For Students: An Introduction to ALEKS
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For Students: An Introduction to ALEKS

hi in this video will walk you through
your first login with ALEKS show you what to expect and how to navigate your
account after you register for your ALEKS class you’ll start with the series of
guides about how ALEKS works ALEKS is not your typical homework system
think of it as a personal tutor that’s here to help you it’s a personalized way to learn at your
own pace and we’ll figure out what you know to help you take the right path to
success in your course the first time you access anything in
ALEKS you’ll see tooltips pop-up take note of these tips to help you learn
about how to use the system and under up next you’ll see what ALEKS
suggest you work on next your first task will be the tools
tutorial when you select get started you’ll be guided through a set of
exercises to help you learn how to answer questions in ALEKS the next task will be to complete the
initial knowledge check the purpose of the initial knowledge check is to figure
out what you know what you don’t know so that you can begin with material that
you’re ready to learn it’ll take you about 1to 2 hours to
complete and averages about 20 questions sometimes more work through each problem carefully work
through each problem carefully if you see a question that you don’t
know how to solve you can choose i don’t know to move on to the next question
there is a gauge in the top right corner that shows you how much you have left to
do if you need to take a break at any time you can always log out and pick
back up at a later time once you’ve completed the initial
knowledge check you’ll see your results see how many topics in the course you
already know and how many you have left to learn in this example I’ve mastered a
118 out of the 573 topics in this course which means i have
455 left to learn when you’re ready to begin learning select continue your homepage and ALEKS has two tabs the
ALEKS pie tab and the timeline tab on the ALEKS pie tab you’ll see your pie chart
this breaks down your knowledge into different course areas which are represented by the pie slices darker portion of the slice shows topics
you’ve mastered a lighter portion will indicate topics learned and the gray
area shows topics not learned your master get as you learn and master
topics in ALEKS the pie slices will automatically update to the left is a
navigation panel will guide you on what to work on and show your due dates the
ALEKS timeline will track your progress and help you to manage your study time
as you progress in ALEKS your marker will move towards your weekly goal selecting
a marker will give you more information about what you’ve accomplished so far
and what your goal is when you’re ready to begin learning in ALEKS select start
my path ALEKS will then guide you to work on the
topics that your most ready to learn when you arrive at the first topic
you’ll see a learning page that walks you through a worked example the name of
the topic is here at the top i’m currently working on least common
multiple of two numbers which is in the real numbers pie slice once you’ve read
through the worked example select start in order to complete your practice
problems the progress indicator in the top right
corner will indicate how many correct answers you need in order to complete a
topic if you answer problem correctly you’re filling above all in the progress indicator select next to move on to the next
problem if you want sure how to solve a problem you can get a detailed
explanation by clicking on the explanation button there are many
resources available to help you learn each topic and ALEKS like your ebook and
lecture notes these resources can always be found here on the right-hand side
also note the blue arrow in the upper left corner select it to open the topic
carousel and see the other topics that you’re ready to learn you can filter which topics appear here
in this carousel for example you can work on topics from a different pie
slice our objective by selecting it from this menu you can also filter the topics
using the options in the filters menu for example you can work on just topics
that are part of your grade remember that working on ready to learn
topics in your Learning Path is your main homework in ALEKS as you work keep
in mind any upcoming due dates on your timeline also as you make progress in your
Learning Path ALEKS will periodically reassess you with knowledge checks to
make sure that you’re remembering what you’re learning and that you’re well
prepared for your exams click on this next knowledge check icon to see when
your next knowledge check will be navigating your ALEKS account is easy
your main menu will be here on the Left where you can access things like your
grade book reports your message center and other helpful resources last but not least here are a few tips
to using ALEKS with your math class be sure to try and log in every day don’t wait until the last minute to meet
a deadline it’ll be harder to catch up treat ALEKS like your own personal tutor
if you’re fair to it it will be fair to you be sure to keep a notebook to work
out your problems it helps you stay organized and can
serve as a useful reference guide take advantage of the helpful resources
in ALEKS like your ebook they exist to help you learn and prepare for your test
make sure that you take the knowledge checks seriously and honestly do your
best without using outside resources so that ALEKS can get an accurate picture of
what you know and are ready to learn if you ever have any technical questions
about ALEKS contact ALEKS customer support with your ALEKS inbox for the quickest
response contact hours visit flash support thanks for
watching we wish you the best of luck in your
math course

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