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100 thoughts on “Four-star general reacts to teacher’s anti-military rant

  1. All officers in the military have a Degree and all enlisted get tuition assistance to go to college, We have UAS drone operators in both enlisted and officers ranks, We have counter intelligence solders, We have tech solders training to be counter hackers. I myself became a proud Electrician in the Marines which is a career that I can carry to the civilian world and it’s something I love doing. Yet this high school teacher wants to talk crap about the Men and women that provide him with Freedom and protection, he’s like one of those rich brats who complains that their dad doesn’t do enough for them.

  2. Another teacher who is showing the world how weak our educators really are and big surprise he's from California, Trump 2020!!!!

  3. Glad they flushed that idiot. Telling any who will listen that the military is useless. He should look into a mirror for the true definition of useless.

  4. yall, california is heavily liberal, they hate guns, war and anything that doesnt have any thing to do with femminism, BLM etc

  5. We need Martial Law NOW, ROUNDUP THESE ANTI-AMERICAN INSURGENTS! Give them the option of working together in a positive and productive manner with fellow citizens or put them to the fields until they learn to be productive, and honest human beings. Retraining these losers, will be worth every penny.

  6. The U.S. Military produces some of the best people on this planet. Our education system is too full of spoiled liberals who only want to hear their own words.

  7. It's not the kids that are thick . It's the teachers . Politics should be kept out of the class room teach the three Rs and you'll go far the rest should be common sense

  8. I would like to invite this teacher to the local VGW – bug auditorium for a huge audience to spread their words. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for the damage others (and myself) inflict in this specimen.

  9. The military provide college and two of my teachers are vets. So I don't know what up with that teacher but I can tell you they were some of my favorite teachers.

  10. >can't defeat guys in robes and chanclas for 15 years – Haven't beaten anyone since WW2
    Well gee, just ignore the fact we beat a big money backed country with a large mechanized military in only a couple days with superior technological firepower, twice, and you don't just defeat a guerilla army, they're very decentralized for a good reason, so if a part of their military firepower is destroyed, the whole foundation doesn't come crumbling down. The ONLY way to defeat one like that is by winning the majority of the populous by making them know and understand the new status quo is more advantageous for them, and getting any possible backers of the group to abandon their goals.

  11. 47 years ago nuns spit on us,called baby killers , but we loved our country even when it didn't love us . People would cross the streets to avoid us . So even after all this time . There are still Assholes around. That can or would not be one with anyone, but themself.

  12. Stupid teacher! Even I know there is a lot of high quality brains in the military! You need to be crazy smart to pilot a jet! And the brains make the strategy for battles.

  13. The blood and sacrifice of others so that this "academic" can run is mouth. When I heard him say they (the military) are not academics I was thinking that probably that is a good thing that makes them better people. Certainly if they have the misfortune being around this "academic" Congress should quit passing tax dollars to these places of "higher" learning. Quit under-writing the loans. Not only are we not getting value for our money, we are degrading the lives our our youth.

  14. The teacher is just ignorant, obviously. Im not sure who that teacher knows that represents the military poorly but i know quite a few that served. These people are some of the most high quality people that i know. I would be SHOCKED if that teacher took the general up on his offer to meet soldiers and their families. That was the point. The teacher is too much of a coward to learn more about our military. Maybe that teacher should just use his first amendment rights, that military members defend with their lives, and thank our military personnel.

  15. I tried to inlist out of high school this was 99 do to a medical issue I couldn't. You better believe, I was very upset. I wanted to inlist because it was the right thing to do.

  16. Put a gun in this teacher's hands and send him off to Iraq…..he will crap his liberal pants. What an educator!!!! No – what a joker!!!

  17. Gen Kelly. Iraq ? Afghanistan? Theyre nobodies.

    Lets try some tougher opposition.
    Japan. The battle of Buna Gona. The Huon Peninsula campaign.
    Robert Eichelberger was right wasnt he Kelly.
    He still is isnt he general.

  18. To our military don't let these people bother you for a second your job is to dangerous. These are the type of people that think the earth is flat. Climate change is something new. They there are more they 2 genders they gender and sexual preferences mixes up all the time. Plus we the smart people are at war against dumb people and fighting for the same rights your fighting for so when you come home to see the fruits of your labor. We are proud of you ever day keep on with the good fight and we will to. To freedom and to the constitution

  19. Hyper Masculine, Alpha Male Chad Soldier Calmy DESTROYS Beta Male Orbiter, Soyboy, Progressive Teacher with FACTS, LOGIC, And REASON.

