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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be showing you my at-home command center, which I have just set up.
This school year I vow to be more organized, so I thought I would share this with you because
it was really simple to do, and hopefully it’ll provide you with some inspiration as
well. So I hope you like this. If you do, give it a big thumbs up. And if you’re new
to my channel, I would love for you to subscribe and stick around for more content like this.
And let’s get into it. There are so many different things that you
can put onto a command center. So what I did to start out was to go onto Pinterest and
pin a few boys that I liked the look of and that I thought had really good organizational
systems. So if you want to check out my Pinterest, I’ll link that down below and you can. But
I basically got most of the frames from Ikea. They were super cheap. And then I’ve just
hung them using a Velcro system. You can get it online. I just really didn’t want to hammer
any nails or anything like that into our brand new kitchen, and they are holding up really
well. So this is the space that I chose to put my
command center on. Mine is nice and small. You can put it anywhere that you’re going
to see it very often. Some people put it in their utility room, by their desk, or in their
kitchen like this. So I’ve just used this space. And I’ll just start at the top. The
top thing here, I’m just so in love with. This is a magnetic notice board that I found
online. They do it in loads of different prints, but I really wanted to stick with the rainbow
theme because I have a rainbow calendar. So I’m going to use this for invitations to kids’
parties, reminders from the school or anything, a few photos, stuff like that, they can go
here. Then the calendar was actually super simple
to make. It’s just a DIY, but I have also seen them on Etsy. This is just a frame, and
then I’ve done it using paint chips. So it looks really cool. It has a color gradient,
and it is rainbow, and I just really love it. The only thing is the squares are quite
small. But, as you guys know, I also use a planner, so this calendar here is really for
the benefit of my family to see what’s what, what we’ve got on. I’ve actually just taken
the things out for the purpose of this video because you don’t need to see everything that
I’m up to, but any parties, any events, anything we’ve got coming up, birthdays, etc, will
go on here. And then I’ve got this little pot. I got this
from Ikea, and I’ve just Velcroed it on there, and this is where I keep the pens. I have
a few white marker pens, but Sharpies actually work well on this, and I can just wipe it
off really easily. Then moving down here, I have a place for
my meal planning. In my old kitchen. I had a big meal planning chalkboard, but I feel
like I’ve been really lacking a place to put my meal planning in sight for everyone to
see. So if Matt wants to know what’s for dinner, or the kids want to know what’s for dinner,
they can just check this board now. So I’ve got Monday to Sunday, and I pretty much normally
meal plan five to six days a week, and then let one be a takeaway, or we might have something
on, we’re going out. And then we’ve also got this space here for groceries. So if there’s
anything I need to get and I want to just put it on there, I can then take a photo on
my phone and take that to the supermarket with me, or when I do my online shop.
And moving down here, I’ve got the two older boys’ chore charts. These are available as
a printable on my website. So is the mail planning one. And I’m going to show you the
school routine in a second. But I’ve talked in depth about their chores. There’s a whole
video on it, so I’ll link it in the description and here as well. But they basically have
tasks that they need to complete in the morning, and then in the evening as well. They can
choose a reward each week. And if they complete it over the course of the week, they get that
reward. So these have been working so well for us, it’s actually been life changing.
But I used to have them in plastic wallets just laying around the house. So I thought
it’ll be really nice to have a place for them that the boys can just come to, and tick off
every morning what they’ve actually done. So there’s Caleb’s, there’s Fraser’s.
And then I also have this school routine printable. This is for their clubs so we know what they’ve
got coming up, what they’ve got on, things we need to pack, etc. If you didn’t want to
have a whole chore chart, you could just put the task they need to complete before and
after school. This one here is kind of for me, but also for the kids. So things like
remembering their snack, water bottle, to put sun cream on them, is their bag packed?
Reading for 10 to 15 minutes, homework, laying their clothes out every night, and all the
stuff that they need for the clubs the next day. So this is just a great place where I
can reference it, Matt can reference it. If anyone else had the kids, they could look
at it as well. I also got these three little frames, which
I was thinking about putting here with the school lunch menu on it. The boys ask me all
the time what the school dinner is, so I thought it’d be really handy to have it here, and
then they could reference it and I wouldn’t have to be trying to find it on my phone all
the time. Yeah, so that is my super simple command system.
I’m so excited to start using it in a couple of weeks when they’re back at school. I know
I’m such a geek, but this makes me so happy and feeling so organized. Let me know in the
comments if you would add anything to it or if you have a command center at home as well.
There are so many different ideas out there. A lot of the ones I saw had in-trays for paperwork
on them, but for me, so much of what I do, or bills, or anything from the school, is
actually paperless now. It’s all on email. And I felt like if I had a place to put paperwork,
I would put things in there and not deal with it. For me, it’s much better to get something
out the kid’s bag, deal with it immediately, and then chuck it, and it’s done. So I don’t
have one of those trays, but that might also be something that you could put onto yours
[inaudible 00:00:05:59]. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see
you in my next one. Bye guys.

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  1. Fab ideas Emily !!. Definitely worth doing . So cheerful looking and sets such an organized & positive tone . X

  2. Love this 🙂 currently trying to find a pin board for all my children's achievements but after watching this I'm going to rethink the space I was going to use!

