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7 thoughts on “Girl claims she was sexually assaulted at Mayde Creek High School

  1. I have very little faith in Katy ISD’s investigations. I have witnessed them lie on many occasions. You can see many lies on my channel.

  2. She’s lying she knew the guy, they had sex in the school bathroom & they got caught that’s why she didn’t tell the school she got “raped” & went and told the news instead just because she didn’t wanna get in trouble but she had already gotten in trouble because she was caught smoking weed. I personally know her and she was NOT a virgin like she claimed she was. She’s lying she should be put in jail this is so sad & it’s girls like this who make other girls look bad, actual victims. Not liars like her as of this I’ve got no respect for her any longer this isn’t something you should lie about.

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