  20. Cali..leftie…is his hair blue or pink..or questioning…does he have breasts…does he is plastic and does he drive a Tesla….

  21. Does this teacher understand that to become an officer in the military you need a post secondary education? Does he know the military has it's own doctors, dentists, and lawyers?

  22. Yes what this teacher did was wrong in so many ways. And my hats go of to any men and women in service, thank you for your service. But do any of you realize your just fighting for a lost cause anymore?? Freedom??? Answer me one question. What freedom do we the ppl TRULY have?? And I know freedom of speech n religion. Tell me what freedom do we ACTUALLY HAVE?? WE DON'T!!! But the government does, GIVE ME YOUR MONEY OR I'LL TAKE YOUR SO CALLED FREEDOM AWAY. Think about that next time you go across seas. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 IS OUR COUNTRY REALLY AND OR FREEDOM REALLY IN DANGER OR MAYBE OUR COUNTRY WANTS TO CONTROL AND DICTATE OTHER COUNTRIES LIKE THEY DO THEY OWN COUNTRY!!! THAT AND STEAL THEIR RESOURCES WHEN WE HAVE PLENTY OF RESOURCES COMING FROM OUR OWN LAND. THEN LOOK AT HOW THEY TREAT ALL THE VETERANS ON THE STREETS THESE DAYS. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  23. It’s ironic but I don’t recall many Yale, Harvard, or Stanford graduates becomes school teachers. I don’t even recall anyone with an high IQ become a teacher. So I guess if he considers the military people to be the dumbest of society then what does that say of being a teacher? At least these men and women serve their country while you spill poison into the minds of our children. We see these everyday and nobody is standing up to it? And we still wonder why our kids are uneducated and brainwashed?

  24. The Military is NOT like it used to be in the 60's. They literally do NOT just take anyone. They are very selective and you have to qualify. The Military is not a last resort any more. This teacher needs to be fired. I was signed up for the Delayed Entry Program almost a full year before I graduated High school and joining the military is still one of the best decisions I ever made.

  25. Who is this teacher? He is not fit to be teaching anyone. Hope he takes General Perkins Invite to an open debate. But he won't because he is a coward and knows he doesnt stand a chance against a general in real military service .

  26. Whoa, we might have to build a wall around California. Is this the kind of education kids get in sanctuary cities?

  27. Every single vet, active duty, those enlisting and those honorably discharged (vet) of every single branch of our military…has my utmost respect! I appreciate every one of them and if any one of you have military background of any kind in the united states and our all allies too… THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!!

  28. As an Australian I say thank you USA army, navy and marines. Thousands of young men sacrificed their lives defending my country during WW2. As an experienced teacher of forty years I tell my students of this fact.. "Lest we forget!"

  29. The US military is fighting wars all over the world to protect multinational corporations, but it wont defend our border from illegal Mexicans. We've also lost most of our freedoms in this country while the military has done nothing. Quit worshiping the military.

  30. maybe the solders are uneducated and as you say BUT they are ready to but their life on the line for your freedom and safety, show some respect, please.

  31. The teacher should be made to do the training and see for himself or take him to a war zone and see if he starts to cry for his mummy

  32. Don't pay attention to this uneducated, biased fool of a teacher. This is the indoctrination of the left. God Bless single member of our armed forces, past, current and future. You make America what it is…….thank you!

  33. Thank you service men & women for all of the sacrifices you made for our freedoms and to all that gave their lives. You will always be remembered and never forgotten. Thank you!

  34. The only thing that teacher can teach those kids is how to be a disrespectful and condescending #%+=to anybody that holds different opinions.

  35. "I hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyle that we have fought for."
    The last time America fought for it's liberties was 1775–1783.
    The US military doesn't free anyone guys, it's where your government hides it's wealth.

  36. Dear Fellow American,

    Judicial Watch continues to exert a powerful impact against public corruption and unlawful government secrecy.

  37. This video is from one year ago. Did this General TAKE the teacher to those locations so he could actually MEET the military service members? Did the teacher say yes or no?

  38. Whatever your view is as a teacher, don't push it on kids. Do your job and teach. My kids know to fact check everything and don't take anyone's word, including mine. He should be teaching them that life lesson.

  39. Spoiled teacher would not have the freedom if it weren't for those who fought to keep this country free I know let's draft him!!!! Yeah !!!!

