Franklin: Franklin Goes to School/Franklin is Lost – Ep.3
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Franklin: Franklin Goes to School/Franklin is Lost – Ep.3

♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming over to play ♪ ♪ Growing a little ♪ ♪ Every day ♪ ♪ Here he comes with all his friends ♪ ♪ They’ve got stories got time to spend with you ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to your house ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to my house ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪>>NARRATOR: Franklin goes to school. Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could sharpen his pencil, and draw a straight line with his ruler. And this was good, because today Franklin was going to school for the first time.>>FRANKLIN: N, K, L, I, N, Franklin. “Frnklin?” Oh no, I forgot the A. Franklin. Mom, Mom?>>Franklin? What is it?>>I’m ready for the bus.>>The bus? (Gasping)>>Oh my gosh, I’m sorry honey, I didn’t even hear the alarm.>>What, what is it?>>Did you have something to eat, polished your shell? What about your lunch?>>It’s only 10 after 6.>>It is?>>I don’t want to be late for school on my first day.>>The bus doesn’t come for two and a half hours, Franklin.>>Heh-heh, you’re a real keener aren’t you?>>What’s a keener?>>It means you’re enthusiastic. You’re eager to get to school and start learning. I think a special day like this should start with a special breakfast.>>Oh boy.>>MRS. TURTLE: And to top it off, ladybug sprinkles. Come on, Franklin, you’ve got lots of time, now eat up.>>I thought I heard the bus. (Engine running) The bus! It was just a truck. Do you hear something?>>You eat, and I’ll watch for the bus.>>It’s yellow.>>Heh-heh, yellow is it? Well, that should be easy for me to spot then. You finish up there, Franklin, and we’ll–>>Done.>>Franklin?>>Come on, dear!>>Hey, wait for me! Oops, can’t forget the camera. Smile! (Flashbulb popping)>>First day is pretty exciting huh?>>Yeah, but I wish the bus would hurry up.>>You know, I had to walk to school when I was your age.>>Yes, we know dear, two and a half miles.>>And two and a half miles home again, right Dad?>>Yup.>>ALL: Through rain or snow. (Laughing) (Honking)>>It’s coming!>>Give me a hug, give me a hug!>>Okay, okay, Mom, bye! (Children giggling)>>I want to go home.>>What is it Franklin?>>I’ve got a tummy ache.>>I’m sure it will go away. Your father and I will be right here after school to hear about all the things you’ve learned.>>MR. TURTLE: Come along, Franklin. I bet you’re going to have lots of fun.>>GOOSE: Hey, Beaver! (Giggling) Leave that alone! That’s mine! Hey, look, there he is! Hi, Franklin.>>Good morning, Franklin. You don’t look so good.>>Franklin, I saved you a seat by the window.>>Thanks Bear. (Sighing) ♪>>MR. TURTLE: Bye, Franklin.>>Hey, did anybody bring an extra snack?>>Didn’t you eat any breakfast?>>Yeah, but, that was an hour ago.>>Here, Bear.>>Oh, carrots. Have you got anything else? (Groaning) A blueberry muffin? Thanks Franklin! Here, have a raisin. It’s stuck.>>What are you reading, Beaver?>>Amelia the Dragon, it’s my favourite book. I can read it myself.>>All of it?>>Yup, and there are lots of big words too.>>Beaver sure is a good reader. (Sighing)>>I can’t read a whole book by myself.>>Hey Beaver look at my numbers! It goes up to 61, then I ran out of room.>>Numbers are as easy as pie. Can you do the alphabet?>>Oh yeah, with my eyes closed.>>Me too.>>Hey, that’s pretty good Franklin. Except for the ‘A’. (Sighing)>>Franklin, do you think there’s a bathroom at school?>>Why are you asking that?>>Because Mom kept telling me to go to the bathroom before I left the house.>>I hope the teacher doesn’t yell a lot.>>Is that what teachers do?>>My aunt teaches tuba lessons, and she’s always yelling. (Sighing)>>What’s the matter Franklin?>>I want to go home.>>Just stick with me, I’ll be your buddy and you be my buddy. ♪>>Yay, oh boy! (Chattering) ♪ (Stomach gurgling)>>Still got those carrot sticks, Franklin? Franklin? How did he get ahead of me? Franklin, wait up!>>I-I can’t go in there.>>SNAIL: Me neither!>>Snail? What are you doing here?>>I’m hiding ’cause I’m not going to school. The teacher might ask me to count to a kazillion and forty six or want me to spell chrysantha– chrystantha–>>Chrysanthemum?>>Yeah, or maybe I’ll have to say they whole alphabet backwards and what if the teacher wants me to do it with my eyes closed? What then?>>Snail, nobody’s going to ask you to count to a kazillion, or say the alphabet backwards.>>No?>>No. But you might have to read a whole book by yourself, or write your numbers up to 61. Maybe the teacher will yell and maybe there’s no bathroom. (Giggling)>>Is that all?>>But what if there is no bathroom?>>There has to be a bathroom. (Birds chirping)>>Yeah, I guess so. (Laughing)>>SNAIL: So, you want to go in? I’ll go in if y-you go in?>>Together. (Bell chiming) ♪ (Gulping) (Screaming) (Gasping)>>Hello, I’m Mr. Owl. You must be Franklin and Snail.>>Yes, that’s right. But how did you?>>You have friends in the classroom who’ve been wondering where you were. Would you like to come in and join them?>>Well, I can’t count to a kazillion and forty six. (Laughing)>>I don’t believe I can either, that’s a very big number.>>I don’t know how to read a whole book by myself. And I can’t write my numbers very well either.>>Well, then you’ve come to the right place.>>Hey Franklin, where’d you go? Look what I made. Want to make something too?>>BOTH: Sure! ♪ (Laughing) ♪ (Chalk squeaking) ♪ (Laughing) ♪ (Horn honking)>>Franklin’s home! ♪>>Bye, guys, see you tomorrow!>>ALL: Bye, see you tomorrow Franklin!>>Hi, Mom, hi, Dad.>>Hi, Franklin.>>How’s your tummy feeling?>>Uh, my tummy? It’s okay. Gee, did you wait here all day?>>No dear.>>We took a break for lunch. So, what did you learn today?>>Oh gee lots of things.>>Do you like your teacher?>>Mr. Owl? He’s really neat.>>What have you got there? Some artwork?>>Oh yeah, I’ve got to show you something!