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100 thoughts on “going back to college (my first dorm & getting honored by MSU)

  1. I'm going to MSU this fall. I hope I do okay. It's been years since I've had friends or a social life outside my family, so I really want to make some social connections at college. Just hope I can handle the work that goes into having multiple non-familial human relationships (that's rather badly worded…)…in addition to obligations to education and overall health. So obviously, I'm venting my worries for all to see. :L

  2. I went to MSU for a 4-h event and a basketball game AND when my FFA chapter went to states, and MSU is so amazing, I love the college so much and I am hoping that I get to go there when I go to college bc it is literally so cool, I love the dairy store and everything about MSU❤️❤️ and I've been inside almost every single room/dorm/area u where in

  3. I'm going to be an MSU freshman this year! I'm so excited! They talked a lot about tyler at my AOP, so clearly he's msu's pride and joy. Go green!! 💚💚💚

  4. Really disappointed you didn't say a thing about what's going on at the university… It makes it seem like you don't know or don't care. To pose with those girls affected by Nassar's abuse, and publicly call and raise money for an organization that is right now working so hard AGAINST hundreds of victims of sexual assault… It's really disappointing. I know it wasn't the point of this video, but it just makes it seem like propaganda for a misbehaving organization when you don't touch on the problem at all.

  5. You finally uploaded this! I currently go to MSU & I came to watch you speak in Wells Hall! I was sitting behind your parents lol

  6. Tyler I recently found out that you attended Michigan State and man is that something bc that’s where I’ll be a freshman this fall! Is there any advice you’d give to an incoming freshman at MSU specifically? Love you ❤️ My dad said they played a video of you at parent orientation, it’s just such a small world!

  7. Omg Tyler!!! I stayed in the same dorm and on the same floor as you when I went to swim camp!!! Go Green!!!!!

  8. As an MSU spartan I am SO proud 💚 AND I GOT TO SEE TYLER!!! Omg thanks so much for being our grand marshal (and visiting the Wharton Center 😜) ❤️

  9. It’s so weird to see you where I just walk all the time. And I saw you at the homecoming parade and waved to you.

  10. This is literally crazy to me because I am currently enrolled at MSU and I love that fact that you went there and on top of that your residence hall is 10 minutes away from mine!!!

  11. Woah didn’t know he was from Michigan. That gives me hope that I can be something big too since I’m from here too .

  12. I am starting at Michigan State next month!! I'm going to be living in East Wilson too!! <3 2nd floor.

  13. Aye I’m a youtuber that goes to MSU as well! This is awesome to watch!! Hoping to be able to do this one day!

  14. i’m so happy rn bc msu is my dream college and the fact that one of my favorite youtubers went there is like shocking and i literally can’t believe this omg (also sorry for stalking your channel hahah)

  15. ahh!!! i completely didn’t know you were a fellow michigander & spartan! it’s so heartwarming to see your journey home & represent michigan in such an adorable way! 💚

  16. Did anyone notice that the door number was 420 XD also there is a red panda on the door and I LOVE them

  17. This is so surreal to watch now that I live at MSU. My boyfriend lives in East Wilson, I have a class in B115 Wells Hall, this is my home, and it’s crazy seeing it here. I don’t quite know how to describe it except to say that now I know I can do anything

  18. I honestly hope I get accepted to MSU as it's my literal dream college, retaking the sat's in november one more time, and hopefully I can do better on it. And hopefully I'll be rooting for the green and white. #SpartansWill Fall 2019/2020?

  19. Hey Tyler Oakley, it’s CJ from SeeMeU.com, the new social media site helping you connect and share with university communities from your perspective. We shared your content on our site, Sign-Up Now to view and connect with your community! Please see link below: https://www.seemeu.com/university/39/feed/

  20. This makes me love msu even more!! (Just saying i live in Michigan) but room #420 i will remember when i go there. i WILL go there❤️❤️ love you Tyler

  21. Watching this is so surreal because I was at that event in Wells hall and my friend is in the shot with the color guard, what an awesome time 💕

  22. I just loved your going home series and I loved tryout college video a lot sadly I was at MSU a year later but at the same time to watch the band with my band teacher who went the

  23. I’m going to MSU this coming fall! I’ll be in the Lyman Briggs residential college studying to become a veterinary technologist. I had completely forgot until now that Tyler went to MSU! Wow! I’m so excited to be going there, you have no idea ♥️♥️♥️ Any other Spartans out there?

  24. Oh my God I've read Binge few weeks ago and seing all this places is kimd of surrealistic 😀 I mean, almost everyone here did read Binge, but I'm still feeling like I have some superior insider knowledge like "Oh my God yes, that's where he used to work, yes, and all thia people had huge debts themselves but were still called!" or "Oh shit thats where he did met Adam, oh my God, that's THIS place"! 😀

  25. Tyler!!! I go to MSU and i've been trying to reach out to you on insta, (aprilll_linnn) because i'm trying to start a club on campus here for youtubers and future youtubers!! I would love to get advice or any words from you for our org!! Hope you see this<3

  26. Tyler i love you and love that your from michigan..but i had to cringe a little when you said you went to MSU 😂😂😂 (i grew up and married into Michigan fans)

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