Fortitude Valley State Secondary College (FVSSC) Transition Day at QUT
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Fortitude Valley State Secondary College (FVSSC) Transition Day at QUT

Today we’re very excited because it’s
our first Transition Day. We’ve got 120 of our students attending and they’ve come from schools all over Brisbane, interstate and other
parts of Queensland. So they are getting a sneak peek of what it’s going to be
like for them when they walk in the gates on the first day next year. To be
the foundation students and a brand new school in the centre of Brisbane is
going to bring this endless opportunity for our students. We are in a really bold
place. We’re in Fortitude Valley, it’s unique, we are the first vertical
mainstream Year 7-12 high school in Queensland. It’s been a long journey getting to this point, creating amazing buildings with
state-of-the-art innovative spaces, an amazing curriculum. But it’s not a real
school until the students join us so that’s what today is about. What I think
is really important for them is to start to really feel what it’s going to be
like to be working in the space. Because it is going to be different to what they
might have experienced before. And different to what other schools might be
like. We know that when our students leave here in six years’ time, they will
go out into a world that is completely different from what it is now. So we’re
preparing our students not for a specific career but for whatever comes
next. So that’s why our vision is to create a community of agile learners who
are bold, resilient and kind. The other exciting thing that we’re doing today is
we’re visiting E Block which is the very new Education block at
QUT. QUT has a really special partnership with Fortitude Valley State Secondary College. Some of our QUT education students will be heading over
to help out in classrooms at Fortitude Valley. And some of the students in the staff
at Fortitude Valley are going to be coming in and helping our pre-service teachers.
I’m really going to look forward to the way that our QUT students can learn with
them – it’s going to be spectacular. Today is really important because it is the culmination of a lot of our hard work in terms of establishing the partnership
between QUT and Fortitude Valley State Secondary College. The incoming cohort, so that foundation cohort, are coming to QUT for the first time and it’s our
academics working really closely with their students in innovative, exciting,
engaging, learning experiences. Since we’ve started collaborating with
this school in a unique partnership where we work really closely with the
school leaders, the teachers. Our students will work closely with their students
and this is really the first big step, you know, in that direction. It’s an
exciting opportunity to really be able to feed back into educating young
teachers but also to make sure that the education our students are receiving is
state-of-the-art. And just to to be able to do something like today when I come to
our Transition Day. They wouldn’t normally come to a tertiary institution
but just to be able to see there really is a meaningful collaboration and it’s
not just something you have to wait till the end of grade 12 to get to. Seeing a
lot of the new technologies that can be used and utilized and meeting people –
not just the professors but also the people that are attending there it just
makes a real connection for the students of what could be the next step in their
their learning journeys. I meet so many teachers who want to do some research,
more researchers who want to still be in a school in teaching and this just
provides us all with a space that we can come together as partners and make
something really amazing and break down some of those barriers and that’s what I
love. The partnership with QUT is very exciting because I don’t think there’s
any boundaries to what we could do. And I think for the school it’s a way of
thinking, outside the school gates so to speak, to think about ways in which
digital technologies will play a role in our future. And we’ve had some of our
academics working with the students and the staff to create some new,
exciting learning that is really future-focused exactly what they’re
going to be doing in their high school. I’ve been working with students to
create some augmented reality objects that they can hold in their hand and
take a video. The focus is really about them sort of sharing something about
themselves and they’re working really, really well together actually and
exploring the technology and it’s really quite great to see. Students in the
interior design department have had this exciting opportunity to create a bespoke
piece of furniture which our students are visiting as part of their Transition
Day. They’ll get to try the furniture out and then they’re voting for their
favorite piece of furniture which can eventually be in our library or our hub
space. We had some students that had produced the furniture pieces and the
college students may ask these really great questions about how they
fabricated the furniture pieces. So it really helped for the QUT students also
talked about their own work which was fantastic to see.
So I’ve been running a workshop today working with augmented reality, so using
Merge Cubes which allow the students to manipulate objects in augmented reality.
There’s a lot of collaborative work that I’ve built into the workshop today so
really interesting conversations especially when they’re working together
for the first time. I think it’s a really interesting process seeing what they’ve
developed and especially seeing what they’ve produced up in the Sphere. I had
such fun meeting with students today. They were excited, they were
collaborating with one another even though they’d only just met each other.
They were so quick to grasp onto the learning opportunities. I am really
impressed. The collaboration with QUT already has been hugely positive and the
day I think has has created a really nice buzz and a vibe for us as a staff
and for the rest of the community as well. Today we worked really well because it was a real showcase of the potential of our collaboration between QUT and
Fortitude Valley State Secondary College. It was exciting because we got the true
sense that this partnership is going to be mutually beneficial, it’s going to be
sustainable and really significant for those students and teachers and our
university in the long term. The heart of the collaboration between Fortitude
Valley State Secondary College and QUT is doing things differently. It’s looking
at traditional relationships that schools have with tertiary institutions
and challenging that so anything’s possible. you

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