FlexPath Movement | Comparing the Courseroom and the Classroom
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FlexPath Movement | Comparing the Courseroom and the Classroom

Hello there! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Michelle Ferre. I am a fourth-grade teacher in Maryland, and I am also a sponsored FlexPath student at Capella University. Today, I wanted to compare my experience using FlexPath to earn my master’s degree with how my students learn and how I measure their progress in the classroom. Let’s start with grades. Those of you who watched my last update video, are familiar with Competency-Based Grading which is used in FlexPath I do not use competency-based grading in the classroom with my students but I do use rubrics to grade certain assignments that are structured in a similar way to the scoring guide used with competency based grading in FlexPath. Now I am allowed up to three submissions for each assessment, which means I can submit an assessment get feedback from my instructor, make changes, and resubmit the assessment to improve my understanding and my score. This is actually very similar to grading my student’s work because my students are allowed up to 3 redos per subject area, per marking period. The original score has to be below a certain percentage but students are able to redo the assignment to improve their understanding and score.

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