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29 thoughts on “Fluency, Confidence and Teaching English on YT as an ESL speaker | The story of Andres en Ingles 🔥

  1. Thanks for the video. It’s very inspiring… I lost my YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers 🙂
    Now I’m getting some inspiration to work on a new one and improve my English as I go 😉

  2. Hi Hadar, Thanks for the video, it is very inspire to me because it makes me keep improving my English. I would like to suscribe to your online course. Can you send me more information please.

  3. Hi dear friend
    I'm sina and so glad to know you
    Some days ago I was doing my own & know your channel by Ethan which you was explaining raising raising &raising downing
    On Ellen DeGeneres talk show & robbed my attention
    You put the point on really important &very tiny issues which I can't explain to many friend of mine
    & this is what makes you different from other teachers &encourages me following your advises though can't speak English very well not even with horrible accent!!! But it's near 3monrhses i could understand almost up to 80% of movies English clips talk shows &any thing concluding….
    & now I'm start thinking &speaking english with my own…
    However it's hard but I know these are my first days &first steps will get better &easier next days weeks & monthes
    But its tough to speak cuz there's so different between Persian (FARSI) &English
    But I'm sure by having friends such as you there is nothing I couldn't handle 🥰😉😉

  4. thank you hadar for this video , and for all your videos that you made before .
    realy I I think my English was improved because of you .
    thank you again .

  5. I would like to have the confidence and fluency as he has, but with better pronunciation. 😅 I know I'll reach that level.

  6. Hey there!! Hafar you’re such an awesome human being and teacher too 🤗 I liked the first part of this interview…. I can’t wait for the second one. As a Spanish speaker I’m struggling the many sounds for vowels as well, but I think I’ve started to overcome some of them. Im working on my pronunciation and intonation because I want to sound more confident and fluent when speaking in my second language. I’d like to speak English like when I’m speaking in Spanish… because in the USA we have to speak in English, even though I’m very proud of my heritage. I’m teaching Spanish to my daughters and I want they can speak Spanish as well, because as you said a second language can open more doors and you can speak to more people…. ☺️ God bless you!! ☺️

  7. Hadar, you're a loving, wonderful human being! 🥰 😘 🇮🇱
    Andrés en Inglés, neato accent you have! 🎥 🎬 🇨🇴 ¿Estás parchando con Hadar? 😂

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