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GED Diaries: ESL Crew Week 3

For this year 2019 I have some goals that
I want to achieve. Those are that I want to continue my education,
I want to have a better job, I want to speak English very fluently. But in order to do that, I have to finish
my GED test. Right now I already passed 2 tests and I just
have 2 more left. I hope I will pass soon and get my diploma. After I get my diploma, I’m planning to talk with
people that can help me to enroll to the college to continue my education. For this year I have a new resolution. I really want to pass my GED because the next
step is going to be the college. You know, my goal this year is to finish my
GED and to go to college because I have 4 years of college to do to get my bachelor’s,
my nursing. I mean I need to be a nurse so the goal is
to do 4 years and you know have my degree and have a better life. It’s not easy to do both school, work, and
sometimes when you have pain some stuff like that. But, I hope everything’s going to be okay. If I finish my studies with the GED, I would
like to further my education to the college and continue with my arts program. So I want to become an arts teacher so that’s
what I will focus on when I get to the college. Because that’s what I’ve been doing back home
so I want to continue with it to become an arts teacher.

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