>>Here it is, this is the one.>>Well let’s see what we have here. Terrific!>>Great colours!>>Keep going, there’s more.>>Wow, you did learn a lot today. Why don’t you take this into the kitchen and put it up on the wall?>>Okay.>>How long before he notices?>>FRANKLIN: Fly pie? Thanks, Mom!>>Hmm, about that long. (Laughing)>>NARRATOR: Franklin is lost. Franklin could slide down a river bank. He could zip zippers and button buttons. He could even walk to Bear’s house all by himself. But even so, Franklin was not allowed to go into the woods alone.>>And then you tricked Beaver into looking the other way and I just walked in and grabbed their flag.>>Yeah Franklin, and Fox thought he’d hidden that flag so nobody would ever find it.>>Fox is pretty clever, but he can’t outsmart us all the time. (Wind whistling) Did you hear that? (Squishing)>>Heh-heh, boy that sure scared you.>>Yeah, well those woods are pretty spooky. (Owl hooting) Let’s go Franklin.>>Okay. I’m starving.>>SNAIL: Me too.>>What’s for lunch, Mom?>>Your favourite, fly salad.>>Mmm, thanks, Mom.>>Flies?>>No flies on yours, right, Snail?>>That’s right, Mrs. Turtle, thank you.>>Ha-ha, you should have seen your face, Snail.>>Kind of like yours back at the woods, Franklin?>>MRS. TURTLE: The woods? Now you both know you’re not supposed to go into the woods!>>Yes, we know.>>And don’t worry, we won’t. (Chewing)>>Bye, Mom, thanks for lunch.>>Bye, Mrs. Turtle, thanks!>>You’re welcome. And don’t go–>>Into the woods!>>SNAIL: Okay. ♪ (Yawning) (Giggling)>>There, there, what took you guys so long?>>Hey, I’m a turtle you know. So what do you wanna do guys?>>We can’t decide what to do. What about swimming?>>How about leapfrog?>>We could always go pick berries.>>How about leap frog?>>I know, hide and seek!>>Nah, that’s no fun.>>Sure it is, Beaver, it’s my favourite game.>>No, I mean Fox always wins.>>Hey, I can’t help it if I’m the best hider.>>You’re not that good, Fox. I can find you.>>You’re dreaming.>>No way.>>You’ll never find him.>>Want to bet?>>Okay, we’ll play, but you’re it.>>Snail, um, you better help Franklin, otherwise, he’d have to count to a zillion to give you enough time to hide.>>Hmm.>>Besides, it’ll take two of you to find me.>>It’s okay, Snail, we’ll show them. Let’s play! (Giggling)>>19.>>SNAIL: 20.>>Ready or not–>>Here we come! (Rustling)>>1, 2, 3, on Bear!>>Aw, how did you know I was here?>>Oh, just a lucky guess.>>Well you found me, but I’m not so sure you’ll find Fox.>>I’ll find him, you’ll see. (Quacking)>>1, 2, 3, on Beaver!>>Okay, okay and I thought that lily pad trick would work for sure.>>You can’t fool Franklin. He’s way too clever.>>Maybe you’re clever enough to find me, but you’ll never find Fox.>>Just watch me. ♪ 1, 2, 3, on Rabbit!>>You always find me, Franklin, but you’re still not clever enough to find Fox.>>Oh no? (Snoring) ♪>>FRANKLIN: 1, 2, 3, on Otter!>>Good one, Franklin, you found me, but have you found Fox yet?>>Not yet, but you will, won’t you Franklin?>>You bet. 1, 2, 3, on Fox.>>SNAIL: Not here.>>Shh. 1, 2, 3, on Fox!>>Not here either!>>1, 2– He must be around here somewhere.>>SNAIL: But we’ve looked everywhere.>>Unless–>>The woods?>>We’ve looked everywhere else, Snail, Fox has got to be in there.>>But Franklin, we’re not supposed to go in there, remember?>>I know, but I’m only going in a little bit.>>Forget it, count me out.>>Okay, you stay here.>>And don’t worry, I’m just going in a little bit. (Crow cawing) ♪ (Woodpecker hammering)>>Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. (Twig cracking) (Rustling) 1, 2, 3, on Fox! Hey, I called you out. Come on, Fox. Fox! (Rustling) Hey, come back. ♪ Ah-ha! (Squirrel chirping) Hey, you’re not Fox. (Chattering)>>Wait until I tell Snail! Uh-oh. Ah, that’s the way back. Hey, Snail guess– Hmm. That’s right, it’s back this way. (Snoring) (Stomach growling)>>Sounds like it’s somebody’s supper time.>>Yeah, I guess. I wonder what happened to Franklin and Fox?>>I bet they’re already at home eating.>>I’m going.>>See ya.>>Bye, Bear!>>See ya tomorrow guys! (Stomach growling) ♪>>Any sign of him yet?>>No, it’s just not like Franklin to be this late.>>Which way did I come? Which way is the right way out? (Rustling) (Screeching) Ah! Oof! (Owl hooting) (Frog croaking) (Screaming) (Panting) ♪ (Branch cracking) ♪ (Screaming)>>Franklin?>>Fox?>>Boy you scared me, Franklin.>>And you scared me, Fox. So I was right, you were hiding in the woods!>>Yeah, pretty clever huh?>>You think so? (Crow cawing)>>Yeah, maybe not so clever. Come on Franklin, let’s find the way out.>>No Fox. I tried and now I’m even more lost. We should stay right here until someone finds us.>>What if nobody comes?>>Fox, someone will come! Fox?>>Yes, I knew this was the way! Franklin? But, how did you get–>>I didn’t get anywhere, Fox, you just got back to where you started.>>You know what, Franklin? We should stay right here. (Owl hooting) You really think someone will find us?>>Yes, but we’ve got to help them help us. Dad!>>Franklin!>>If they’re looking for us, Fox, we have to help them know where we are. Mom!>>I’m going to be in big trouble Franklin. My parents must have told me a million times to stay out of the woods.>>We’re already in big trouble, Fox.>>Mom!>>Dad! Mom! (Wind gusting)>>What is it? Where’s it coming from?>>The wind! (Twig cracking) (Screaming)>>MR. TURTLE: Franklin!>>MRS. TURTLE: Fox!>>Mom, Dad!>>MRS. TURTLE: Oh, Franklin.>>MR. TURTLE: And Fox. Mr. and Mrs, Fox, they’re over here!>>We thought we heard you calling.>>We were but– Snail!>>Just going into the woods a little bit, huh!>>Lucky for you two, Snail told us where you were.>>Thanks Snail.>>Well, anyway, it’s time to get you two home.>>FOX: And so I thought I’d be really clever by hiding in the woods where Franklin wouldn’t come looking for me.>>And I thought I’d be really clever by going in there to look for him.>>Well, at least you were clever enough to stay in one place.>>At least we were clever enough to do that, right Franklin?>>Right Fox. (Laughing) ♪

