FREE PERIOD – Back to School – Mini Web Series – Season 01 – EP 08 #Nakkalites
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FREE PERIOD – Back to School – Mini Web Series – Season 01 – EP 08 #Nakkalites

It is the absence of teachers that excite us
More than us bunking the classes and staying at home. Because we would convert our class into playground
during a free hour. Let us find what these guys are upto… How incredible it would be to have two free hours per week ! Ofcourse, that is why we have two games hour per week. Free hour implies games hour ! -Hey Sasi, let us seek permission to make this a games hour.
-I was late to class today, I can’t risk appearing before him again. Uff.. Arun, Atleast you accompany me. I am not the right choice.
Only a topper can woo the faculties into this. You better take Anish with you. Come on, go. Such a jerk. -Anish, Shall we seek permission for a games Period? OMG! I have some pending works to finish. Let those wait. You better accompany him ! -Math teacher might get furious
-How will he know, since he is absent? He would expect us to study silently in this hour. Don’t you see that the class is chaotic now? (Imitating a television advertisement) -We should end this chaos
-I don’t want to. Prasanth, why are you depending on others?
You better get it done by yourself. -Kavi, why don’t you come?
-I am a bad omen. I’d rather not.
-Why is none cooperating? Why are you wasting time, Prashanth?
We could have started the first over in this five minutes. Why don’t you take Shiva? -How did I forget you, Shiva?
-I’ll help you The great journey of Shiva and Prashanth begins… Sasi ! Look at Kavi. (indistinct chatter) How does he manage to be around girls all the time ! I am bored with these silly games ! What happened?
Is something wrong with your hand It is been ten minutes since they ventured out.
We could have finished first over by now! -I want to play something now. Why don’t we play hand cricket?
-Let us watch Kavi’s games for sometime. It guarantees entertainment. -Have you seen Bull fight?
-Ofcourse, I watched live in TV. -I saw it live.
-Really? How did you manage to do that? An uncle of mine resides in the town where bull fights are organised.
I go there for vacations to practice the sport. such skillful fabrication ! You continue, dude. Once when I broke a bull’s horn during a fight,
I was awarded with Superman title. Ask him where bull fight is organised. -Kavi, why don’t you tell where it happans?
-a place Next to a small village It is an interior village.
Since I was busy fighting bulls, I forgot the name. -Arun!
-(exclaims) Shiva ! The teacher couldn’t be found on the ground. Why are you breaking this tragic news after ten minutes?
WE could have played five overs by now.
You better search in staff room. Prashanth has gone to check that.
He will arrive with a happy news. we need to achieve this.
Work with spirit. (Prays) Point ! You shouldn’t finish the match in the first attempt itself. Let us rematch. Such absurdity!
Calling yourself a pro ! I won again. Didn’t I just instruct you to not smash in the first attempt itself?
Stop being crazy. It is you who is acting like a lunatic. This is so unfair. -I freezed you again. You did not unfreeze yourself
-This game got over during the interval itself. You did not unfreeze yourself, this time too. That is my paper, you better return it. You are losing consecutively.
Accept your defeat and walk away. -Don’t brag because you won once. Can you manage 100 points?
-Let me see if you score atleast one point. -Shall we beat over it?
-definitely. What is the bet?
-You rather win first. (Challenging each other) (romancing on the phone) -Manoj! How can you talk so loud on the corridor? Don’t you know that the class 12 students are gearing up for their board exams -Sorry Madam
-You should walk without making sounds. -Odd or even?
-Only if you won’t cheat. -I won’t cheat, dude.
-Then, call it even -It is even, so I choose batting
-check with best of 3 -Everything should be checked with best of three
-You have become a nuisance -Let us do it again. Odd or even
-Odd Let the third match determine the toss -Odd or even?
-Odd (Victory laugh) -Best of six
-This is unacceptable -Din’t I agree when you asked for best of three?
-are you planning to do toss forever? -Can’t handle your pesters. We’ll proceed
-I choose batting -Shall we start? Five….fifteen… (continues counting…) (counting continues..) (counts frantically) -thousand !
-Out ! (breathes heavily) Your target is 1001. Is deceiving me your main agenda at school?
Do I look like a fool to you? How can you say this to my hard-earned score? Freeze, again ! Don’t worry dude, he is scared of losing this match.
That’s why indulging in these distractions. -You should be careful with my fast-bowling,
-I can deal any bowler, you don’t worry about that Two thousand. One half counts thousand,
the other half accounts for another thousand. Thinks he is the intelligent one ! I am forced to prove my smartness every now and then ! Throw the ball You are out, Sasi -How is that possible?
-you missed the ball thrice.. this rule was never mentioned. -Nivi, didn’t you inform him?
I did. He is lying. -Who told?
-Nivi did. We have only fifteen minutes left.
Why don’t you just comply? Why should I comply? -Hey Rajesh
-Yes dude. -Missing the ball thrice was never listed in the rules. Was it?
No bro, it wasn’t. -Donot lie Rajesh
-I am not. concentrate here. how can you know? You were invested in pen fight. -It was never mentioned. (indistinct chatter) Also, I have missed only once. This is the final excuse, Sasi. (indistinct arguments) I have found the games sir.
As soon as he exits the Principal’s room, we can execute our plan. -We will wind this game in next five minutes,
so that remaining fifteen minutes can be spent for two over game. (reduced noise) (noisy squabble) (noise reduction) Hello… I hear heavy noises from some classroom Since class 12 students are preparing for their board exams I want you to find which class it is,
and report to me Sasi…. Sreeja… -What is going on, My dear?
-This is Snacks ! I’ll steal your lunch if you fail to share this snacks. -I don’t have much to share it with everyone
-that’s fine. Just grab it Didn’t you try to save it for yourself? -Atleast save my lunch, please. We have a free hour now,
Please let us to play in the ground, sir. -Which class do you belong to?
-Class 12 Aren’t you guys supposed to read for boards exams?
Get off. We lose all our games hour to math sir.
Please grace us this time. -I’ll excuse you guys for once. Ask everyone to come in a line
-Okay sir, thank you. You are out this time. -I did outsmart you this time. Your turn now.
-I am bored of this game. I’ll go play cricket for sometime. If you are not staying back to finish this game,
I’ll punch you to death. -Why are you joking around? Save yourself from my punches
-Let us fight over it then. -I’ll meet you for a fight in the ground. Be there in the evening
-Let us fight it out right now. (Students cheering for Rajesh and Anirudh) Beat him!
Beat him up ! I don’t think they will fight today,
they are just circling around the class. -Such useless people
-We’ll go continue our game
-Get lost (cursing Anirudh and Rajesh) We’re in trouble now. Why loitering around? We got a free hour, ma’am.
We are proceeding to the ground now. -Oh, Isn’t it your class that is making noise?
-No ma’am. -Which class are you from?
-12-D How dare you want to play during free hour! Follow me. Is it a school or a fish market? Irresponsible idiots. How dare you play cricket,
when boards exams are due in a month. Anish ! What were you doing? I did not do anything, Ma’am. The paper is filled with your name. Look, how I pushed him into trouble. Irresponsible idiots. The worst batch so far ! You are here to defame the school’s name. Kneel down for one whole day. -(Requesting and apologising)
-No excuse (requesting to cancel the punishment) Such a misfortune ! It is better to kneel down here,
instead of attending the upcoming chemistry class. We are left with two more minutes,
Let us play super over match. -Odd or even?
-Even, dude. -Even
-I’ll do the batting, then. Three thousand !

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