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7 thoughts on “Former teacher and former Miss Kentucky pleads guilty in case involving nude photos

  1. Accidentally sent photos meant for her husband? Nah lil lady, it was intentional! Those tears mean nothing 😁😆😂🤣

  2. remember the saying, stay in school and get an education, today had an education, but after kiddie pics, being pimped out to the streets.

  3. That is just plain crazy. Two years in prison for sending a nude picture to a 15 year old boy who wanted them. And now has to register as a sex offener for about 70years. Ps Computers do get good people in trouble.

  4. How is she saying "accidentally" then kept sending more after the kid asked? I would've understood if IMMEDIATELY after "accidentally" sending she'd react proving that it wasn't intentional but she kept sending??? Girl you sound like a clown.

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