  3. I saw the title & I honestly did a “pshaw organization schmirganization”…😜.
    Then remembered that we missed not one but TWO bday parties last year because we misplaced the invites…😩
    So yeah hauling my butt to ikea tomorrow for frames. Thank you for the inspiration ♥️

  4. How many times do I have to tell you it’s not called sun Cream it’s called sunscreen Along with it it’s not cold football it’s called soccer

  5. So nice and organized and colorfull… And as always you look stunning.. How do you stay so energetic and positive all The time? I have only 1 baby and already feel exhausted… Do you have videos talking about how to cope with The drastic change from being a social carreer woman to being a stay At home mother? Really desperate for motivation on this…. Thankyou and again you look great!!

  6. You are always an amazing lady emily ❤️ you always come up with such a great and nice ideass love watching your videosss❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I would love to see a video in a month or so as an update -are you still using it, have you changed anything, etc. I feel like I am always starting organization systems but not maintaining them. 🙂

  8. This is great ! I love this just for family organizing and encouragement . My son isn’t even grown up yet but this is so helpful

  9. Hi emily im Niamh and im from Ireland your videos are so helpful for me and i love this video thank you so much 😊

  10. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm creative but struggling being organised and being a full time mum. Found your videos a month ago and it's starting to help.
    I do have a few questions about some of your hacks if that's ok?

  11. I really love your system. I need to write To Do lists every single day, and for yearsss I have been trying different ways. Recently I got a white board that looks like paper so that helps, but yours is so much prettier 🙂 I am going to try it for different categories of my To Do lists that are often soooooo long and have different categories of tasks haa haa. Thank you so much 🙂

  12. 😉 I'm so glad you're in my life. ..didn't know you had a website missed out on that one!. will check out the printables. .. My eldest has his first day of school next Thursday 😮😭😢😄 . So have already ordered the tie less shoe laces.. and am going to do the name tags too… This may ale you chuckle
    So I was in primark.. the other day and I caught myself saying "which one would Emily choose" it was just for a pair of slippers 😂😄😃.

  13. We have a system similar to the chore chart for feeding our pets. It has the name down the side and the days across the top and we just tick it off when an animal has been fed. That way no matter who feeds the pets, we know that they haven't gone hungry or eaten twice (our dog would have 100 breakfasts if he could)

  14. Hi Emily. Have you read the book ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne? They would make a great new theme for videos by yourself.

  15. Such a beautiful video and plz do a diy video for your paint chip calendar really really loved it 😍😍

  16. Love this command centre! Can anyone reccomend appropriate rewards that dont break the bank so it doesn't end up getting out of hand? I have a 7year old and 4 year old if I asked them what would you like as your reward they would say something ridiculous like an ipad haha..

  17. Hi Emily, i love this idea, I think I’m going to set up my own. Out of interest what kind of rewards do you give the boys? Thanks xx

  18. What a great idea taking a photo of your grocery list with your phone. I always forget my list lol. Well I am a Nanny, love watching your videos. I have four grandsons in NZ, and two granddaughters in the UK.

  19. Love this! Speaking of organisation – will your planner be returning for next year?! I’ve loved using mine this year.

  20. Could you do a video on your downfalls or what you find hard or maybe what you do or vitimans you take to be so “perfect” tour house is always clean if not your doing a cleaneing routine. Your so organised if not your doning an organisation video.. etc etc you get my drift but your life literally just seems way to unreal… x

  21. Hello Emily, I absolutely love your channel . I think its a great idea to keep on top of things as life can be very heck tik and busy at times especially with 3 boys I know as I have 3 boys and a girl of my own. So staying on board with school routine is very important. I have a small request would it be possible to make a video on how to make these printable as I've seen so many Pinterest printable but its either the colour problems or its the design itself which doesn't suit my life style I would very much appreciate it if you can. It might help other mothers too. Take care of your self and family your doing a wonderful job. Sunny

  22. Great inspiration! Never thought about having the school meals up at home, that would make things a lot easier than my boy taking ages to decide at school whilst we are being ushered out by teachers for being last min 🙈😂

  23. Wow, this is the best command centre I’ve seen. Well done! Can’t wait to get started on mine now 👍🏼

  24. Love the spot you found, although we have a big kitchen I always struggled with it, but now looking at this and the frames I’m getting some more ideas of how I could make this work for us, thank you ❤️

  25. Totally unrelated to this video, please can you tell me what hypnobirthing audio book you used? It seemed to really help you and there are many out there and hard to know which one is good… Thanking you in advance 😘

  26. Je te trouve très organisée avec un esprit ludique et très pédagogue sans oublier très motivante j adore tes vidéos

  27. How about a lunch meal planner? Monday-Friday and a space for groceries needed. Do you happen to have one of those or a good one with a link?

  28. We can't get over how organised you are Emily! We're finding an area we can recreate this in our home right away

  29. Wow! Well done Emily! I am really impressed and I'll definitely follow your footsteps:) you gave me so much useful tips in the past and I think this command board is something I need for sure in my home:)
    Can you please tell me where did you buy the magnetic notice board?
    I am trying to start planning my meals but it is so challenging to start and stick with it! I believe it just take time:) wish me luck ahah
    Big hugs from Zürich:)

  30. Emily
    You have one meal per day
    How does that work.
    I make lunch and dinner.
    Do you have a way of making meals that you can share ?

  31. Could u plz make a video of how u control ur kids and what to do if they dont stick to the chores and rules also if they dont listen and throw their toys and make a mess

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