From The Classroom to the Real World: High-Impact Learning Experiences
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From The Classroom to the Real World: High-Impact Learning Experiences

[Music] Dean Chilton: I’m always really impressed with Binghamton students. You know, being the most selective of all of the SUNY schools in New York. They are, among the very top high school students; those of them who come from New York. And, even those who come from out of state, come to Binghamton . . . . . . because we are a research university, but the quality of the undergraduate experience is paramount. So, high-impact learning experiences are all of the ways that students can either connect what they’re doing in the classroom, to their lives outside. Or, actually take part in activities outside the classroom, that really help them broaden their experiences, but also their networks. Help them figure out how this connects to what they might want to do after college. And it really gives them confidence in their skills. Rhea: So, a group of friends; me, my friend Aysha, Acadia and Learta were in contact with this doctor, Dr. Jigisha Chaudhary. And, she does a lot of charity work in this region in India called Gujarat. And, she has started her own organization. And, she offered us to come on this trip and basically tour all the orphanages, schools, hospitals, pediatric clinics and we really got a feel for healthcare in India. Wave guys! Wave! It was so much more hands on than I ever expected. For example, we volunteered at a child
neurodevelopment center. And, after shadowing the therapist there, we presented on U.S. treatments for ADHD and speech disorders to the faculty and they were very receptive. They loved everything that we said and I think I may have made an influence in their daily practice. Coming into the trip, I didn’t really have a goal, but I think once I was on the trip, I realized what I was there for. I’m really interested in global health and, these big initiatives to basically increase awareness for problems in third world countries that involve medical issues. So, being on the trip really opened my eyes to so many issues in India that have simple solutions that we can provide. And I realized that there is so much more that I can do, and there’s so much potential for me to make a huge impact, rather than just practicing medicine. So, that’s why I’m in interested in working with a non-profit, after I graduate. I think sometimes, Liberal Arts students doubt their ability to translate what they’ve learned to whatever it is they are going to do beyond their career here. And, so these high-impact experiences give them confidence that they have built the skills that they need to succeed in anything they want to do in life.

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