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Mrs.. Pino, I’m totally in love with you I am your teacher And you are in six grade/year six that is very inappropriate You are a nice boy, and I’m sure you’ll find a nice girl your age NAH I’m tired of these little girls. I want a woman I want a woman this guys aggressive, just give me a chance please. I’m gonna have to call your parents about the wedding, right? No, no, no, no, no not about the wedding like you’re in trouble. You cannot date your teacher How many times do I have to say this how many times does the world have to say this teachers cannot date students!. Hey teacher. I can’t come to school today. I’m sick Are you sure or is it the test? That’s worrying you oddly? Convenient isn’t it that you’re sick, and you got to write a test. No I have explosive diarrhea Well, I’m sorry I asked and that got real awkward like when you had to go into details that stuff is coming out of your butt like no like STOP READING THESE But I think anybody who’s like willing to admit that they have diarrhea like they’re probably actually sick Unless they just don’t get embarrassed easily mom I think I’m gonna fail chemistry is that mr. Brighton’s class yeah, why we are old friends Mommy will get your grade changed winky face. Oh(she a hoeXD) OMG EWWW! His mom’s saying what we think she’s saying mom No no no no no no no no parents can date teachers But they still shouldn’t cuz that’s just awkward because now you’re going to class and all your your peers know Your mom or dad is dating your teacher, and then they’re gonna think you’re getting special treatment But then also they’re gonna be teasing you all like how’s your mom and the teacher hmm? How would you like some extra credit Veronica sure what does that smiley face me mr., Donohue? It means excitement Okay, yes a lot of the excitement very excited the most excited you guys get my point now that you Graduated, I think it’s okay if we date Matthew misses coffee what the heck you’re my teacher And you’re like 80 years old. That’s real awkward I mean like I was gonna say calling somebody Like 80 years old kind of sounds a little like you look at you trying to offend them But I guess the teachers trying to date him so everything is up in the air. I don’t even know what’s allowed anymore It’s all just all over the place help help us help these people. No you guys are too busy doing your own thing, okay Nobody’s getting any help work was rough today. What happened. I was teaching my biology class today, and I said orgasms instead of organisms Kill me dude. I haven’t done this before like I wasn’t the teacher you know when you’re like I just in class I take turns reading things And then I did it and I was like younger too So I find like the younger you are when you do things like this It’s like even more embarrassing like right now if I did it I don’t even think I’d be embarrassed, but what you’re like 10, and you do this I don’t even know if I was 10 16 I don’t know how old I was I can’t remember But it was the end of my world everything had gone Crashing down and I was like oh no I can never make eye contact with anybody ever again I cannot believe I said that and yeah But I’m still alive that’s good so if you guys are dealing with embarrassing moments. Just know you’ll get through it You’ll never forget about it, but other people will forget about it if mr.. Healy tells me to buckle down one more time I’m gonna smack him up. That’s aggressive bring it Punk. I’m alpha AF. I wish you would try something oh shit I meant to send that to Michael 3:00 p.m. in the faculty parking lot Bring it is this teacher down to fight is this a joke like this is how you lose your teachers license all these teachers Are just begging to lose their licenses. They’re like yeah, take it they’re pretty much like handing it over They like we don’t even care about our jobs. Please don’t tell my parents. I’m failing. I’ll do anything anything Yes, just tell me now what to do JUST HARDER DADDY Smileys do your homework and stop texting in class ten at ten responds now? This is a teacher who does not want to lose their job? I mean they’re like kind of pushing it with this winky face But it’s kind of funny now because you see the last result and they’re like just do your job, okay? This is Lavine Levitt Lavine is that how I say Lavine Lavine. I’m not sure I’m sorry for butchering your name teacher mrs. Levine what chapters are gonna be on the midterm you should read 1 to 6, but skip 5 I swear And one of these brain-dead kids messaged me one more time. I’m gonna develop a drinking problem yo mrs. Levine oMG wrong person sorry you just called your student a brain-dead kid I already did a part 1 to this video student eat your text And I asked you guys I’m like do you guys actually? Text your teachers like is this a thing and I read