GFB Honors the Teacher That Brings Ag Alive in the Classroom
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GFB Honors the Teacher That Brings Ag Alive in the Classroom

[Piano Music]
[Statham Elementary School/September 10, 2019] [Cheering]
[Diana Cole/2019 AG Teacher of The Year] That the whole school was in there and it’s
something that I would describe like a sports star going in and hearing, ya know everybody
cheering for them. Teachers don’t usually get that recognition. And so, I was totally shocked, to say the
least that that was happening. But it was, ya know, rewarding too. To know that the work that I have done here,
was ya know, being seen. So, I was glad for myself, for my school too. And, for the county. We do a lot with Ag in our county. And, I was glad to see all the work that we
have done, that this is paying off for us. [Music]
[Dr. Salethia James/Principal, Statham Elementary School]
It’s amazing, the passion that she shares, actually. She’s able to kind of exude that passion to
other teachers, anyone across the district at other schools. She has a great impact on the success of students
and how she can pull in curriculum and instruction and, make it life applications through the
garden aspect. She’s been a joy, and our community has had
the opportunity to benefit from just all of her expertise and her knowledge, her love,
her passion, just everything that she’s able to do here at Statham. [Ray]
We took a tour briefly around in of the school, and, and you showed me everything that’s at
your fingertips, resources. How lucky are you to have a school that supports
you, doing what you’re doing and building ya know, the boxes, and having the chicken
house, and everything? I mean, how lucky are you? [Diana]
Very fortunate, I know that other schools are not so fortunate. In the building I have a very, the administrator,
Dr. James, she is behind us one hundred percent, not just in the building, but the county. We have a farm to school Booster Club. I think it’s the only one in the state that
has a farm to school Booster Club, where we raise money for the things that we do. We have irrigation in our garden, right now
that was because of this farm to school Booster Club. I’ve been teaching for over thirty years,
and I’ve enjoyed the farm to school because it’s something different and something that
the kids enjoy. It’s not just paper and pencil work. The kids went out this week to the garden. Found quadrilaterals in the garden. They were pointing out parallelograms. They said, “Oh, I didn’t even realize that
was up there”. So, I feel like they’re going to be going
out into the world and looking at it differently after this week. “Oh yes we learned about shapes in the classroom,
but I can see what the shapes are, when I’m looking around at the real world”. [Music]
[Dr. James] I think they see her as a true role model
for them. I hear a lot of the young ladies saying, “Man,
I can’t wait to have my own garden when I become a mom or when I become a wife or when
I have a family”. So, just kind of making these connections
early on. We know that it’s making a lasting impression,
because kids are having conversations about the things they want to do when they ya know,
become Mrs. Coles age. [Ray]
When that times comes and you’ve taught your last lesson and you close that door for the
last time, what do you want your legacy to be? [Diana]
I would like to see what I have done continue. We’re doing the pilot program for the Georgia
Elementary Ag Program. And, I want to see that state really take
off and go. Not just for the twenty-six schools, but there
in all the schools. And, I would like to just be that teacher
that the kids hate to see leave, you know. And that’s, sometimes when teachers retire
you say, “Yeah, it was time for her to go”. I want to be that one that they say, “No,
we’re sad to see her go”. [Music]

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