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Fun SPRING School Lunch Ideas 🐰 NEW LUNCH BOXES!

– [Presenter] Hey guys, Jennifer
here with the Family Fudge and welcome to bunches of lunches. This week, I’m super excited. I have so many fun and easy spring-themed lunches to share with you. And I’m also getting to
try out some new items from the official Bunches
of Lunches lunch kits, which will hopefully be available soon. Now, don’t forget to hit
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any of our new videos. And without further a do,
let’s get on to the lunches. Okay guys, so for their
first lunch this week, I’m using items that I’m hoping to put in the Bunches of Lunches lunch kit including some of my favorite containers, silicone liners, sandwich
cutters and decorations. Now since today is Monday
we are going meatless, which pretty which means
some kind of PB and J. I’m gonna go ahead and get all of my silicone liners in here. I really think the liners
make the lunch look a lot more colorful and fun and it makes cleanup a lot easier as well. Now I’m gonna go ahead and set these aside and get onto the sandwiches. Now instead of making
good old PB and J today, I’m actually gonna let
the kids each decide what they want in their sandwich and how they want me to cut it as well. First up, I’m going to
prepare Lily’s choice. I’m using a combination of
white bread and wheat bread here and for her sandwich, she
chose a combination of almond butter and as you can see, this almond butter is really thick. Kind of hard to spread out. And instead of regular jam, she chose orange marmalade. I think she’s my only kid
that enjoys marmalade. Now you’ll notice that
I didn’t put the filling all the way to the edges. And that’s because I’m gonna go ahead and cut off the crusts. I know a lot of kids enjoy
their sandwiches crustless and I know my kids are like that too. Ms. Lily chose this fun star shape and it’s awesome because not only does it cut off the crust, but it also cuts the
sandwich in half as well. And there you have it, a cute little star. Now moving on to Jackson’s sandwich. Now he actually chose a
combination of Nutella, can’t go wrong with Nutella and then on the other side, I’m adding chunky peanut butter. You definitely can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut
butter, if you ask me. That’s definitely one of
my favorite combinations. Now for Jackson’s sandwich, he chose the dinosaur cutter. Unfortunately, this little
dino here kinda lost a foot because my bread just wasn’t
big enough for this cutter. And lastly, I’m gonna go ahead and prepare McKenzie’s sandwich. Now she chose something
that we like to call ants on a log sandwich. So as you can probably guess I’m gonna start with
some chunky peanut butter and then, I’m gonna
take my mandolin slicer and I’m going to cut very,
very thin slices of celery. And that’s gonna go on the sandwich. But then unfortunately, I ended up being out of raisins. So instead of raisins,
I used chocolate chips. Which if you’ve never tried
on ants on a log before, you definitely should. This sandwich is a little bit unusual, but I know she’s gonna love it. And then of course you can see that McKenzie chose the
heart-shaped sandwich cutter. And now it’s time to move on
to some fruit and veggies. But instead of just
serving one fruit today, I decided to make a delicious fruit salad. I’m gonna get started by
slicing up some grapes, both red and green. Next, I’ll slice up a few strawberries, followed by one kiwi. I’ll go ahead and dice it so the pieces aren’t too big. And then lastly I’m gonna add one or two of these little tangerines. These are very sweet and seedless. So they’re perfect for the fruit salad. Now of course this would
be delicious and dairy-free just as is, but I’m gonna go ahead and add a scoop of Greek yogurt. And I’ll also make the
fruit salad nice and creamy. So now that we have our fruit salad done and our sandwiches. I’m gonna go ahead and
add some vegetables. Today, I’m going with a
combination of sugar snap peas and tomatoes. But I know all of my kids enjoy tomatoes. So I’ll probably just put them in McKenzie and Jackson’s lunch. Now to make these veggies
a little bit more appealing I will go ahead and
add some picks in here. I love having picks. And I’m definitely gonna
be adding my favorite ones to our lunch kit. And then I’m gonna finish
filling this container with a scoop of pretzel and of course that means I have to find a different
container for their fruit salad. And I really love this one. It has an easy to snap lid. And then inside, there’s
actually different compartments. So you can keep two
different items separated or just have one big open space. I think this is the perfect