  40. Calling me the lowest of the low hmmm at 17 years old I was jumping from planes and conducting patrols. I am currently working on my criminal justice degree. I’m only 18 lol

  41. I can respond to a reasonable person but I have no response for ignorance,….you cannot discuss, you cannot reason with ignorant statements.

  42. They're not highly respected because of their education is because of honor and duty of loyalty to their country USA USA USA

  43. Now, almost a year later, I can't find anything about this teacher. "Teachers" like him are a danger to our republic, and our young people at large. MY military family members are smart, educated, loving human beings. How dare a high school "educator" slight the name of our serving Americans.

  44. This is what parents pay for , their children go to university, they are taught to hold resentment , dis-favour, . The teachers professors and academics want freedom of speech but not freedom from speech

  45. Liberals are lower than a snakes belly. General Kelly is a true hero. Just look at the medals on his chest. Those medals spell HERO.

  46. I never worry about what a beta male says. I'm retired and he still has to work. I ask you openly, who is the dummy now? Lmao

  47. These teachers and professors that have their anti-military rant. Lets take them to Syria, and drop them off right where ISIS can find them. Problem solved.

  48. Jay C Just the fact that you can make a comment signifies the fact that the military has done their job and done it well you little weasel Btw I served in both in the USMC and the US Navy advanced avionics top secret clearance and I can shoot the cojones off a gnat st 100 places so look out dude Not to worry however I only shoot the enemy and I am sure you are not that……are you? J/K!!!!!

  49. If anyone hasn't guessed so far I am not a typist I made a few errors typing my last comment but I am sure you guys can figure it out Mea culpa

  50. Jay C one more thing I would like to see you say that in front of a US NAVY SEAL That would be something to see and hear and if that did happen I would hope that you had medical insurance Our SEALS and all our other SOF'S are the creme de la creme and I hope you are an enemy big-mouth because someday you might hear our Navy and AF planes flying overhead If you ever do bend down grab your ankles and kiss your butt good-bye Bet at that point you will rue the day you disrespected our military but then IT WILL BE TOO LATE GIMULK!!!! ( Yiddish for boy did you f/u!!!!)

  51. 'The liberties, the lifestyle we have fought for'??? Am I deaf? No one ever attacked America. On the contrary, America likes to fight AGAINST nations, and if it is FOR anyone, usually itself. Has it not occurred to you that the phrases 'protect the American people', 'fought for America' are slightly selfish ones? Do other countries not matter? What about the people in them? Or are they not American enough to be valued? This disgusts me. If you are going to protect a country, rather than doing it for America, you might do it for the greater good.
    Furthermore, America has never been under attack. The last time was in 1943-44 in WWII during a minor Japanese invasion. After that, Vietnam and Afghanistan are not wars people should be celebrated for. Exceptions to this include saving one's lives, but treating every soldier a hero? Without their involvement in the war, America would not have suffered, so they didn't themselves actually do anything for America. The heroes for the lifestyle enjoyed are the economists and founders of America, not the military. This proves how warring and fighting is America's specialty for conflict.

  52. Most teachers are actually not very educated. I cannot even count the number of times my son has brought home work that was marked wrong that I would send back explaining why the teacher was wrong. Most teachers in Ontario Canada only take a 2 – 4 year course to be able to teach. Very few high school teachers can do basic math in their head. To be honest I would actually fire most teachers. In Ontario what my son is learning in grade 9 I took in grade 7 and my son is in the higher academic course with an average of 90.

  53. I am from Israel we are fighting terror almost 100 years. And it’s always a challenge! Teacher you are a disgrace.
    If you did your job the soldiers would not look for education in the army.

  54. I'm in the military myself, and to think that there are people who think soldiers are stupid..? Yeah.. Put real dumb people in the military, really smart… You need a good pair of brains to NOT DIE. You need to think everything through. Just so you can walk away and not die from stuff stupid people die for..

  55. As a Canadian Forces member, I have nothing but respect for my southern brothers in arms and I can say that the inability to win a war since WW2 is just a plain lie. War is not a game, there is no clear definition of "Winning". The Korean war was a war to prevent Communism from taking over the Korean Peninsula, the war might have ended in a cease fire, but the fact that there is still a Democratic presence there is a victory. The Gulf War of the 1990s was definately a victory for the USA as they liberated the conquered Kuwait. Afghanistan and Iraq are still hotspots, but the regimes that once lorded over them has been removed… a victory. There are obviously more examples, only a simple mind thinks in Black and White… open minds know the world is much more nuanced than that.

    Just my $0.02 CND.

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