through the comments and like there was some people who are like No, that’s like totally not okay totally improper, but then there are some people who are like Yeah, we have our teachers numbers But like we don’t text them about anything other than work like if we have homework questions or this and that and I was like White cuz for me we were never able to text our teachers, so I’m surprised that some schools allow it I don’t know and what person now if you were one of those people that said that you were texting your teachers I want to know what country you live in because I’m curious if this is like a country that country thing Let me know is it mr.. Jones like the hottest teacher in the school yeah He is man what I would give for him to date me trust me. It’s worth it wait How do you know that Jessica Jessica pick up my calls? How does Jessica know that how does she know that he is worth dating its Jessica not telling us something because over here it says She is our best see jessica is our BFF for life. She’s our best when she’s our ride-or-die A ride-or-die chick, and she hasn’t told us about this. I’m appalled I don’t know who’s talking But I’m appalled for that person because your best friend you should know everything about your best friend not actually But that’s how it is with me my best friends were just like like you know you know yes, Daddy I’m gonna bring my new boyfriend to dinner great, hon. Where did you meet him class? She was yeah? He’s my professor. Oh excuse me He’s your what now is this a big autocorrect typo because you just said he’s your professor And I must say that’s not allowed daddy goes. Have you seen my shotgun anywhere? No oh, no everybody’s due to all the illegal things, that’s gonna kill the professor you’re dating the professor everybody’s doing things They shouldn’t be doing okay. Can we just go back to when things were normal or things ever normal no I? Don’t like normal, but I don’t like them this messed up, okay I like like a fine line of like being weird, but like not this weird Crossing boundaries and stuff mr.. Morgan. I can’t repeat calculus to please no to Repeat that sounds like you just went through hell and you’re about to go through hell again No, no no no No
You got a pass calculus too because no no no no no well you could always do some extra credit Sure, what do I need to do submit some pics? Winky face. What does he mean by pics? What does he mean? Screenshotted I think I’ll take my a for the semester now unless you want to lose your job Okay, while we’re at all the people doing wrong things. Look. Just like sprinkle in some blackmail while we’re at it. Oh Guys does it keep getting worse does it keep getting worse. This is like Manipulation right here because this is a person in power. Not nice. If you don’t send in your homework now I’m failing you how about this instead of my homework? Whoa you pass a plus? I’m in Her body is I? Think I failed my algebra test mom did you try setting your teacher direction Oh What’s email but from past experience direction think could work, too? I wanna move out and I don’t blame you. I would want to move out too. What do you mean by past? Experience mother dad. I got expelled today. I’m sorry what Randy tell me what happened mr. Bartoli said that I dress like a slut, and I threw my textbook at him lilius some of him for me I am on my way Nobody speaks to my daughter like that Nobody calls heard that word that is pretty aggressive that is an aggressive word for a teacher to use the dad should beat his ass And I’m kidding but like low-key not kidding, but like low-key Everybody’s just messed up class the Simon for next to because as follows chapters 8 9 case study answer all the questions in the back and then ashore one page paper about what you want your future job to be hash check as a job Andrew I’ve been who talks to their teachers like this first of all who uses a hash a second of all Who uses that word third of all who tells a teacher? That’s a job? Why weren’t you at the assembly today? I was too busy fapping. Oh my god that autocorrect ha ha that was an autocorrect sir the plot thickens Why would you ever tell anybody that that’s something you just keep to yourself ok honey your principal is coming over for dinner Automatic response I feel like am I in trouble like do they really need to have that in depth as a conversation with my parents But they need to come over for dinner am I in that much trouble. What why that’s what I’m saying Why why is he coming over? I think it’s time you meet your new potential step down. Oh my god Mom you can’t I’m gonna throw up. How awkward is that no no no no no no now imagine Let’s think of another scenario. Okay, cuz I like to think of scenarios mom dates principal you know for a bit It’s going great, but then they have a horrible breakup And they hate each other and