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From School To Graduation

From school to graduation
with Halesowen College. At Halesowen College
we’re proud of our range of courses, but it’s not just the range of subjects
you can study here, it’s also the range of age groups
we cater for. Around campus you’ll see pupils
from local schools rubbing shoulders
with full-time students studying A Levels
and vocational courses. As well as welcoming
school students to college, we give them a feel of a university life, so they can think about where
they see themselves in a few years’ time. Our students enjoy
an excellent environment and a caring sense of community that supports their learning
and makes college life special. Halesowen College
is a recognised teaching centre offering teaching qualifications,
training opportunities and continuing
professional development for teachers within the region. I decided to come to Halesowen College. It had a really good Open Day. The staff were really friendly
and really helpful about what kind of course
was right for me. The help and advice that I got
led me on to university. I then realised
I wanted to become a teacher. Halesowen College has always had
a good reputation for teaching. I learned quite a lot
from being a teacher trainee and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge
from the staff here. Many of our students
go on to university, but for those who are unsure, we have HNCs and HNDs
in a variety of subjects. And for students returning to learning,
we teach Access to HE, which puts them within reach
of their university dream. Every year thousands of students
choose Halesowen College and we’d love to welcome you too. Come and join us.

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