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hello guys welcome to INTELLECT MEDICOS- learning made easy congratulations and celebrations for
completing our 1000 subscribers yay She is Dr. Shruti and he is Dr. Chirag
and we are really thankful for the love and support you have shown to us from the
bottom of our hearts and guys it means a lot to us your love and support keeps us motivated am going to make more videos and more
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because lots of great content is gonna come up soon and guys we really know
that you’re very much stressed about reading books, extracting knowledge and
giving so many of exams so on this occasion of completing 1,000 subscribers
we have come up with a very funny and entertaining video on life of medicos
so please watch it till the end and let us know in the comments section if you
liked the video and keep watching INTELLECT MEDICOS good morning sir. good morning. take your seat. thank you sir. so prepared for the viva? yes sir. okay, so what is your case. sir I’m
presenting a case of Mr. Bhikhari Lal resident of aliganj. Whats the name? sir Bhikhari Lal.Quite interesting name!!. yes sir! okay what is it the case. Sir, he came with
the chief complaints of sweet sweet pain in the abdominal region. What kind of pain? Sir, sweet
sweet pain! and what what is it sir the patient said MEETHA MEETHA dard hota hai sir!!
okay okay anything about the cardiovascular system?
Yes sir, the patient was having increased heart rate
okay so how do you define tachycardia? Sir, increased heart rate.
yeah but how do you define it, what is tachycardia? sirr…………… it’s like DHAK DHAK DHAK DHAK DHAK.. and according to you, what is bradycardia? Sir its more like dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak. asystole?? you can go now. thank you sir! oh, its already 10 pm
oh. my exam is at 8 am tomorrow morning it’s only 10 hours left!! oh, I should start preparing. actually I have 10 hours. I have sufficient time. 12 o’clock.
let’s play some game. Tennis I have to win this game yay. yo..I won !! I should start studying okay ACLS. cardiac arrest algorithm I need some coffee yes. I got my coffee now.
now nothing can stop me I’ll top in this exam oh shit. 7:30
I have my exam in half an hour. oh shit.
Hey God please help me Bhagwaan ji. is baar bacha lena. agli baar se poori mehnat karunga yar this time after exams na, we’ll
go for a party. yeah, for sure we need a break we need to go for a party
yeah we’ll go on a World tour man!! we will go for a World tour!!
yeah. but on the same night we’ll go for party. and the next day we are going for a world tour!! yeah.. done!!! *snores* so that was it
hope you liked the video actually every medico must have faced these kind of
situations in their life not only medico. Any college student can relate
his or her life to these scenarios yeah actually, it’s true!! so if you like the
video please like and share with your friends and don’t forget to comment in
the comment section and do not forget to subscribe the channel- INTELLECT MEDICOS.
thank you guys for watching the video

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  1. all medica studets
    "hey my chest hurts what do you think it is?" "probably heart burn, don't worry"
    (when medical student has chest pain) "is this it? is this the big one? is this the widowmaker?"

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