Fountas & Pinnell Classroom: An Introduction
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Fountas & Pinnell Classroom: An Introduction

(inspirational piano music) – We believe that
schools need to be places where children grow up literate. That means they engage
in thinking, talking, reading, and writing in a social community that helps them understand
that the world is greater than the four walls of the classroom. – People talk about transfer of learning. What that really means is that
students have the opportunity to connect ideas. Reading and writing are
meaningful human activities. They’re essential, they’re
enjoyable, they’re memorable. That has to come through everything we do, year after year after year in a school. (inspirational music) (cymbals) (cymbals) (cymbals) (cymbals) (cymbals) (cymbals) (cymbals) (cymbals) (inspirational violin music)

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