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FOLLOW THE MONEY: Public School | a reallygraceful documentary

From its fruition, the United States of America
represented a breakaway from regimentation, defying what was, at the time, the greatest
military on earth. This new world was the stomping ground for early pioneers to seek
meaning in the great unknown, to discover purpose in the face of new challenges, and
to achieve the unachievable. In the beginning there was the individual. There were families.
There were communities. And then, rather suddenly, the new world regressed into the ways of old,
cycling backwards with the advent of compulsory schooling under a central government monopoly,
conditioning warehoused children to grow into warehoused adults. Instead of a childhood
spent wandering around the world’s classroom, engaging in adventure, seeking mentorship,
and discovering purpose as children had done in centuries previous, children of the present
are confined to an institution for twelve years of their lives, subjected to constant
surveillance and evaluation under the guise of “learning basic skills”, even though
there is ample evidence to prove that reading, writing, and arithmetic take a couple hundred
hours to transmit on an eager student—not a dozen years! So who benefits from public
schooling? Who is orchestrating a system which rewards the obedient, but medicates and punishes
those who deviate even in the slightest? Who is funding this hidden curriculum?The link
between school and state was established in pre-socratic Greece. Back in the day, the
goal of schooling was to mold young boys into obedient warriors, with the system promoted
and supported by the upper echelon of society. In the prominent military city-state of Sparta,
compulsory schooling was enforced by forcibly taking young boys from their mothers and training
them for twelve years under state-controlled supervision.Fast forward to the year 1717:
when a national public school system was instituted in Europe by the Kingdom of Prussia. The power
of that school system was harnessed after Prussia’s defeat at the hands of Napoleon,
with Prussia attributing their loss to disobedient soldiers. In order to compete with Great Britain
and other imperial powers, Prussia sought to increase the state’s hold on society.
The result was that parents were fined if they failed to send their child to school.
This method of compulsory public schooling served as a means of insuring the state’s
position as guardian over the children during their key developmental years. Students were
divided by age, like one would group products by date of manufacture, and these students
moved through school like an assembly line, specific information being delivered at specific
times, with the final product being a predictable and easy-to-control herd. While the origins
of public school in the United States can be traced back to 1647 Massachusetts, private
and decentralized schooling reigned supreme in the new world. It was the parents’ responsibility
to provide their child with a basic education, but in many cases, the responsibility of education
shifted from the parents to local communities which would hire a schoolmaster to teach the
children to read and write. As commercial ventures, private schools and educators were
subject to competition, forcing these institutions and individuals to provide unique value to
students. Despite the notion that folks were by and large illiterate back in the day, recorded
book sales of that time tell a much different story. Noah Webster’s Spelling Book sold
five million copies to an estimated population of twenty million in 1818. Thomas Paine’s
Common Sense Pamphlet sold 120,000 copies to a colonial population of three million.
So when career politician Horace Mann arrived on the scene and lobbied for a Prussian-inspired
model of compulsory schooling and training schools for teachers in the 1840’s, it wasn’t
out of society’s inability to provide private amd sufficient education for a spectrum of
social classes. Instead, a perfect storm emerged in the decades leading up to the American
Civil War that created an ideal atmosphere to introduce state-control of public schooling,
and it went a lil’ something like this: When man met machine during the Industrial
Revolution, agricultural communities dwindled, and families migrated to the city to find
work, the fall-out of which was the dismantling of the family economy, the destruction of
small, self-sufficient, local communities, an ever-growing dependency on remote authority,
and the emergence of a new nobility: industrial titans and family names we still recognize
and answer to to this day. You see, Families of big industry like the Carnegies and the
Rockefellers had learned a valuable lesson from history, they realized the industrial
poor who were barely earning a living wage in their warehouses and factories were the
revolutionists of days past. They knew that, in order to maintain their control over their
human cattle, their herd needed to be tended and cultivated otherwise revolution, and perhaps
competition, was inevitable. Shortly After the Civil War, the Department of Education
was established as a federal office but quickly downgraded in response to the concern over
federal encroachment in state matters. By 1890, most states had implemented a Prussian-inspired,
compulsory public school system, and it was during that time that corporate interests
set their sights on a new venture: the business of education.Philanthropy is, by definition,
“the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation
of money to good causes.” It should be stated that philanthropic institutions have undoubtedly
done some good for someone out there, but if we study the patterns of history, an obvious
truth emerges: philanthropy is essential for establishing familial power. In the case of
the Rockefellers, philanthropy has served as a vehicle to shape public reputation, and
this favorable reputation has proved more powerful than any tool that could be purchased.
The illusion of benevolence allows select families, not elected officials, sway over
public affairs. Furthermore, money given away to foundations can be given away to produce
profit for the family, whilst deducting those donations from their taxes. More money into
the well-oiled machine of compulsory schooling which pushes a curriculum of rewritten history,
memorization of fake facts, and the lessening of the individual with the goal of cranking
out predictable adults to serve as employees and consumers, which means a wealth of income
for the corporate families who invest in education. The founding brothers of the Rockefeller Oil
monopoly, whose father was called “Devil Bill” as he was a well-known con artist
and snake oil salesman, funneled 129 million dollars into the creation of the General Education
Board, which shaped our current schooling system. The Rockefellers and Carnegie Foundations
were key in managing schooling specifically for African Americans in the south, using
their private wealth to shape race relations. Meanwhile, the philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation
began to fund medicine and medical studies in tandem with actively participating in the
funding of eugenics in the US, as well as globally. They were a primary financier of
an institute that served as the center for eugenics research until 1939. As a side note,
how many Rockefeller children do you reckon attended public school over the last century?
How many of our presidents or Vice Presidents attended public school…? and how many attended
private, elite boarding schools, where the curriculum was focused on problem-solving
ability, the relationship between past, present, and future, and an emphasis on debate with
the goal of producing a confident, innovative student? While the public school system was
initially intended to be controlled by local governments within the states, as the years
progressed, corporate advocates pushed for more consolidation and greater centralization
of education. The full-on government takeover of tax-payer funded education didn’t all
