Follow Top 10 Pro Style High School QB as He Leads His Team in HUGE Rivalry Game
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Follow Top 10 Pro Style High School QB as He Leads His Team in HUGE Rivalry Game

driver’s five-step divers got deep even
Garver’s from Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach California first year
as a starter put up huge numbers he comes from a great bloodline obviously
with his older brother chase coming through the elite 11 finals and now
being the starter quarterbacks for the California Golden Bears he’s not gonna
be the guy that really Wow’s and drills physically with harm Talent but when he
got his opportunity at the elite 11 finals and he took full advantage
so no ran the offense he found his open receivers and he took his team to the
championship game stole University of Washington a great spot for him he’s
gonna have talent with him they’re gonna play great defense he’s simply a
producer at the quarterback position and he’s gonna have a chance to put up big
numbers and wait a lot of so today was a good day I went to school
I had two classes they in Spanish and math we’re all out of school at
lunchtime like everyday so we just grabbed lunch before you practice and
stuff we dirty I hear straight dirt would you give kids a vegan Brian you
know if you get we’re gonna season our to go 69 win a state championship that’s
the goal every year for our program some good eating
we are it no off to a really good store both sides both playing well yeah high
impact us tonight I’m super excited for that and over just continue Tuesday
practices it’s a big toll on the mental side of the game getting the run game
ride getting on the plays down doing all that you kind of just wrote at the
offense how you feel still sore yeah my legs dude preparing for a big game on
Thursday against st. clam this is one of those games on our schedule lies a tough
one they got a rich tradition with Sam
Darnell winning this game is gonna be a big part in us being 62 now in us
getting the state championship here you throw some of these coats he’s gonna sister for four years at this
point with him it’s kind of on autopilot he’s just in control when he’s going
through progression and we’re making the decision my eyes are never in a
different place than where he’s going with the football he’s always on point
it’s his show and he’s just he’s fun to work with that’s so bad Scotty Jesus
Hey look and release dude no one you’re not going just gonna go like this it’s
not JV anymore get a release so the night before the games I host a
little offense in my house we get together we have a great time and uh
getting our minds off the game before is good because it kind of relieves any
stress that anybody has and kind of gets those butterflies out of your stomach
the night before you don’t want to be stressing because I mean we do have
school the next day you have to worry about too and don’t worry about it game
so I mean kind of just like hang out with your guys is really
we kind of have our same seats out there nobody kind of sits in different seats
Lyman get the big black table over there I saw steel guys sit at the counter oh
is always in the same seat so it’s just chillin having a good time
Ethan off the field is he’s kind of like an old soul he’s a great friend
strictly water he loves everybody he’s just a great kid
I think chase chase just faced time and space time boy it’s my brother chase
Garber’s played quarterback CDM plays quarterback for the University of
California right now he does I started playing football when I was six years
old flag football I wasn’t playing quarterback I wasn’t really happy I
wanted to have the spotlight wanted this I just of all wanted to be a quarterback
and everything that comes with it and that’s kind of just how it all started
so growing up with chase I learned a lot from him watching him go through the
whole like recruiting process and and watching him still now he’s playing in
college has been very helpful he’s definitely a role model for me and a
mentor for sure thankful my night tomorrow to let to John he’s got to
catch it alright I’ll see ya catch you later good
luck good luck this week John said don’t lose see ya let’s go tomorrow baby do it
my relationship with those guys is not just about football we actually care
about each other those guys are my brothers
you better get smoked on bro come on I this is game over 17 seconds left San Clemente
last year we played them and moved down by six points with 45 seconds left March
down through last-second game-winning TD and they were pretty mad about that this
game coming up on Thursday we’re going to show them what we got
and that they can’t hang with this well love specifically about being a
quarterback is being a leader on the field and I think I have a strong voice
and and that people will listen and follow let’s go boys four quarters and
number four even Garber’s tonight your sec let me try it take god Koronadal bar
here at Newport high school it’s a sacrament
she breaks a tackle another I think defenses have the most time just
game planning for our passing attack because we got four series you could all
put divisional football I mean they do the most work and I mean just having
them theirs is kind of hard for your defense to just wrap your heads around
and try and cover five step drop watching John just go up and take the
ball from those kids is just insane I mean I’m throwing it up I’m like oh
that’s not a good pass and he just goes up and takes it right from him that
was Humphries on the past from Garber’s tranformation on the right the toss boy drivers and gun the back of the backfield covers the
keeper on the left side and everybody bid on it down to the 35 yard line right
up the middle he’s turned back touchdown now far for the point after it’s good and Zagal
Bay has got to get something gone yeah no I’m looking deep he’s got a receiver no snow to the left it’s a screen on the
left that’s it right now this five staff got into our
deep lat second down and 18 got drilled Whitsitt
Oh merry catch transformation three receivers to the
laughs cap play touchdown touchdown sack of money Rex Morano down bar up 21 to 14 our line has grown so much when the year
ago you know we couldn’t run it very well last year we can passport very well
and the growth of them has died we other athletes and skilled players run it off
hence the blossom even born it’s really fun when you’re out here playing for my
god play for the guys on defense bust their buds who start that too long for
sure I think people know he can throw the
football very very well but he is such an act to be able to keep his eyes up
with pressure and space and escape that you can play at 5:42 21 and I’ve got
this weird feeling we’re not even freaking happy how we play both two of
those touches they got were penalties we an unlucky night with penalties man we
haven’t played our best football those cats are lucky I think wasn’t 56 7 a big
win but do not be satisfied we where we’re at right now
hug it King when you’re done move a little sweet back to a great man nothing
better than getting a winner with my boys it was awesome we came out
we executed offensive thing defense played well I mean take a plane waiting
4221 building the bomb with your teammates
–is is the most important thing into being successful and having a winning
season football is not just played by one guys played by eleven and having all
11 of those people locked in and being on the same mental page just having that
bond with them is what makes team successful and what makes it go the long
run the next big title

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  2. Listen kid if you really wanna win you will come to Ohio state. As we all can see they are the best team and programme. Washington ain't done shit and will never do shit as long as the Buckeyes are breathing.

  3. Millionaire family, comes from a school with 2 or 3 black students…he's already earned the respect of washington players. lol

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