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GoGuardian Teacher: Classroom Management Made Simple

The classroom is changing. It’s becoming
digital, more connected, offering students a whole new world of
possibilities to learn and grow. And with that a ton of distractions that make it
hard to keep students on task. You could block off large portions of the internet
but that’s like taking your students to the louvre and making them stay in the
lobby. There’s got to be a better way. Now the team that brought you GoGuardian’s
world-class chromebook security is bringing you GoGuardian for teachers which gives
you complete control over your classroom technology. During each session you’ll
know exactly what your students are doing and keep track of their activity
in real time. So you can remove distractions, see what your students are
working on connect with students who need help and direct the flow of your
digital resources all from a simple easy to use dashboard. This is the best way to
keep your students focused enguaged while giving them the freedom to make
the most of the digital classroom. GoGuardian for teachers is designed to let
you focus on teaching, and help your students focus on learning. Welcome to
the future of classroom management GoGuardian for teachers. Sign up now to get started for free.

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