happen at once of course. There were actually people within our government who attempted
to intervene… It was in 1952 that an investigative committee looked into tax-exempt organizations,
like the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, to see if they were being used to support
communism—or really, oligarchical collectivism. Coincidentally, The chairman of committee,
Edward Cox, died the same year the committee was formed. It should be noted that the committee
itself disbanded prematurely and without action despite its findings, which revealed that
foundations had been using their influence to rewrite American history found in public
school textbooks. However, the corporations running these foundations with interlocking
board members managed to dodge any repercussions of their subversive activities by claiming
that the committee was criticizing “free thought”.In fact, the same year the committee
released their findings, a member of the Rockefeller family, Nelson Rockefeller, became the secretary
of health, education, and welfare, and he later went on to be the Vice President of
the United States. In 1979, Congress decided to once again create a federal department
of education. Presidential Candidate Ronald Reagan campaigned on the promise to abolish
the department, but when he eventually took office and submitted a proposal to do so,
nothing happened. It was later revealed by Reagan’s senior policy advisor in the Department
of Education that the groundwork for a Washington-controlled common core curriculum had been laid in the
1960’s. That plan was expedited under George HW Bush’s presidency, when he pushed for
national goals to be instituted at the state-level for public schools. This plan was reinforced
by President Clinton and totally cemented by President George W Bush when he signed
the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, which placed federal control over school standards,
student testing, and teacher qualifications. Furthermore, the common core educational initiative
was instituted in 2010 that implemented more national standards about what children should
know at each grade level, and these standards of are of course measured by testing. This
legislation was accomplished by private companies who had channeled millions of dollars into
the education lobby for standardized testing. When students failed those tests and the teachers
failed to teach to the tests, the answer was for the US government to spend tax-payer money
on materials sold by the same private companies who lobbied for the tests to begin with. This
is the Hegelian dialectic of the education business. And it has been effective in solidifying
corporate control over schooling, as well as churning out a bulk of the population who
is alike, as they have all been tested on the same material, which was taught to them
at the same time and the same format at the same juncture of all their lives.Over the
last few decades, The Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie foundations have been joined by other
corporate juggernauts in their domination of the student’s mind, though it should
be noted that while a distinction between these foundations exist, they all have interlocking
board members and incestuous connections. The Walton family of the Wal-Mart empire,
with its talons also in central banking, has invested over a billion dollars in the education
system, only surpassed by the Gates Foundation, headed by Bill and Melinda Gates of Microsoft,
who, like the Rockefellers, not only deals in alleged eugenics programs disguised as
medical research, but also directly funds Common Core, paying to develop the standards
and the tests. Is the Gates Foundation doing this out of the goodness of their heart? Or
do they own a stake in the big data businesses to which department of education directs the
bulk of its outsourcing? To top it all off, Pearson, a British textbook company, is the
primary provider of textbooks for United States public schools. So, to summarize, we have
a British monopoly teaching American students about American history (and other subjects).
We have a public school system controlled by a government monopoly which is financed
and controlled by global corporate monopolies, all of which are tied to the central banking
system. If we follow the money from start to finish, corporate control of the public
school system was made possible in the aftermath of the civil war, during which Congress passed
the Act of 1871, providing a government for the 10-mile parcel of land between Virginia
and Maryland—the Virgin Mary we now call the District of Columbia, a city-state with
its own police force, its own mayor, and its own set of laws. The Act of 1871 CHANGED our
country’s Founding Fathers “original” wording of the constitution, and ultimately overturned
the United States Constitutional Republic. Since 1871, the Federal government has usurped
nearly all the power that was formerly held in the hands of the people.Within the context
of an incorporated United States, it would make sense that each citizen is assigned a
social security number at birth that tracks earnings and years worked, like a less intrusive
brand than cattle receive, but a marking of property none the less. The compulsory school
system of an incorporated United States enforces students to obey the state, with the student-teacher
relationship mirroring that of employee and supervisor. Further proof of this model is
mirrored in the grading system: a successful student doesn’t equate to an intelligent,
innovative student, but a successful student is a compliant student who exemplifies obedience
rather than actual knowledge or critical thinking. Because a corporation doesn’t want competition
or the slightest threat of revolution; a corporation wants an obedient worker. Compulsory education
is compulsory subordination. This system is the very antithesis of education. And the
children of today have it even worse than previous generations. These children are now
under constant surveillance and evaluation. These are children are trained to wait on
other people, for experts to tell them what to do. To make choices for them. To pay attention
until there is another distraction, and the distractions are endless. Students have no
privacy at home. Hours of homework follow them to the dinner table. The programming
they consume in their downtime, the television, the video games, and a good portion of the
youtube videos, all enforce the indoctrination taught at school, to believe in the infallibility
of authority. The majority of children in the school system right now will grow into
adults who are absolutely incapable of telling any form of authority what they want, and
instead, they will accept what they get.Teachers of the present have to function as surrogate
parents because a portion of their students in their overcrowded classroom are lacking
one or both parents at home, and these teachers cannot teach at a higher level than the textbook,
due to the ubiquity of standardized tests. There is no reform for this system. It is
a system that operates exactly as it was designed. Any amount of energy or anger directed at
the human farmers of this system is unproductive and ultimately a distraction, and the purpose
of this video is not to encourage violence or negativity towards the corporate monopoly,
only awareness. The only way not to be treated as human cattle is to leave the farm, which
means refusing to allow the state raise your child, whether that be through homeschooling,
private school, or just taking time out of your day to foster your child’s creativity,
to unschool them to the best of your ability, and to teach them that the last thing they
are is cattle. Thank you for watching. You know I always look forward to your comments.
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  1. Hey internet friends! Thank you for watching and subscribing!
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    He won the game of Monopoly, then turned around before death, and gave all the paper-money back. Donated it. Millions. It was just a game after all… 🙂

