Game of Thrones Conquers the Classroom
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Game of Thrones Conquers the Classroom

(uplifting theme music) – A lot of fiction has this capacity of being, sort of, mined for the lessons we can extract from it. What Game of Thrones brings, I think, is very high stakes for the characters. There was about a four-year journey there of me watching the
show, reading the books, thinking of ways to apply it to the class, and then I started
bringing Game of Thrones into Leadership Through Fiction, and it really resonated with the students. I remember the first time I did it, I pulled up a PowerPoint
slide from Game of Thrones and the class erupted into applause. – This was a great opportunity to take a class that sort of dives into more of the humanities and applies leadership
principles through that lens. One of the most effective
characters in the show is Tyrion Lannister,
simply because he’s able to understand other’s motivations. That’s probably the kind of person that I’d want to be,
especially as a consultant. – So, I think the main
takeaway I have for myself is just to be a little bit more observant and action oriented. I’m going into consulting, which I find to be a very
relationship-driven role, so I think this class has taught me to really value other
people’s perspectives and thinking about how
I can appeal to that and build loyalty around my coworkers and then generate
benefits for our clients. – Emotional intelligence is something that drives all of these characters, their ability to be self-aware, their ability to manage themselves, their ability to build
social relationships and manage those relationships. They go against incredible odds, and I think the students recognize hey, that applies to me, too. Students recognize that
their life is a story, and they’re shaping that story, to some degree, as they accept challenges, as they decide what’s important to them, as they manage and lead themselves. And they’re using that story
as they convey to people what’s important to them about leadership and what they stand for as a leader. (uplifting theme music)

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