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♫ Background singing ♫ Welcome to Brandeis. Welcome to Brandeis. [Russian] Welcome to Brandeis. [Korean] Welcome to Brandeis. [French] Welcome to Brandeis. [Hindi] Welcome to Brandeis. [Chinese] Welcome to Brandeis. [Spanish] Welcome to Brandeis. [Italian] Welcome to Brandeis. [Russian] Welcome to Brandeis. [German] Welcome to Brandeis. [Arabic] Science students have traditionally had very little opportunities to go abroad and do serious
science. I think the more boundaries that you can break, the more science gains from
it. Being exposed to ways of doing science with people from different cultures can actually
have an impact. It’s important for the students at the undergraduate level to be exposed to
global science. At Brandeis they learn to cross these waters early on. Storytelling is a really, really powerful exercise in conflict management. For two and a half months, I was
in Lebanon looking at how the Syrian conflict was affecting the education system. We worked
with the students to learn how to share their stories, to deal with the psychological traumas
from the conflict. Heller is a school that’s focused on making a change globally. Being
here has really helped me understand you can coexist with each other when you understand
each others’ stories. I worked with Kenya Social Ventures in the second largest slum
in Africa. I came with already set ideas about what’s a slum like and how development should
be. And I found out that development should be only focused on the people that it is impacting,
building on their strengths and using their resources that fit their needs. The notions
that I came with before were wrong. The Sorensen Fellowship gave me a whole different perspective. Music is the only language through which you can speak and listen at the same time. As
a first meeting or first impression, you can easily access the world of somebody else.
We learn by being challenged from people who are sitting in the audience. The interaction
is not only one way, it’s not that we’re here to teach them only. Also we are inspired by
the students, themselves. ♫ Singing ♫ We started the Indian Student Society at International Business
School (IBS) because we want to share our culture with everybody at IBS. The most important
celebration and festival in India is diwali. The emphasis is given on people interacting
with each other because tomorrow, we’ll be business leaders. We make sure that we invite
all international students. Brandeis students want to go out and change the world, and they
want to do it tomorrow. In fact, maybe last night. They’re deeply engaged in issues around
the world, and part of what we’re engaged in in the classroom is trying to figure out
the often painful histories of how we have not valued all those traditions equally. We’re
looking at each other in different ways. Yes, this is scholarship, but it’s also our lives.
The differences that we bring into the classroom don’t undermine us, but in fact enrich us. The best part about living in Paris for me was when I realized that I had forgotten that
I was living in Paris. I’m studying psychology, and then I’m also studying French. The faculty
here really encouraged me to consider going abroad to finally become fully fluent. My
French experience could help me become more of a global researcher in the future. Everything is tied to the environment. Our dreams of poverty alleviation, our dreams of ending
world hunger, you name it. I started attending the UN climate change negotiations, getting
into environmental advocacy. I learned at Brandeis that it’s the incremental change
that is going to eventually add up. You meet Wien scholars who have been ambassadors, who
have been prime ministers. It’s an honor to be a Wien scholar at Brandeis. Who knows?
maybe I’ll be the first female prime minister of Nepal. ♫ Light background music ♫

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