compartment for our fruit salad. So I’ll just go ahead and
add a few scoops of it right in here. Doesn’t that look delicious? Fruit salad definitely makes
me think of springtime. Now I wanna add just a few
more things to this lunch including a baby bell cheese for just the girls, I know
Jackson’s not a big fan. To dress this up just a bit, I’m gonna use a small star cutter to punch out some of the wax. I’m super excited to have some of these vegetable cutters in
the lunch kit as well. For the special treat today, I’m gonna take it super easy by throwing in a small bag
of Nutter Butter cookies. Oh yes, and I definitely can’t forget, I always love to decorate my sandwiches with googly eye picks. It’s so easy to do and it keeps the sandwich
from falling apart as well. Hey guys, and happy Tuesday. Now usually on Tuesdays I
try to pack a nut free lunch. Today’s lunch is also gonna
be gluten-free as well. Now for the main course of today’s lunch, I actually started by
preparing it last night. I knew I wanted to do some
of my deviled Easter eggs. They’re really easy to make but they do take a little bit of time. The last night I hard-boiled some eggs, cut them in half and
then I added the whites to some food coloring. This definitely makes them
look more like Easter eggs. So now today, all I have to
do is whip up the filling and get it into our egg whites. Now I know a lot of people have their own personal recipe for deviled eggs. But here’s how I like to make mine. I start by mashing all the yolks together. I really like to get
this as smooth as I can. And then everything else
is really done by eyeball. I don’t measure out anything. I add a little bit of mayonnaise, a little bit of mustard, some relish but we only use dull relish. If I used sweet relish, I don’t think anybody
would eat these eggs. And then my not-so-secret
ingredient is onion powder. This really adds a lot of flavor, but it’s still more mild
than adding fresh onion, if you know what I mean. I’m gonna finish this off with a little bit of salt and pepper and then mix it well until
it’s nice and smooth. Now this part is definitely optional. You don’t have to make these fancy at all. But since I have a lot
of these frosting tips, I’m gonna go ahead and use them to get the yolks into the eggs. If you don’t have one of these, you can also use a Ziplock bag, or you could just use a spoon. And then the finishing touch is just a sprinkle of paprika. This is smokey paprika,
so it’s not spicy at all, but it just has a really nice flavor. Now for our vegetable today, I’m gonna go ahead and
prepare some asparagus. I love asparagus during the springtime. It is so fresh and delicious. But I do need to trim off the stems because they’re a little bit tough and the kids definitely
will not like to eat those. So I’ll go ahead and trim
up a good bunch of these. And then I’m just gonna
lightly steam them. I still want them to be
a little bit crunchy. And quick tip, I’m gonna go ahead and put the rest of the asparagus in a jar with a little bit of water in it. And then stick the whole
thing in the fridge. This definitely helps
keep the asparagus fresh until we’re ready to eat the rest of it. So now we have our deviled
Easter eggs and our asparagus. I’m gonna go ahead and add a
little bit of dipping sauce for this asparagus. This is not ranch however. This is actually Caesar salad dressing. I love the combination with asparagus. Next I’m gonna go ahead
and add some cantaloupe. I just cut this with my crinkle cutter so it looks really special,
but it was easy to do. And I’m gonna fit as
much as I can in here. And then surprisingly, I don’t
have a lot of Easter picks. But I do have some of these
really cute bunny ones left over from last year. So I’ll go ahead and
stick it right in there. Next up, I’m going to take
some of these really cute bunny treat holders. I got these at the Dollar Tree and they’re perfect for
little snacks or candies. But today I’m gonna add these
little cheddar bunny tails. These are like a Cheese It,
but they’re gluten-free. And they actually taste really good. Sometimes gluten-free
crackers are not so tasty. But these ones we actually do like. And they’re super cute. They really do look like
a little bunny tail. And then lastly for
our special treat today I have some jellybeans. These are the Starburst
jellybeans in the tropical flavor. These are definitely
our favorite jellybeans. I’m just gonna add a few in
here though, not that many. These little containers are
perfect for treats like this. I think the kids will be super
excited to see this lunch. Okay kids, shall we check your lunches? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Presenter] What you think about today? – [Kids] It was really good. – [Presenter] Who ate
all of their jellybeans? – Me!
