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Generation Study Abroad

[Intro Music]>>Multidimensional,>>artistic,>>uniquely mine,>>insightful,>>eye-opening,>>broadening,>>indescribable, let’s leave with at that,
indescribable.>>If I had to sum up my study abroad experience
in one word I would say, transformational.>>Transformational.>>That’s it.>>The most important skills, I would say
professional skills and life skills that I gained from studying abroad>>would be: problem solving,>>confidence,>>language skills,>>having your perspectives broadened,>>being culturally sensitive,>>adaptability.>>There’s a lot that can come from these
experiences but I think the most transferable is>>communication in general.>>Even within your own culture just the ability to read social cues and to understand-kind
of- have the emotional intelligence to understand what other people are thinking and expecting.>>And understanding that everything has a
backstory.>>It makes it a lot easier to work on a team.>>And study abroad is the methodology by
which you take something out of a book and you actually live it.>>Hi my name is Andrea,>>my name is Kyle,>>my name is Vanessa,>>my name is James King,>>I am Mignonne Fowlis,>>my name is Schuyler,>>my name is Brenton Harper,>>and I am,>>and I am,>>generation study abroad.>>I’m generation study abroad.>>Generation study abroad.>>Generation study abroad.>>Generation study abroad. And I am, generation study abroad. [Outro Music]

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