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Glendale Community College Global Education Studies

I’m from Congo. My major is Nursing. I’m from Ethiopia. I’m majoring in Biotechnology. I’m Nigerian. I’m majoring in Aeronautic Engineering. I am from Mexico, majoring in Business and
Management. I’m from Japan, majoring in Global Management. I’m from Myanmar, Pre-Pharmacy at Glendale
Community College. I decided to come to GCC because there was
small tuition. I chose GCC because it was less expensive. There was also great programs to help me transfer
to another university. I can finish my pre-requisites in two years
before I transfer to ASU. It’s the size of the classrooms and the fact
that it’s not so big, so you have like a more personal interaction with your professors
and with other students. The ability to have small classes and have
a one-on-one with your professors. You get the chance to ask questions, like
get one-on-one with an instructor. They have some people that can help you with
everything, with your class and with your degree and stuff. They’re people are willing to successfully
[complete] your classes. The instructors and the administrators, everyone
is really helpful here. I chose Glendale Community College because
of the science. I heard the science class are good here. Here I get to use labs. We don’t have labs back home. My favorite thing it’s the library. They have all the books that you wanted. My favorite thing at GCC is being part of
the International Group, because we get to do a lot of fun activities. We have been to the Grand Canyon. We’ve been to a couple of universities. We bring people from other countries around
the world, even people who are American, from Mexico, from Nigeria, from Congo, from different
places, and we just go do fun stuff. People from different countries get together
and students go out like go to Sedona, go to the restaurant, have fun and meet different
people. I can meet different people from different
countries, because I love cultures. We went to a camp for like three days to sleep
over with our friends from different countries to get together and actually get to know each
other and how we would avoid culture shock, like violence between each other. I like that training because at that moment,
I was just getting used to the culture, the new culture that was here. I can have many opportunities to meet people
from different countries and I think that will help my Global Management Studies. Here in the United States, I’ve had the opportunity
to meet people from other cultures and also get some knowledge in the English language. Before I came to the United States, I couldn’t
speak English, but as I take classes at GCC and work with, great teamwork in a nice environment,
my English got better and better. I’ve been able to gain one scholarship and
I also have the opportunity to work on campus. The Maricopa Scholarship is available. I can apply. I usually apply for it every semester and
I do get a good amount of money to help me with my tuition and everything. You have the opportunity to get a job here
on campus. I have the opportunity to work on campus as
a Japanese tutor for two years. That was a great opportunity for me because
I was able to work with great teamwork in a nice environment. I help students with their classes. Sometime do translate from French and English
and stuff. To help them drop their classes, add classes
and make the payment. The communities here. The place is amazing. If you’re looking for some place you can really
focus on your academics, it’s like a perfect school for you. Bienvenue [French] Welcome [Myanmar] Welcome [Amharic] Welcome [Nigerian] Yōkoso e GCC [Japanese] Bienvenidos a GCC [Spanish].

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