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80 thoughts on “Franklin: Franklin Goes to School/Franklin is Lost – Ep.3

  1. How come Franklin is more fond of his mom more than his dad, I mean he has hugged his dad a few times, but he seems to hug and kiss his mom more.I guess it's just the typical relationship between mother and son.

  2. I remember my first day of Kindergarten. I was so excited about it I just went right on into the class room. I have a Picture of me on my first day of Kindergarten that my mom took back in 1992. the picture is sitting on my computer desk i look at everyday
    Im wearing my Little Mermaid shirt with Ariel on it in the picture.

  3. I'm curious if there are any teachers that would make a kid say the alphabet backwards with their eyes closed lol

  4. Franklin is Lost is very different from it's book counterpart. In this episode Fox was indeed hiding in the woods like Franklin thought. But in the book Fox wasn't in the woods at all so Franklin went in there for nothing.

  5. I bet Franklin's parents were glad of the break and a little solo time. I think all parents have a sigh of relief in some measure when their kids start going to school.

  6. Omg I just realized something, why is Franklin the only one who has a real name? And the rest of them are all just animals.


  8. I forgot that Fox used to run on all fours! Perhaps it was changed because it made him stand out too much or something?

  9. I wonder if Beaver has read the Little House on the Prairie books. Those and Farmer Boy Goes West are my favorite books.

  10. And also just like what the person was saying in the video that as soon as you realize that u were lost stay where u were because it’s easier for rescuers to know where u are

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