Going Back to School! 🤓🍆🍑| Hannah Witton
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Going Back to School! 🤓🍆🍑| Hannah Witton

– So, I went back to
school sort of kind of. Hello, my name’s Hannah Witton, welcome to my channel. I’m a sex educator online and I went to a relationships and sex
education training workshop, four days of it. I’ve logged that week so I’m gonna be showing you some clips of that, but I didn’t vlog a huge amount because I didn’t wanna be shoving my phone in people’s faces who are just there to do a workshop and learn and don’t wanna be on the internet. So I had to be a little bit sneaky with my filming and kind
of film my thoughts before and after a lot of stuff. But we’ll get into the vlog bit, but first why? Why are you doing a workshop Hannah? Don’t you already know everything? Aren’t you a sex educator,
didn’t you write a book on it? Yes I did, “Doing it”, available now. So here is the thing. I get asked a lot to come into schools and do talks and give workshops and I’ve only done it a few times and those times have been either with a brand, so with always going to schools to do end of period poverty stuff. Or I went into a school
in Newcastle during my book tour for “The Hormone Diaries” and so spoke to young people there about periods and contraception and all of that good stuff. But most of the time when I get asked to come into schools or
colleges or universities, I say no. There’s lots of reasons
why I usually say no and one of those reasons why is because I do not feel qualified. Young people, what? They’re all taller than me. They’re on on tick tock,
what do I, who, what? I was a nerd in school
as soon as I step foot into a school building, I just revert back to teacher’s pet
constantly seeking approval from everybody, please like me. Don’t believe me. It’s not a good place to be when trying to educate some young people. So yeah, I don’t feel qualified and maybe that is my
imposter syndrome talking because I have been teaching
sex education online for seven, seven years now, seven years. I have two books on it, I have a podcast. I have lots of books that I’ve read, most of them I haven’t read. But I am constantly reading and learning about this area, so I know a lot of stuff but I feel like my knowledge level is pretty solid to be teaching teenagers about this kind of thing. I know enough to be able
to talk to teenagers. However, the thing that I don’t know about is how to teach young people and youth work and I don’t
have any teacher training. How do you come up with lesson plans and activities and workshops
and what’s it called? Education theory, pedagogy, that thing where you’re not just thinking
about what you’re teaching but how you’re teaching
it and so that everyone, all students of all
abilities can take something away from it and get the
most out of your lesson. So whilst I know the topic
area of relationships and sex fairly well, again that might be my imposter syndrome talking. I know it really well. There is that area of actually working directly on the ground with young people that I don’t have a lot of experience or confidence or knowledge
in, so there’s that. And maybe still, me not feeling qualified is my imposter syndrome
or maybe just maybe it’s me being sensible
about the responsibility that comes with working with young people. And here’s the thing. I have always taken my
position very seriously. Maybe too seriously sometimes. Having a platform online and having lots of people listen to what I say. That is a responsibility,
that is a level of power that not a lot of people have and so I’m out here doin’ my best. With great power comes
great responsibility. And like I said, I get asked to come into schools a lot just off the basis of my YouTube channel and my books. So a lot of schools and universities are more than happy for me just to walk in and start talking
to their young people. But I’m, mm-mmm, what are you doing? I don’t know how to talk
to young people directly. Why are you inviting me in? I would just sit in a classroom and show them YouTube videos. So that’s why this came about. Basically I was googling online for ages about training
courses in relationships and sex education. Now these are really hard to come by, especially for independents,
I am an independent. I’m not associated with an organisation, a charity, a youth club,
anything like that. A lot of these training courses are hey, we’ll come and train your teachers in RSE, relationships and sex education. For this price, it’s this much per session and you can invite X amount
of your teachers too. And I’m, okay cool but I’m not a school. But I found a course that was being run by this charity and it
was a four-day course in London and it was free those days, and I was like, do you know what? I’m just gonna go. I’m gonna go, I’m gonna pay the money and this is what happened. (uplifting upbeat music) Day one of my relationships
and sex education training. I’m very excited. I’ve got four days of this. I just had to take two tubes and a bus and now have nine-minute walk. So we have to do this every
day for the next four days. I am not used to commuting,
