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Gage EDUCATE Platform

Gage Educate allows you to train channel
partners like never before by integrating personalized learning with
promotions, gamification, social media and rewards based loyalty techniques. Our
content creation tool allows you to easily create and quickly publish a
variety of content including quizzes, videos, and resource material– using brand compliant templates modules and page layout, group related content together
and ultimately measure completion and comprehension. Promotion rewards and
gamification techniques are baked in with online training to help ensure a
high level of engagement and excitement to your users while facilitating
collaborative learning and uniting your global community of learners–
measure and assess your user participation by individuals or groups,
spotting trends or gaps in learning computer program direction all of our
platforms are backed by our marketing specialists extremely user-friendly
available on any device at any time point out your biggest challenge will
point you toward a solution no matter the challenge, Gage has the solutions to
shift your Channel into higher gear!

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