– Me! – [Presenter] Everybody,
who ate all of their eggs? – [Kid] Me! – [Presenter] Let’s see, almost everybody. There’s just a little bit left in there. And the asparagus? – [Kid] It was too bitter. – [Presenter] It was a little bit bitter? What was your favorite part guys? – [Kid] My favorite part was the eggs. – [Presenter] What about you Lily? – [Kid] My favorite
part was the jellybean! And the cantaloupe. – [Presenter] And Jackson? – [Kid] I like the
jellybeans and the cracker, the juice and the cantaloupe. – [Presenter] Cool, good just today guys. – [Kids] We’ll see you in the next lunch! – [Presenter] Hey guys
welcome to Wednesday. So today we’re continuing with our bunny slash Easter slash spring theme. And on Wednesday’s I also like to prepare a warm lunch if I can. So today I’m going with the bunny pasta. This is mac & cheese but it’s really cute with the little bunny-shaped pasta pieces. Of course I’m gonna prepare this just like I would with any mac and cheese which if my memory serves me right was the very first thing
I ever learned to cook on the stove by myself. It’s really easy and
it’s hard to mess it up. I’ve got my milk in there and my butter and the cheese powder. This looks and smells delicious. Now I make a lot of different
brands of mac & cheese at our house, but let me know
in the comments down below what your favorite brand
of mac and cheese is. Because if we haven’t tried
it I definitely would like to. And now it’s time for
some fruit and veggies. I’m gonna go ahead and add
some grapes in here today, both red and green. I think these are super cute because they do look like eggs as well. Now to decorate this up just a little bit, I’ve added a few grapes to a bunny pick. It’ll fit right in there. And then what goes better
with a bunny than carrots. These are the crinkle cut carrots. I love to cut them like this, super easy and cute. Next I’ll go ahead and
pour a little bit of ranch right into the center. I know the kids will love to
dip their carrots in there. I’m also adding some of
this bunny snack mix. There’s pretzels in there,
and cheese crackers. And then I have a few more things to add into this lunch. I have a string cheese. And in the bunny snack container, I’ve add just a few of
the Easter egg Oreos. These are so cute. They have little Easter
egg designs on the outside. They’re oval-shaped and
a little bit smaller than regular Oreos, but they still taste just like regular ones. So I’m gonna go ahead and add
two cookies into each lunch. They fit perfectly in our
little bunny containers. And then last but not least, I do have a special drink today. On Monday and Tuesday,
the kids just took water. These are the Honest kids juice pouches, and one’s actually a
tropical orange flavor which we’ve never tried before
but it sounds really good. Okay kids, what did we think
of the bunny mac and cheese? – I liked it.