but I’m pretty excited. I’m just gonna go along for
the ride and see what happens. And bring you along with me. I’ll tell you one good thing
about the long commute. I get to read a lot. I’m gonna do so much reading. So in the efforts to better myself, educate myself and further
my professional development, I sat in a classroom for four days and learned about giving
RSE to young people. The trainers did a lot
of knowledge-based stuff with us but then there was also lots of classroom theory
things and also getting to do some of the
activities and playing some of the games and then also talking about afterwords of okay
what things you need to think about when you’re doing this kind of
activity with young people and also here are some common things that young people have
said to us in the past when we’ve done this activity with them and what might you say to
them in that situation. And things like that. And ooh, so useful, so useful. So we played this game which was kind of Articulate!, there was
loads of different cards with different sexual terms on them and we had to describe
what was on the card and we had 30 seconds to do it. But you actually had to
fill out the 30 seconds. So even if you thought you’d nailed it, you’re I’ve described
this and the other person knew what you were
describing, you still have to continue talking
for the full 30 seconds which is harder than it sounds especially when you’re trying to describe oral sex for 30 seconds. And that was a really great practise for every young person just goes miss, what’s anal sex and you
can just say what it is without being (gasping) this
12 year old is asking me what anal sex is (mumbles)
and actually practising using the proper terms for
body parts and sex acts and things like that. Day one is done, I’m just upstairs in the place because
I have to do some work on my phone before I had to leave. But I wanted to show you
the handouts we’ve got. I’ve got homework, I’ve not
had a homework in years. Also I’m going out immediately
after this so not sure when I’ll get this done
but it’ll get done. Doing a learning styles thing. And if you watched my Who Am I? series, you’ll know that I love personality tests. So this is gonna be a joy to do, it’s basically finding
out my learning style, whether I’m an activist,
reflector, theorist or pragmatist. So that’s exciting, and then also not sure if I mentioned this but
I get accreditation. And in order to get the accreditation, I have to do some assessments. Again, I have not been
assessed on anything in five years, fix six years. So that’s fun. I have two very big handouts with lots of stuff so we have to do a lesson plan and then reflect on why we
put together that lesson plan and how it matches up with the guidance and what age group it’s for
and all of that good stuff. Hopefully you will learn a bit more about lesson planning and
stuff as the week goes on. Also we have to do, we have
to do a practise lesson on Friday as part of this thing, but then we do a self
critical reflection thing on how that went based
on feedback that we get from the teachers and from the group. So hmm, the deadline for that is not until the end of October. So I have time but it’s 1,000 words each. Oh my God I have not done
assignments in so long. Genuinely my heart started racing. (laughing) And not in a good way
when doing the handouts. Or maybe it was a good way. Maybe I do get a thrill
of it, I’m not sure. But day one is done. We have a timetable,
look at this glorious, glorious timetable. And it’s been really
interesting so far, great group. Great discussions. School for a week, what a time. (upbeat uplifting music) Good morning. So you know that this course thing is over an hour away and starts at 9:00 and I still have my homework to do so we’re up early. (upbeat uplifting music) Day two of sex education training. We did this exercise where we learned about the different stages of development from babies to children to adolescents and their sexual development as well. And to be honest that
exercise just confirmed for me how important it is to start relationships and sex
education as young as possible. Obviously for whatever is appropriate for that child, but still early
early early, it’s important. Some kids are touching themselves from a real young age and
that’s absolutely fine and it’s not necessarily sexual for them that they need to be not shamed for that. We did lots of different games and these ones are kinda my favourite where you have agree and disagree at two sides of the room
and then you all get up and then they read out statements and you go and stand wherever you kind of fit and then you have to explain why you’re stood where you are and
why you believe what you do. I’m a sucker for that game. I love it. And then what the trainers did with us was if say we all went to a similar place because we’re all educators,
one of the trainers will go to the other end
and they’ll be some young people stand here and
this is what they say and that’s always really
interesting to see how some young people are thinking because they might come up with things that you just have not even considered. You’re yeah, okay, valid point. And it was really interesting the way that the trainers were