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  33. Good & accurate report. Once homeschooled kids get to college Military Academy & State college much of what they’ve been trained in; Real American History , Trusting in the only One that can save their souls gets over ridden by the socialist teaching. But then… every person has their own heart.Keep up the objective reporting!

  34. State schools teach what to think, not how to think. Private schools teach how to think and how to communicate those ideas. They are taught the Trivium in private schools.

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  39. Social engineering is a basis for cultural norms, granted. There are thousands of enrichment programs for students to explore and learn what speaks to them – parents weigh in and pay for them. When children don't learn basics the ignorance of the populace causes more damage to the workforce and economy. Yes, it's everyone's business to raise healthy, capable, knowledgable citizens. Policing foundations is a waste of time – instead, examine your school district's curriculum and invest in your community. Teach children to value education over sensation and encourage family values to encompass a broad range of discourse like the facts in this video.

  40. I feel as though you have gleened your bias fron pink Floyd's Wall. It is critical to make targeted education to those who will use it without regard to cost.

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  42. This is why we Homeschool our children.
    They both were in public school through second grade but pulled before third.
    We do school year round at a east pace that does not overwhelm but is conducive for retention of education. We Live out education in a real life experience using out small farm and thousands of acres of public forest land as our classroom.
    Ever life duty and experience is a teaching moment. My 10 year old will be watching this video for example. She will be told to Dissect it and fact check it searching the historical documentation.
    I do not force feed education, I encourage a atmosphere of exploration and promote self talent and the desire of my child heart.
    I am teaching and raising Hod fearing, humble and wise children that will question ALL Authority.

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  45. Excellently done as always Grace! I'm pregnant with my first child and I already wanted to go the route of home or private schooling especially based on my own experience in public school. I was a good student but most of the valuable things I learned I received outside the classroom. I'm going to share this one, thank you so much for your thorough and informative content. God bless!

  46. My kids were homeschooled beginning in 1990. We made up our own curriculum, and did not give grades, use textbooks (with the exception of math) or do tests. Focus, instead, was on personal levels of excellence (which far exceeded the academic levels of other kids their age.) one kid is now a computer engineer, and the other is a business owner.

  47. Amazing insightful consolidation of quite a bit of information. John Taylor Gatto would be proud. Thank you for this offering of Truth and enlightenment. You're saving the world one View at a time

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  51. This is 100% correct.
    I spent around 7 years in public school before I started attending a private Christian school. In public elementary school I was ostracised by my classmates and even some teachers and staff because I was a creative child who liked to write stories, and preferred classical type music. As the years went on I discovered my own sense of style and really didn't want to dress like everyone else, there was a dress code but there were often guidelines arbitrarily made up for me on the spot. For instance, I was told one day that heels aren't allowed even though there's nothing in the dress code prohibiting them. My relationship with my classmates did improve but I am convinced that these children were taught by the school system to be afraid of and hate things/people different than them, only growing up and perhaps somewhat letting go of this mindset.
    However I've seen such a mindset on both the left and the right; my parents are conservative "I'll teach you how to think, not what to think" people but on certain issues they disobey their own rules, and if I as a young adult (17-18) have chosen something they do not like, repression and isolation are forced until I can do nothing but either pretend I agree or change. The former always happens seeing as they raised me to have individuality and am naturally strong-willed.
    I always wonder why I have been surrounded my whole life by people that, in whole or in part, seem to fear my ability to form my own opinions.

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