Getting Started with the School Health Index
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Getting Started with the School Health Index

The School Health Index is a free, customizable tool. You can conduct the assessment using the interactive online version or by downloading the print version. To access the online version, click on the “Enter School Health Index” button. Here, you can either register a new team profile or access your current assessment. The online version of the School Health Index records your entries and generates score cards for specific topic areas. Print versions for either elementary or middle and high schools can be downloaded from the School Health Index website. There are a few differences between the elementary version and the middle and high school version, although the majority of the items are identical. Once you decide on the online or print format, select the version that is most appropriate for your program. The School Health Index addresses these health topics: Physical activity and physical education, Nutrition, Tobacco use prevention, Alcohol and other drug use prevention, Chronic health conditions (such as asthma and food allergies), Unintentional injury and violence prevention, and Sexual health, including HIV and other STDs, and pregnancy prevention. Questions in the Index are grouped and labeled by topic area. Grouping questions allows schools to choose to address some, but not all, of the health topics if needed. Cross-cutting questions address issues that are relevant to all health topics. Now that we have developed an understanding of what the School Health Index is, let’s review.

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