From the Classroom: Digitally Grown Assets with Brett Northcutt
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From the Classroom: Digitally Grown Assets with Brett Northcutt

Hi everyone I’m here with Brett Northcutt,
and he is Stuller’s Model Director and he is teaching digitally grown assets this weekend
here at Workshop. And so this class is a little bit about when
a jeweler has their CAD design where do they go from there? Tell us about it. Well we’re getting a little bit deeper into
the technology that’s available out there, how it works, how resolution of the machine
comes into play, the types of printers that are available in the market. And the whole goal is to you know take your
CAD file and then now you have to create a pattern to be cast and finished into jewelry. So that’s what the class is about is trying
to understand this difficult world of digital that we actually live in today. Are you showing them all the different printers
Stuller has to offer? Correct like the one you can see behind me,
Asiga is a new printer on in the lineup. It does a fantastic job of creating high-resolution
direct castable prints and as an open-source machine easy to use and does a great job. And if you had one tip you can give everybody
who’s attending your class this weekend what would it be? Well casting direct casting polymers are very
difficult, it’s not like casting wax. So there’s a few tips and post processing
and actually a one tip that we can give them is we put a coating on resins. It’s a krylon fusion clear coat for plastic
and that helps create a barrier around the part when you invest it and assist in getting
a good casting so that’s one tip I can give you. Alright well thank you very much. You’re welcome.

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