now the principal at school hates you for the next four years that you’re in school And then you have to see him And he’s he’s just been all biased towards you because he hates you because your mother and him broke up That’s scenario one okay scenario two is he really likes you and he treats you better than everybody else and everybody’s all like The principal likes and everybody’s like thinks you’re getting better treatment Third scenario the principal and your mom lived happily ever after and it’s a good scenario Yeah, can’t wait to see you tonight winky face. This is Woodward OMG oops wrong number I’m meeting my sister tonight Okay, sure, I just sent her wrong text to one of my students baby. How embarrassing still me? Doctor thought that shit like how how do you mess up this bad? How similar is your student’s name to clearly your boyfriend’s name. Did you keep messing this up? Maybe they have the same name and in that case then I mean I could maybe cut her some slack But you really you mess up this many times in the same message. Are you okay oMG? I’m late for a very important date. The time to say hello. Goodbye. I’m late. I’m late. I’m late I just had to alice in wonderland’ you guys okay? Let’s continue? Oh my god I’m late for a class no my period dummy Breanna. This is mr.. Collins oMG oops Congratulations on your new blessing. Haha. I feel like this isn’t a blessing at this stage in her life Maybe your stage in your life, mr.. Collins, but not in in Briana’s stage of luck I’m sure she’s not excited about missing her period I’m sorry John but no late assignments will be graded you Have to turn it in by tomorrow. What if I send you a dick you know? I’m just gonna wrap it up and just give it over in a box sure meet me after class and Friday don’t tell anyone hmm I meant doctor’s note and this just got really awkward autocorrect Ruining lives since 2001 I swear, that’s a real as he fact hashtag as he facts dad I need you to pick me up from school What did you do now my teacher said we were making her feel frustrated too didn’t unsatisfied Then I shouted out Name of your sex tape ha ha ha I can’t wait to tell the guys at the office about this What if I told my dad this I would have been extra grounded like super extra extra grounded But this dad is like nah. I don’t even care. Can’t wait to tell these stories all the dudes at work How about you make a new funny story for me to tell the dudes at work next week Yeah, I don’t care if you get expelled my math homework is too hard tonight. You know what else is super hard yo I’m G. I’m sorry Julie. I’m drunk. Don’t tell anyone and you don’t have to do homework for the rest of the year Please no homework for the rest of the year that is the deal of the century It’s not like you you don’t have to do one for today for the rest of the year How do you top that the rest of the two years? That’s how you top that you gotta take that deal, and you know no because first of all it’s wrong She should tell someone second of all you’re not gonna learn anything. This is me being responsible Idol You’re not gonna learn anything if you don’t do your homework. There’s a reason we have homework It’s so that we remember the stuff so that we fail our tests well guys. I hope you enjoyed this video I love you all so much Don’t forget to stay awesome and not message your teachers any of these things and be nice to each other

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100 thoughts on “Funniest TEACHER – STUDENT Texts PART 2

  1. I live in Malaysia
    And we do text our teachers sometimes for work sometime we tell the teacher if we don't understand the homework not for inappropriate stuff

    Edit:And Sometime we play online on roblox on PC and Xbox

  2. each of the teachers of all the schools ive been too has an old iphone like iphone 4. we can text them trough our phones and send it too their workphone

  3. I live in New York, and my school has a thing set up called “remind” where you can message your teachers and you get regular reminds for upcoming assignments or missing work. It’s actually pretty helpful

  4. Who was/is your fave teacher? In class we were watching a vid on sharks in class and he JUMP-SCEARED us! Oof! But it was funny.

  5. We don't have the teachers room numbers we can talk to them after class to ask them for help getting something or stuff like that

  6. Oof i remeber when i was reading letters from the lighthouse instead of ephaim i said epraham lincon xD IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS AND TEACHES

  7. My school gives us iPads so we can email and do whatever we want on them but the teachers can see what we are doing though.😃

  8. Well my older sister she is in Mansfield and she has a tablet from school and she can talk to her teacher and in Arizona

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