– We loved it. – [Kid] It was so yummy. – [Presenter] Was it your favorite ever? – [Kids] Yes. – [Presenter] Oh, it’s
all gone, good job guys. Time to check the lunch boxes. Let’s see. – [Kid] I ate everything. – [Presenter] Good job Kenzie. And Jackson? Good job! – [Kid] I ate everything too. – [Presenter] And Lily, pretty good. Not bad at all, good job guys. What was your favorite part? – [Kid] My favorite was
the bunny mac and cheese and the snack mix. – [Presenter] And Jackson? – [Kid] My favorite one’s
the bunny mac and cheese and the snack mix. – [Presenter] (chuckles) Jinx. And what about you? – [Kid] My favorite was the bunny mac and cheese, the carrots and I like the Oreos. – [Presenter] Oh, I was wondering if somebody would say
Oreos were their favorite. Those were really cute and
they’re a little bit smaller than a normal Oreo. – [Kid] It was so yummy. – [Presenter] Was it fun to
have these little containers in your lunch? – [Kids] Yeah. – [Presenter] Okay guys,
we’ll see you tomorrow. – [Kids] Bye! – [Presenter] Hey guys,
and happy Thursday. Now usually on Thursdays, I
don’t really have a theme. I just need whatever I feel like making or whatever we have on hand. So today, I’m gonna go
with some sandwiches. Because sandwiches are easy. But I’m not gonna just
make a boring sandwich. I’m gonna try to make
a bunny face sandwich. Nothing too complicated
or difficult at all. I’m gonna start by taking three
pieces of bread per sandwich and then I’m gonna use two different heart-shaped cookie cutters. I am gonna go ahead and
turn my bread to the side just so the cutter will fit better. So far I’ve cut out two large hearts. And then of course I’m
also gonna cut some cheese. Next I’m gonna add a thin layer of mayo. I’m just adding this to the larger hearts, and you’ll see why in just a minute. Next, I’m gonna add some
slices of turkey pepperoni and a slice of cheese. I went ahead and cut that
our in a heart shape too, just so it would fit nicely. For Lily’s sandwich, I’ll go ahead and add a little bit of mustard as well. I know she will appreciate that. And then I’m gonna go ahead
and close up this sandwich. And you’ll notice that
this heart is upside down. And that’s what’s gonna help
make it look like a bunny face. So I’m gonna go ahead and set that aside and then I’m gonna take my smaller heart and cut it down the center. And these two pieces are gonna
turn into our bunny’s ears. You could leave them just as they are or what I like to do is
trim them a little bit so that they’re more bunny ear shape, if you know what I mean. I’m gonna take these two bunny ears and actually stick them to the sandwich. And the sandwich will help
to glue them in place. And then I’m basically
gonna do the same thing with the cheese. I’m gonna cut those into
little ear shapes as well making them smaller, just like that. I’m gonna tuck them in just a little bit, and the sandwich will
help keep them in place. Next, I cut out more heart-shape. This one’s a little bit smaller. I’m gonna glue it to our sandwich
with a little bit of mayo. For the bunny’s nose, I’m
adding half of an olive. And then for his whiskers, I’m gonna start by adding
just a dab of mayo. That’s gonna help our whiskers stick. And for the whiskers,
I’m actually gonna use some shredded up carrot. I’ll go ahead and put three on each side. And then it’s time for some eyes. Now we could go with these
kind of scary red eyes. But I don’t think I wanna do that. After all, I think he should
look like a nice bunny funny, not scary bunny. So I’m gonna go with these
regular eyes instead. And there he is. This is actually really easy. And it didn’t take long at all. Now moving on to the
fruits and vegetables. I’m gonna go ahead and
add some watermelon. And I went ahead and cut a few of these into flower shapes. Whenever I of springtime I
definitely think of flowers and to make these look
even more like flowers, I’m going to secure half a grape to the front of each of them. Super easy to do but also very cute. Next I’m gonna throw in some celery. I did go ahead and cut these pretty small. I think my kids prefer them that way. And then for the kids to enjoy them, I’m also adding just
a few cherry tomatoes. Of course I’m gonna add a
little bit of ranch in there for the kids to dip in. Next I’m gonna add some cotton tails. Now these are actually mini
white cheddar cheese balls. And I found these at Target. This box comes with 25 mini bags. And you guys, they are really small. I’ll go ahead and open one up, just so you can see how
many actually come in a bag. Just about a handful. Whoops, I dropped one into the ranch. I’ll go ahead and take that out. And then with the rest
of these cheese balls, I’m going to add them to
this cute little chick treat holder, it’s really hard to say. And then speaking of chicks, for the special treat today, I’m gonna go ahead and bake up just a few of these chick cookies. These are premade and as you can tell, there’s kind of a chick
