Future Music Moguls 2018 | NYU’s FREE High School Saturday Spring Program!
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Future Music Moguls 2018 | NYU’s FREE High School Saturday Spring Program!

There’s no word that can possibly say
what music does for me because there is no limit. If I if I put a word to it I
would be understating. I was like up late at night like 2/ 3 am and I was like “I
really want to just like pursue my career and look into our colleges and
stuff” and then I stumbled upon the NYU site and then I saw like high
school programs and then I saw free. I was like okay. My tía actually surprised me.
She called my mom she’s like “oh I found I found this program that I think
Brandon would like and I think I think you should let him see what I’m try it
out”. And it turned out to be this and it’s exactly what my interests were. I live in Maryland, and you know, me making the commitment to come up here, and I
stay up here with my grandmother, but you know, my teen director told me about it
and I applied. I wrote my written statement I sent it in and now you know, I’m here.
It always stars with the mothers. It really starts with the moms. It’s crazy
I went into this program being like “Well, I really hope to meet people” and like
we’ve seen each other once a week and that’s it and like yeah we talk off of
it but we’ve gotten so close. I developed a lot of really good friendships
throughout FMM like when I came in I thought this was gonna be kind of
dog-eat-dog world like I’m trying to be the best this and you’re gonna try to be
the best that and we’re gonna butt heads and you know my verse has to be better
than this group’s verse. But it’s really not. It’s a really great just
friendly, supportive environment. Like the people that you don’t expect to get
close to you do get close to with at the end and that’s really special. these are real
friends like these people the same interests as me. These are people
that I’m gonna stick with for a while. For me the most memorable moment of FMM
is when we had a huge dance party, it was so fun. We were literally in the
recording studio. We were just listening to music
and we were just jamming and the TAs were there, and then Marat was like “guys
you know we have like ten thousand dollars worth of like sound equipment
here” and we’re like “oh yeah” so we attached it to the speaker. Ideas
flowin like just creating like singing like and it’s actually everybody and
that’s in this program like we just in the studio with us just vibing. Everyone
was tired but everyone was just dancing. That sense of community it’s like wow
like this is what it’s like to make music. The Chairman, Jeff Rabhan came in and
he just went on a rant. He was just like really out there. Nobody stopped laughing,
to be honest and like I almost cried like we were I was dying of laughter. he
got like straight to the point and I was like yes. I really liked Marcy Allen
because I’m interested in the business aspect of the industry and I think that
she did a good job of just like putting effort into that you can do it as a
woman. I’d say one of the most memorable parts of Music Mogul’s would be when we
met Jim Anderson because he was teaching us how to how to just hear different
things in music that we wouldn’t normally hear. The DJ workshop, it was so
fun. I learned that DJing is really hard but it was so so fun and I was like
these people are incredible and like I’m so lucky that I get to be in this
program with them. Whatever you want to be, FMM takes the the small little like
germ you have of that in your body and just explodes it into this whole….now I
know who I am as an artist! I came into FMM and I didn’t know what I was gonna be. It’s
definitely taught me how to develop myself as an artist and how to really
forge my own path when it comes to music and in life. Before I applied I didn’t
think that I was really anything special I just thought like Oh Here I am like
another teenager who like wants to do music that probably like won’t achieve
anything. But being in this program and
being around all these incredible people showed me that, I mean, I have a worth. I came to the conclusion that I am the musical equivalent of Basquiat by
going through FMM. I didn’t come in thinking that . I’m learning about all the
things that I can do with my future has just given me a lot more hope about it
and has confirmed that I want to do music for the rest of my life. it doesn’t
matter what level you’re coming in on. As long as you care about music and you
have passion, you’re gonna come out as a better musician, a better artist, and a
better person in general. This is NYU This is Clive Davis. You’re not gonna.. you
can’t go anywhere else in the world and gets the sort of experience. And if you
come here and get this experience you’re ahead of the game already. How many other
the kids are gonna know what you know? It’s a life lesson, you know, to invest in
your craft, like invest your time. You don’t have to invest your money so pull up! It’s free…you know what I’m saying. Marat he’s like The Godfather. Shout out to Marat!

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