Giant Springs Elementary School hosts “Take a Vet to School Day”
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Giant Springs Elementary School hosts “Take a Vet to School Day”

for your charter spectrum partners with the History Channel for Veterans Day this year they put on an event called take a vet to school day at Giant Springs elementary school kindergarten and first grade students performed a patriotic song sixth graders shared the meaning of Veterans Day and students presented thank-you letters to veterans in the audience charter spectrum presented a $1,000 check to the American Legion I’m glad that there’s people out there that are that appreciate that that times the way they do this really helps so many veterans that do not get any recognition at all and through the disappointing years the number of suicides that have happened with our veterans just they need help and we’re trying to do the best we can also to honor of Veterans Day Sunnyside Elementary held their second annual Veterans Day fun walk and at Lincoln Elementary veterans shared their stories with students at

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