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#FutureVoter | VoteWA.gov | Register to Vote

scene 1 shot 1 take 5. Are you 16 or 17 years old in Washington state? Are you a US citizen? Did you know that you—yeah, you can pre-register to vote now. and here’s how You get a QR code from
your teacher you get your phone and ID you scan the code with your phone and
you fill out all the information and you press next— and also you can also do this— you can also go to VoteWA.gov or use this paper registration form. VoteWA.gov But, wait a minute— Why should you vote? did you know that only 46 percent of 18
to 29 year olds voted in 2016 I vote to impact my community and the world we live in. Vote so our generation has a voice VoteWA.gov #FutureVoter Logo: Secretary of State – Kim Wyman Logo: the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction QR code: linking to VoteWA.gov Graphic: #FutureVoter

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