talking about how they respond to a lot of young people’s ideas which isn’t like we’re going to
tell you what you think. It’s more like okay, you think that. We’re gonna ask you why and
maybe offer some different perspectives just to give
young people the tools to question ideas that they have. Or maybe think critically about the things that they have learned
about, sex and relationships. And giving them the confidence to come to their own conclusions and make their own decisions
in a healthy happy safe way. We also did a thing
where there were posters around the room with different statements and you had to tick whether you thought that it was true or false. (uplifting upbeat music) We did a classic labelling of the vulva and the penis and I was really proud of myself for that one because
I pretty much nailed it. Good morning, it is day
three of my RSE training. Tomorrow morning in pairs we have to do an activity with the group and we don’t get marked on that per se but we get different
feedback and then we have to write our own
self-critical review based on how it went and the feedback. So, that’s tomorrow. But today is just more
learning, more stuff. Most of the content is
already pretty familiar for me but the interesting
stuff is like what kinds of questions young people might ask. How to respond to such questions. Classroom management. Different kinds of activities
for different age groups and different learning
styles, I don’t know. It’s really interesting,
I’m learning a lot. And I also am now aware that I will need some safeguard training ’cause I do not have any
safeguarding training and gotta keep the young people safe. So after this, that is gonna be I think my next thing that I do on my journey to become a
sex educator in schools. We had to practise our
condom demonstration skills and I learned a new thing about the EU and the UK stamp that’s
on the back of condoms, which shows that they’re safe and approved in those regions. And if they don’t have those stamps on them then they’re probably fakes and would not advise using them. A fake condom. More like a black market condom I guess. So expiry day is September 2021. It has the European and the
British Standards logo on it and there are no visible oh and feely problems with the wrapper. Yeah there’s air in there. Tear down. And careful with nails but I don’t have any of those so it’s fine. Luby luby lube lube. There we go. Pinch, ta-dah. We did about the different
forms of contraception and I’m always still so
shocked whenever I see the size of the coil. I’m like that is inside me
and caused me so much pain. And look how tiny it is. And then they also had
this 3D printed uterus which is amazing ’cause I feel like when we see these diagrams and when we see the cross-section diagrams if we get a chance to,
it’s really difficult to understand the scale of it. Actually how big is that organ inside me? It’s not very big,
obviously it gets bigger if there’s a baby inside
it but it’s not huge. There’s not a lot of, everything is so jam-packed inside us. It’s (gasping). We did this really great
exercise around relationships and friendships where it was called the relationship pyramid, but really it was a triangle. So first we did it for friendships and you picked different qualities of a friendship that you
thought were important for a really healthy and good friendship and you put them, the top
one is the most important and then it goes down down. And then you did it
again for a relationship. But they said that they
normally do this exercise with 14-year-olds-ish, so
some of them might not have been in relationships. And so it’s more like what do you think the ideal relationship looks like? What in your head is the
perfect relationship? And so they’ll put all of their cards out of what they think is important. And then once they’ve got
their relationship triangle, they hand them another card which is sex. And so then they have to
fit that in somewhere, where do they put that in terms of the importance of
sex in a relationship? That was a really interesting exercise because obviously there’s no right answer and every partnership is different and every individual is different in terms of how important they
find sex in a relationship. And it definitely made
me question a few things. I was how important is sex to me actually? And if I took sex out of my relationship, would that ruin it? Whereas if I took respect and trust out of the relationship that would ruin it? So yeah, interesting exercise. Oh and they just also had
these really cool things like these wooden laser-cut emojis which, uh, I want some, they looked so cool. And then also a crocheted vulva. I wish I could crochet. I wanna make me a crocheted vulva ’cause it’s so cool. So cool, I definitely feel like I need to get myself one of those cushion vulvas. Maybe I could get one on Etsy. The dream. It is the beginning of day three which means it’s presentation time. So yesterday at the end of the day we were given our topics
and we’re doing it in pairs. So me and my partner are going to be doing a 30 minute
