Fukrapanti Students Do In Classroom Ft. Hunny, Choocha & Lali | Ashish Chanchlani
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Fukrapanti Students Do In Classroom Ft. Hunny, Choocha & Lali | Ashish Chanchlani

It fell! It fell! What fell? What? Sir, your marker’s
cap fell down. So why are you making
a scene out of it? Calm down. Sorry, sir. So… That’s it! That’s it!
– What’s it? Sir, I thought that
is the answer. Wasn’t that too loud? Calm down! So… Gone! What’s gone? Sir, all my doubts are gone. All my doubts, sir. He teaches
so well. – Great job, sir. Give him a round of applause.
– Clap! Give me a page from your book. Sorry, man. My book is completely full. Can you give me
a page from your book? I’ve got this page
from someone else. How can I give you one? Lali, give me a page from
your book, man. I was the one who
gave one to him. ‘Excuse me.’
– Yes?! I spilled my nail paint
all over my book. Does anyone have an extra book? Take my book.
It’s completely empty already. Ugly people… …have bad books. Take my book. Why are you talking to
these homeless guys? Pick a book from me.
I also have options for you. If that’s not enough then
you can write on my chest. Here you go. Write on it.
– Pink! It’s nice. Please take. Why did you hit me?
What did I do to you? You have been hitting
me since so long! I didn’t…
– Why are you hitting him? When did I hit him?
– I saw you hitting him! When did I… Even I saw you hit him. Why…
– Wait, man. I’ll hit myself. Happy?! Can I go back to sleep?
– Sure, go back. Sleep.
– You don’t trust me, right? So guys, those whose
presentations are pending… …are Ashish Chanchlani…
– Present, sir! It’s not a roll call.
I’m asking for presentation. Absent, sir! Lali!
– Also absent, sir! Vikas Gulhati!
– Who’s that, sir? Present, sir!
– And Dilip Singh! Now who’s that, sir?! It’s you! Absent, sir.
– Come on, kids. Give your presentation. Good morning, sir. Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Hunny.
– Good morning. Good morning, Lali. Good morning, Ashish. Good morning!
– Good morning, Vishal! Good morning, Simran.
Good morning, Vicky. Good morning, Riya. Good morning, everyone. So, as you all know… …we have gathered here today,
on this auspicious day… …to celebrate for a cause… …which is presentation. And I would like to give
this opportunity… …to a very learned man… …Mr. Lali.
– What? Hey! What is your topic?
– Sir… Air pollution! Hey, how does air pollution
effect commerce? Sir, Hunny will tell you that. Air pollution. Air pollution. Air pollution happens… …because of population. Population increases
when you’re home. You stay at home
when you’re jobless. Being jobless means
you have no money. No money means no commerce! No commerce means commerce! Commerce equals air pollution! For further explanation… …I will call my friend… …Ashish. My best friend, air. When I was three years old,
I met air. Air is a very nice person, sir. Air is very old, sir.
He’s two years elder than God. Air never interferes
in any matters, sir. But pollution hurts air a lot. Sir, east or west…
– Air is the best! East or west…
– Air is the best! Air is here, there,
everywhere, sir. What’s behind the blouse?
– Air! What’s under the veil, sir?
– Air! Sir, I have some kind
words in the end. Go ahead!
– Go ahead! The air is filled with love… Great one! The air is filled with love…
– Great one! …it consists of three things.
A-I-R. Thank you. Sit! Sit down! Come ahead, all of you.
Come. All four of you have… …a really bright future. It’s very bright. Yes, sir? Yes. Three? Sir, it was four last time. Okay, sir.
– Sir was right. Our future is very bright, man. I swear, man.
– It will be done, sir. Okay. Thank you. I… 4 plates ‘pani puri’, 2 ‘sev puri’.
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    Air mein hai bahut saara pyaar

    It consists of three things
    A I R"
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