For Students and Their Mentors, Learning Goes Both Ways
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For Students and Their Mentors, Learning Goes Both Ways

– [Anna] Hey Jalisa. We should take pics, so we can post it on the Instagram. – [Bethany] How are the grades? – I have five As, yeah? – What if I asked you like, “When did you “When did you get involved?” (laughter) C-I-S-N-T. Okay, hold on. I gotta get serious ’cause I’m gonna laugh
throughout this thing. Okay. – [Victoria] So why did
you want to have a mentor? – Well like, all my life I
actually didn’t feel comfortable talking to my sisters or my mom. So I was like, why not just have a mentor to have somebody to talk to ’cause my friends are not
always gonna be right, so – I wanted to have a friend,
so you are my friend. Actually, you’re my best friend, but I just wanted to talk to someone, and I wanted someone to be there with me and knowing that they care about me, so – You helped me so much
with the shyness going away ’cause I was like, I used
to think of myself like, “Oh, I’m really bad. “I’m not gonna make it. “I’m not gonna be like, I’m
not gonna have the temper “to be in it.” – Yeah. – And also, I used to
get really mad easily. I had a really hard temper, and
you helped me with that too. – And you talk about
how you used to be shy, and now when you walk
around you’re confident, and you’re a good person,
and you’re mature. – And so it was really easy to feel, to build a relationship with you because you were excited about it. You were open about it. You were willing to bring me up to speed. You were like, “This is
what my life is like. “Now what do we do?” (laughter) – I feel like our time,
when we clicked together, I feel like when I told you
stories that happened to me, maybe you didn’t know this,
but when you give me advice on things that I’m struggling on it does really help
me, so I appreciate you giving me advice like that. – Middle school’s tough. People are mean, and you
think someone’s your friend, and then all of a sudden– – Then them turning their back on you. – Exactly. I’m glad I can share my
experiences of having that with you ’cause you’re pretty much
going through the same thing. And it’s just middle school. It’s not the easiest thing. – Whenever I come and visit you, you tell me things that are going on, and it helps me kind
of even get some things that I’ve been thinking about. And we have that conversation,
and we just talk. And it’s almost for me,
it’s like relaxing time when I come see you. I look forward to it ’cause
I get to talk and just visit and see how you’re doing, and – And I’ve learned a lot
from you about Saudi Arabia, and I’ve learned a lot
about your religion. And so I think that it’s also great because it’s not a situation where I come and see you every week, and that is good for you. I come and see you every week, and I think that we have both been able to learn from each other. – I’m glad to have you here. – Aw, I’m glad I’m your mentor. – Do you ever think that
we’re gonna be friends when I’m done with high school? – I hope so. I really hope that after you
graduate we keep in touch, and I can continue to know
what’s happening in your life. I’m not going to stop caring
about what happens to you just because you graduate. – Yeah, I’m proud of her. (inspirational music)

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