workshop lesson thing on self esteem, self
esteem and I really love the exercise that they use for this. They used balloons and then having a self esteem shield where you just talk about all of the things
that aren’t good about you and then you can use that as a shield for if anyone tries to
knock your self esteem. Yeah, so we’re gonna be preparing for those this morning
and then giving them to the class and
pretending they’re a bunch of young people, ooh. This is our self esteem shield
for a character called Cara. (uplifting upbeat music) Alright, I’m home, the bra
is off and I’m just chilling. It has been an amazing week. So, so good. So been given the assignment. Basically I have a month and a half to complete the assignment and then I get my accreditation. Wee wee wee wee wee. But it’s me, so I’m gonna end earlier. But I’m gonna end as soon as I can. Obviously just do it, ASAP. I am very glad that I don’t
have to commute anymore. Oh my God, how do you people do it? The place that it was being held is an hour and 20 minutes
away from where I live. There and back for four days in a row. How do you employed people do it? I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I’m not entirely sure what
I’m gonna do with my knowledge just yet because I really don’t have the time to reach out to schools and prep loads of lessons
and write lots of content for workshops. But that is now something
that I feel more equipped to do if I found myself
with the time to do it. Branching out, keep on opening doors. Who knows? But now when I get those mean comments from people being, who are who are you to be teaching our children about sex, I can show
them the piece of paper. If I pass the, fingers crossed. Wait, one thing I will show you. This is my handbook and everything with all of the stuff in it. The back here, where is it, somewhere in here I have the feedback
from the presentation workshop thing I gave today. I got As and Bs. This is not what we’re being marked on. We have to write an
analysis of how we think the presentation went and analysis of the feedback that we got. But I got As and Bs and as someone who was a deeply anxious
student all the way from primary to university and craved getting good results, this was a relief. Oh I got a company I’m still
like it as a 27-year-old, I’m like I must get good grades. How shaky you are on the inside. I’m gonna have a chill Friday night now. So that week was so useful for me. And in terms of next stages for me. Definitely gonna be getting
some safeguarding training and I need to do the damn assignment so I can get accreditation. I kind of missed at the beginning that one of the other
reasons why I wanna get this kind of training is so I have this stamp of approval
and I can show people a piece of paper to be
look, I am qualified because sometimes older
people or even journalists have asked me, what makes you qualified to teach our kids sex ed? And I’m because I’m passionate about it and I’ve studied it and
probably know more than you. I have never been able to say that. And so I could be like well
actually I did this training and I have accreditation
and I am (mumbles). So yeah, that definitely plays
into the imposter syndrome whole thing though. So yeah, I need to do my assignment which already been procrastinating on. Hah, it’s been so long since I’ve had to do an essay. It’s not even that long, I’ve read a book, I read two books, this is
nothing compared to that. But it is a bit daunting,
there’s so many notes to go through from the four days. We covered so much. This doesn’t mean I’m going straight into schools now if you are a teacher or a young person, please
don’t immediately start contacting me about coming to school because I’m not ready at all because the amount of time and resources and stuff it’s going to
take me to create lessons and get activity materials together. It’s a lot of printing and laminating. That’s what educating seems like. That’s what being a
teacher seems like to me, it’s just a lot of
printing and laminating. By no means am I going into schools before the end of 2019. This is potentially a 2020 project or it’s just going to help inform the content that I make online for you. Thank you so much for watching and just thank you so much for being along this journey with me for however many years,
it’s been genuinely really really appreciate you so so so much. If you’d like to support this channel and the work that I do, I have a Patreon which I’ll link in the description and you can pledge a
certain amount each month in return for lots of different rewards and perks, and there’s
an amazing community of like-minded people
all just chatting away about things like this. Please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and let
me know in the comments what you wish that you had
learned in sex ed at school. I’m really interested
to hear your answers. And don’t forget to subscribe
and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss another
video and I’ll see you in the next one, bye. One two three four five
six seven eight nine. It’s the 10 jewel Commandments. (beatboxing)

