, stranger. – [Kim Voiceover] Finally,
I made it to the party. Time to make my move. Have you guys seen Kanye? – No. – I’ll go look for him. – [Kendall] I can’t believe
you just asked us that! – [Scott] I don’t see the problem. – We’re not serving blood
at this party, freak. – I’m a vampire, I have to drink. – Do it somewhere else. – But as a vampire– – Oh my God, how many times are you gonna say you’re a vampire? – I have fangs. – Yeah, like baby fangs. – Vampires aren’t even cool. – Supernatural? More like Basicnatural. (Kendall laughs hysterically) – You’re gonna regret this, Kylie. (phone beeps)
♪ Rise and shine ♪ – I’ll be right back. – Basicanatural. Damn she’s good. – What if Kanye’s not here? – I wouldn’t blame him, this party’s lame. – Hey teenagers, who are just like me. A teenager. – What the hell are you talking about? – Nothing. It’s just great being at this
party with other teenagers. – Stop saying teenagers. – Have you two seen Kylie? – I think she went upstairs or something. – Coolio, I’m just gonna
go up there for some air. – He is so weird. – His weirdness almost feels contagious. Did you find Kanye? – Oh, no. I totally forgot what I was supposed to do so I ate some pizza instead. – Kourtney! – The pizza was good. – Wait, I see Kanye. – [Kim Voiceover] Okay, this is it. I’m gonna ask him to the dance. (Kendall screaming) – It’s Kylie! She’s dead. (crowd gasps) – [Kim Voiceover] Oh my god. Couldn’t she have waited to
die until after I asked Kanye? So rude. – I’m sure you are all shook
by the news about Kylie. (bubblegum balloon pops) Believe me, I am shook as well. In fact, I’m shook the house. Kylie was a very bright student and the only one with real
potential at this school. All that talent gone because someone shoved
her off the roof babe. – Someone killed her? – Not just someone, babe. Someone in this room. We just don’t know who. – We didn’t do it! We have lullabies. – The cops suspect everyone at the party. So if any of you want to confess, don’t worry, I won’t spill the tea. No one? Okay. Well just know I’ve
got your back period-t. I’m a no shade Guidance Counselor. (bell rings) Class dismissed! (somber music) – You wanted to speak to me Ms. Caitlyn? – I’ve noticed you’ve been
sort of sad lately, what’s up? – It’s just, I don’t know. – Kim, whatever you have to say, there will be no judgment here. – Well, I want to go
with Kanye to the dance. – With your personality? I don’t think so, babe. – Thank you all for coming to the football game slash Kylie memorial. I’d like to read a poem I’ve
written, dedicated to her. – Oh God. – Kylie, Kylie. Make me smiley. K-Y-L-I-E, Kylie was her namey. (Kendall sobs) – [Announcer] Let’s play some football! (whistle blowing) – Do you really think this is
the right time to ask Kanye? – It’s your last chance. – I’m super nervous. – Why? It’s simple. During half time you’re
gonna walk to the middle of the field and yell for Kanye
to go to the dance with you. – So romantic. – There’s so many people though. – We’ll go with you to keep you calm. – I’m not going out there. – I’ll go with you to keep you calm. – Okay! – Hey. – What do you want? – I just wanted to thank you for coming. It would’ve meant a little to Kylie. – We’re not here for her but okay. – I just don’t get who
would’ve done this to Kylie. – How did you not see who killed her? I thought you two were always together. – She said she’d only be gone for a second and I had to use the bathroom. – I thought you did that together too. (whistle blowing) – It must be half time. – Khloe wait–
– Let’s go. (body crunches)
Oh my God! – Oh sweetie. You’ll be the prettiest girl
at the Dance Dance Dance. – Thanks mom. – And who cares if you didn’t
get to go with that Kevin– – Kanye. – You and your two little
friends can have fun without him! – The night’s still old. I have time. – It’s nice for you to have dreams. – Thanks. – Even if it won’t come true. – Wow. – You know, I remember my first dance. – [Kim Voiceover] The dance is
finally here and this is it. This is my last chance
to really impress Kanye. – I can’t believe they still
haven’t found who killed Kylie. – The cops suck. – I’m gonna go ask Kanye to dance. – Good luck. – We’ll be here when he turns you down. (police sirens screaming) – [Kim Voiceover] Damn it! – May I have everyone’s attention? I know who killed Kylie. – It was you? Figures. – What? No. I’m an undercover cop, posing as a teen. I was hired by Kylie’s
family to protect her. – You’ve done a great job. – Kylie was killed, by Kourtney. (ominous music) – Prove it. – I saw the whole thing. – Have you guys seen Kanye? – No. – I’ll go look for him. (phone buttons clicking) (phone beeps)
♪ Rise and shine ♪ – I’ll be right back. What do you want? – I think we should end this feud. I have to accept you’re the
most popular at Watermelon High. – Finally. Took you long enough. – I got you a gift. I know you like lip gloss. – What’s the shade name? – Poison. – It was literally poison. I came up on the roof just
as Kylie was putting it on. She was fine for a few minutes
then she started choking. (Kylie choking) That’s when Scott showed up. The shove didn’t kill her. The poison did. – Kourtney, you did that? – Yeah. – That’s so watermelon. – You’re under arrest, Kourtney. – Whatever. – [Kim Voiceover] Okay, now
that that’s out of the way. I could still ask Kanye for a dance. – Dance Dance Dance is shut
down for the night, folks. – No! And that’s my story. I didn’t get the guy. Khloe ran for class president
when there was no election. And Kourtney was sentenced
to 40 years in prison but got out after five
days for good behavior. – If you wanna watch more, you should totally go
watch us in the Matrix. And shout-out to our member theRequiem78. ♪ Sim GM Productions ♪ ♪ Sim GM Productions ♪

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  1. "AHHHH! It’s Kylie, she’s dead…”
    “Oh my god, couldn’t she have waited to die until after I asked Kanye, so rude”


  2. “This is Chloe. She is my friend…. She’s also a bitch.”

    Also… did anyone else notice the Rise and Shine ringtone? 😂


  4. Best thing I've seen today, I laughed so hard 😂😂😂 please make a part 2 or even a whole series. I'm definitely subscribing 👍💯

  5. When Khloe said, "Oh. are we still talking about this??" @1:40 I choked on air, while knowing that I was going to watch this show to the very end. Play "Vision of Love" at my funeral. Good writing/voices My ghost is watching the rest. Oh my heart. 👻

    👻Ghost update: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kourtney 's definitely my fave, but Khloe keeps taking me out "Kim you stupid bitch" drives off👌🏾🤣
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