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99 thoughts on “Fold-Up Braids | Back-to-School Hairstyles

  1. Omygoodness you braid so well. You braid like your mom. I don't know if I like this style but I love your guys videos anyway. I enjoy your family dynamic a lot. Love you guys.

  2. I notice every time I tie my hair it sort of pulls my hair out so I was wondering if anyone has tips on how to keep hair from dropping when tying or is it just that my hair is weak at the roots >.<

  3. Hi B &B!! Love that u guys took over the video today..!😉 love u guys and ur family and hope u guys r having an awesome day!! Oh and LOVE the braid… Love u all!😘😘

  4. The iPhone give away is fake do not enter it is not the real cute girl hairstyles it only has one subscriber and no uploads

  5. My daughter's hair is almost waist length and I have been looking for a style for her gymnastics competitions (they get deductions if the hair touches the apparatus!).  Going to try this out, hopefully it works!

  6. please can you show us how long your hair is and how after you take out your hair love you guys so so so so SO SO SO much

  7. I've tried this hairstyle on myself like a thousand times and can't seem to get it right.😕If you can, can you please do a tutorial on how to do it on yourself? Thanks😊BTW Love you guys❤️

  8. I have seen so many nice hairstyles on this channel. I've tried to do them on my hair, but I can never see what I'm doing and my sister won't let me do her hair. I'm literally doing a doll's hair

  9. Super cute! I uploaded a back to school braided hair style video as well, I think you guys will really like it ❤️

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