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    More about things like pcos or endometriosis and such. As well as iron deficiency with heavy bleeding.

    And of course more knowledge surrounding lgbtq subjects.

    For having gone to an all girls school I felt like we were taught very generic things and really could have explored things more in depth.

  37. I looooved this video! It was so entertaining and interesting, thank you for sharing!!
    So proud of you, this is a big step! 💕

  38. Please forgive my ignorance of the subject; but what does “safeguarding training” mean/entail? I have an idea and it’s probably called something different here in the U.S. Just curious, Thanks.

  39. In regard to relationships, I feel like your someone who will cards are missing a few options. Let me add a few.
    1. Drop all charges
    2. Uses fabric softener
    3. Take a dive in strip poker
    4. Not get offended over coin toss child support
    5. Give menstrual quarantine a shot
    6. Consider premature ejaculation birth control

  40. I am 16 (gay male) and have been watching your videos for a few years now, and I must say you've taught me a lot! And you keep it interesting.
    As I am still in school, it might just be helpful to have a few of my thoughts on my experience around sex ed etc.
    (I hope this could be useful, since I could be the targeted group of such a workshop/class and could give insight on how I, as a schoolkid, feel about sex ed)

    – I think the best thing to do is to do it how you want to 'teach' it.
    Everyone teaches differently, but if your material is taught with passion, it's already much more interesting!

    if they aren't paying attention, the best thing is to get them involved.
    (Like, it might be interesting to have someone draw what they think a vulva looks like (also, vulva vs vagina), or how the male genitalia look like.)

    – Get them to listen or watch or pay attention from the start. It will probably make it easier for the rest of the lesson.
    If you can, give them moments to discuss with their neighbour in class; e.g. what's called what.
    (it could be helpful if they can choose to sit next to someone they might be most comfortable with, but not necessarily!)

    – It's the most interesting when a class discussion is started! Try to get everyone involved
    (Also, maybe try make clear that there will be no judgement of any sort for the upcoming /time you teach/. Not knowing isn't a bad thing as long as you're open to learn)

    – Also! Try to have everyone feel included! I'm talking LGBT and different body types, etc.!
    (e.g. skinny guys, small boobs, big boobs, small penises, not everything and certainly not anyone is perfect!)
    (and also, maybe hard to do, but it might come in handy for some people to learn how to shave and that there's no shame in being hairy, smooth, etc.!)
    Everything is also personal preference, and everyone likes different things. Some like big, smooth, small, etc. etc.!

    – If you can, leave them a way to read about some things on their own, where they might feel more comfortable!
    This way, if they're curious they can learn about things more easily, and the things they learn can be actually correct and approved! (it's easy to be misinformed online!)

    Also, obviously consent of both parties!
    – There's no way to consent when influenced by drugs of any sort e.g.!

    – No means no from either party in any situation!

    – Also if you can please also talk about guys being able to get raped/abused if that topic comes up!
    (obviously also address women! I just feel like guys are sometimes a bit 'left in the dark' about this)
    I know it happens less, but it certainly isn't less valid and it shouldn't be a "man up" kind of thing.

    – And maybe also try to address the importance of (sexual) health! And how washing up is important!
    (- Also maybe try to address odours! They're natural and spraying lots of deodorant is only a temporary and sometimes worse option!)

    I hope this was helpful? it might not've been because you are learning all of this already but I hope it was either way!
    (Also! sorry if my English is occasionally bumpy, I'm Flemish!)

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