Gamify your classroom with these 5 amazing edtech tools
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Gamify your classroom with these 5 amazing edtech tools

Hello everyone. I’m back with some fun apps that will rock
your classroom. Today in EdTech school I’ll show you 5 amazing
live edtech games. The first game is Quizlet Live
Quizlet Live is made for practicing terms and definitions. Students work together in order to find the
right word or definition. The tricky thing is: you can’t see which
descriptions your teammates have. If someone makes a mistake, his team has to
start all over again. You need at least 12 descriptions or terms
to play Quizlet live. You’ve probably already heard of Kahoot
Kahoot engages students AND it’s competitive. Exactly the cup of tea of students nowadays. They have to tick off the right answer as
quickly as possible. For every right answer they gain points. The faster they answer correctly, the more
points they get. Kahoot is also useful for teachers, because
it gives insight to what students do and don’t know. On top of that, it’s very easy to use. Students love it because they can answer questions
just by tapping the right color on their devices. If you want them to collaborate more, use
Kahoot’s team mode. One device, more students. Are they able to collaborate and still answer
really quickly AND correctly? The third live game is Classcraft
This game encourages students to live by your class rules. Students can create their own avatars that
have special powers. They play in groups. If someone ignores a deadline,
it may fire back on the whole group. Working together and having respect for each
other is very important. Students can gain points by playing by the
classroom rules. For example:
students who help other students receive 10 points. When they have enough points, they can use
a special power. For instance: the “warrior” can eat in
class. They can also lose those points by not playing
by the rules, and even get a sentence. For example: bring a treat for the whole class
tomorrow. You as a teacher can choose all the powers
and sentences yourself. Next up: Plickers
Plickers is a real-time assessment tool. It lets your students answer multiple choice
questions, anonymously. Because it’s anonymous,
every student participates, even the shy ones. You can instantly see how the class did,
with a simple bar chart. It only requires the smartphone app,
and the Plickers cards, which you can get for free on the website. You ask a multiple choice question
and the students answer it by showing a card. Each side of a card represents a question
letter: A,B,C or D.
When all cards are raised, you simply scan the cards with the Plickers
app. Plickers can be used in all classrooms, from
K-to-12 to university and is a great tool for formative assessment,
warm-ups, exit tickets and lesson refreshers. Another very handy live tool is Padlet
With padlet you create an online board that you share with every student or teacher
you want. Just give them the link. It allows everyone to add content to the same
shared document. Whoever has the board opened on its device,
can see what everyone is writing. Use it for live brainstorming, writing down
questions or collecting bookmarks. Padlet is the online answer to endless email
conversations. This was EdTech school for today. We have two more fun games for you on our
blog. Feel free to take a look. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button
to catch our weekly video. Bye!

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