printed on the outside. These are just a classic sugar cookie, and after about 10 minutes
in the oven, they are done. They don’t exactly look
like the picture on the box, but they’re pretty close. I’m just gonna go ahead
and give two to each child. I’m also adding a drink. This is actually a
tropical flavored water. So there’s orange flavors and
pineapple flavors in there, but not a ton of sugar. That definitely sounds good to me. And then that’s everything
in today’s lunch. Okay kids, what was your
favorite part of today’s lunch? – [Kid] My favorite was the sandwich. – [Kid] My favorite was
the sandwich and the juice and the cookie. – [Presenter] Yeah, what about your Lily? – [Kid] My favorite was the cheese puffs, the sandwich, the juice and that’s that. – [Presenter] What do you guys
think of the bunny sandwich? Was that so cute? – [Kids] Yeah. – [Presenter] Okay guys, excellent job. Now tomorrow is Friday. So you know what that means? – [Kids] No. – [Presenter] Breakfast for lunch. – [Kid] Yes! – [Presenter] We always
like to do that on Friday. – [Kid] See you tomorrow. – [Presenter] Hey guys and happy Friday. Now usually on Fridays, I like
to do a breakfast for lunch if I can, so that’s exactly
what I’m doing today. But instead of waffles or pancakes or something like that, I’m actually gonna make some muffins. I found this super adorable
cupcake pan at Target. This is made of soft silicone, and it supposed to make
them look like Easter eggs. Now I have to say, in the past I’ve used silicone pans like this and
they did not work out very well. So I’m crossing my fingers that these will turn out well today. But I’m not sure. Now for our muffins today, I went with a carrot raisin flavor. I think that’s perfect
for Easter in springtime and bunnies and all of that. There’s also a lot of cinnamon in here. These ended up taking about 20 minutes to cook all the way through. But I’m gonna go ahead
and let them cool down because I do wanna
decorate them a little bit before I put them in the lunchbox. So while those are cooling down, I’ll go ahead and add the fruit for today. This is a combination of honeydew,
watermelon and cantaloupe I love the three
different melons together. It is so cool and refreshing. And then for the veggies, I’m gonna go ahead and use up the last of the sugar snap peas. And because I don’t have them, I’m also gonna throw in
some carrots as well. Now going back to our
breakfast for lunch theme. I’m also throw gonna throw in some yogurt. This is a lemon cream
flavored Greek yogurt. And you guys, if you
haven’t tried this before you definitely should. It is so good, definitely
one of my favorites. Now to decorate this
yogurt just a little bit I’m gonna add a few of
these egg-shaped sprinkles. And then in this other
side of the container I’m going to put together
a little snack mix. I’m gonna add half popcorn
and half of this trail mix. This is called the
Magic Sparkle trail mix. I found it at Target and it
looks really interesting. Inside, there’s things like candy corn, chocolate covered almonds and peanuts. So I’m just gonna add a few right in here. Okay, now that our
muffins are nice and cool, it’s the moment of truth. Are they gonna come out
of the pan in one piece? I’ll go ahead and push on
the Silicon just a little bit and it did work. These came out pretty well. You can see the design on there and they definitely smell delicious. Now you can definitely leave
these just as they are, but they’re a little
bit plain in my opinion. So I’m gonna take just a
little bit of this icing and decorate these just like
they were real Easter eggs. This part was a little bit
messy, but also really fun. To drink today, I’m just
gonna send the kids with water and then last but not least, I’m gonna add in a little bunny pick. Because bunnies definitely
go with our theme today. Okay kids, what do you think
of breakfast for lunch? – [Kid] I loved it. – [Kid] Me too. – [Kid] Me three. (burps) – [Presenter] Say excuse me. – [Kid] Excuse me. – [Presenter] What was
your favorite part guys? – [Kid] My favorite
one’s the carrot muffin. – [Kid] My favorite
one’s the carrot muffins. – [Kid] My favorite was the carrot muffins and the trail mix. – [Presenter] Out of all
the lunches this week, which one was your favorite? – [Kid] The bunny mac and cheese one. – [Kid] I like the bunny
mac and cheese and the– – [Presenter] No no, if
you could only pick one, which would you pick? – [Kid] I really like
the bunny mac and cheese. And also the carrots. – [Presenter] What about you Lily? Out of all the lunches,
which one was your favorite? – [Kid] My favorite is the
peanut butter and jelly one. – [Presenter] Peanutbutter and jelly? – [Kids] See you next week from Florida! – [Kid] Make sure you come back tomorrow for mystery lunches. – [Presenter] Give this
video a big thumbs-up and don’t forget to
subscribe if you’re new. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time.

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